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Immigration: "THEe INVADERS"

Updated on September 10, 2015

summary continued

...from alien lands. (ie. "illegal aliens"!)

In other words, "go back home!", sorry if that's blunt but does highlight the strength of opinion. from every-one I come across. it is viewed as an invasion, with stupid eu laws at the route of it making uk powerless to defend her borders. many if not all I speak to at least believe that the great has gone out of Britain, and we were a stronger country without Europe -and American influences for that matter.

Thee Invaders!

Migrant traffickers 'hunted down' and 'crush' IS demand

was film in 1967, A Prophecy of sorts?
was film in 1967, A Prophecy of sorts? | Source

from A café in a lowly town...

A man fed up of the housework decides to go out to eat, a café open, but cramped as full, a space found in a quiet corner next to a table where another man is talking to his date. An unusual subject occurs about the many ways the earth could end...

From "The same thing that made the dinosaurs extinct could wipe out humans too!", apparently sulphur released in the air by volcanoes could erupt again at any moment. What triggers these eruptions? The shaking or moving of the earth' crust/s?...

To: Nostradamus prophecies and the like. But didn't Nostradamus speak in riddles? Funny then how one man seems to know so much. I will write the bits I got. But be warned his date complained of having headache; the man, clearly a know it all, just advised her to take pain killers, and gave a lecture of how these things happen too. Presently, it seems in an attempt to get away, the woman, clearly exhausted by these long winded lectures (which I have shortened) complained of stomach pains. The man clearly unperturbed gave advice on this too!!

How does A Nightmare Begin?

A cuppa with background audio

The man clearly found what he'd been reading up on fascinating. Unfortunately he did not reference his readings whilst he was there; so I have had to try to fill in the blanks! But remember, a prophecy is only a prediction until it comes true.

And Im back onto the problem of eroded borders, slack immigration policies, and the exploitation of foriegn workers that sneakily get paid far less than the legal minimum wage. And can't say anything because there isn't really the room for them, and if found out they would be sent packing! Why give them the choice of where they want to go anyway? Let them stay on the ships and just hand out fishing rods so they can feed themselves! Or just randomly disperse them and house them in tents. They say they;re not animals. But isn't that the nature of animals to wander around looking for territory, and weaker sets to move in on and conquer? Well, you might say this is not Christmas spirit, but "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", and isn't charity supposed to begin at home? So, why should we be burdened with other peoples/countries problems? As I write, it seems the UK politicians have ordered its media to show groups looking to go to countries like Germany. Perhaps to dissuade our population to be less alarmed. But surely that just hides the problem further!

I remember responding to a hub that questioned whether there is actually life on Mars; the hub was convinced there isn't, basically because "The Government says not!" and my question was. If there is, they still wouldn't tell the public as it would cause mass hysteria. But if the thoughts now turning to a trip there. How do they expect to sustain life in a barren desert like world. What are we being told? I remembered scanning a book, about the predictions and prophecies of Nostradamus, though I forget the exact title. These are popularised, and there are many on the market.

I vaguely remember something about ... "An invasion through Italy of mass proportions coming up through Europe and Britain, and Arethusa will become a new red!" could Nostradamus have thereby said of what is currently going on? (It didn't take me long to realise that this is an anagram of EarthUSA, and lets face it; the states say 'jump' and pretty much the whole of the western world tends to say 'how high'? It would be something if they knew which direction to move in!

And how come no-one has questioned the open door policy that America enthused about prior to the 9-11 tragedy? Doesn't this seem on a par with Europe taking in immigrants, and the rest sneaking in?

how will mass immigration affect the world?

Is the current crisis, the start of the end of the world -as we know it?

See results

REM end of the world... (forgive Ad.)

the false prophet

The UK News recently reported that taxi drivers were forming gangs, driving young girls to places near and far. And that these girls were mostly white English, and the taxi drivers mostly Asian. So, I ask the following,

regarding the Rotherham rape crisis. Would a real prophet from God have allowed his people tro do such dispicable crimes? I wonder do these people call themselves "Muslim", and for that matter do there fellow Muslims? And if so, how can they justify turning a blind eye to such things?

I must've come across some of these taxi driver rapists, one seems to have given my mum telephone hassle! I spoke to some and apparently they 'have'/acknowledge the same Old Testament Bible as Christians and Jews alike, though there Quran criticises these groups as it says "if only they would say.." (words I forget, but as early as chapter 3 or 4.) The taxi drivers I spoke to also acknowledge Jesus but they put him under their Mohammed. This I agreed to disagree with. But as I read those few verses in the Quran, having read The OT and New Testaments twice, I find the Muslim book pales vastly by comparison. I would say Mohammed may have been a Nations leader, but I haven't thus far seen anything to make him a prophet. Though I have to say with all humility that I have seen something already that contradicts the old testament that they say they also keep. For in an OT chapter as early as Kings/Chronicals Solomon was told to only have one wife!

It seems Solomon had to choose between being The chosen leader of God's people, but unfortunately for him chose his Earthly, ie. Secular rule! And so God chose Jesus Christ to be The Messiah forever Amen. 19i am Christian). It seems to me that Asians are merely choosing which they prefer. ("Spoilt" is a word that comes to mind) for it is more lucrative to have sex with four women than restrict yourself to just one! As I'm sure Solomon found, though it is greed and selfishness. I speak purely out of hope of mass salvation of souls rather than mere countries! "Selah"/Amen.

Howling like Wolves!

Worse than Animals!

The immigrants chant "Let us in, we're not animals!"

But animals look to attack to fill their hunger too,

animals don't ask for benefits they fend for themselves.

Prophecy: An uprising of an antichrist

A preacher spoke out on the news about how the UK had always had an open door policy. But that was once as an experiment when the economy seemed to need it. Enoch Powell said there'd be problems with it, and people have been taking liberties ever since!

I'm also surprised at the church leader, and yet Im not really, as something about "false gold and silver enmass", on the media, National news saying this. Shouldn't he know? Hasn't he read The Bible? Or is he just ignoring it for what he and his other head, (The Politicians -for The Economy). but this is a form of Nazism. Reversed or "positive racism", (positive also means 'absolute'!) instead of foriegners being killed in large numbers. The homogenous are becoming second class citezens over looked for jobs. The government because it is tied by Europe cannot show patriotism as it has been renamed "racist" by the invading masses, that started out as guests as this continues it will become impossible to tell the legal from the illegal. The problems like were reported of Rotherham and Sheffield gang raping young girls into prostitution etc. And the authorities refusing to do anything for fear of being accussed of this racial slur.

A couple of bible quotes for you to seek out for yourselves.

1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions

2. In order to rob a man's house, you must first tie him up.. (like with the freedom of movement rule!)

But, don't just take my word for it. Search for yourselves. Even the nursery rhymes seem to say as much! ... But the real question is what next?

media manipulations:

The little pig media and the straw house

Does the media use emotional blackmail to promote certain directions?

See results

'Whose afraid of the big bad wolf'

Thinking about it, there are several nursery rhymes that have some ironic correlation or similarity to what is going on.

The first was wolf in sheeps clothing, as per sub title, the last being how the wolf got into grandmas house having found the way from little red riding hood herself. And didn't just eat little red riding hood -which would've been the easy meal, but gobbled up grandma, and messed about so much that the plan came undone. My favourite though, for this purpose. Is Those three little pigs!

The first built his house on straw, (did things on the cheap), the second decided that would be too cold in winter, so used wood to build with. The third little piggy, presumably having come back from the market and doing well on the stock exchange, decided concrete for warmth and safety.

When the wolf comes, in this story he uses wind to blow down the straw house, depending on whether the book is for young infants or older children. The pig either gets gobbled up, or manages to run to his brother that the wolf is on his door, and will be coming his way. When all of a sudden, they hear ...
to which the pigs reply "not by the hair on my chiny chin chin!"
So the wolf huffs and puffs, and puffs a bit more until the wooden house collapses.

Again we'll assume that the pigs escape to tell their older brother the news. And the same happens, only this time the stone house doesn't fall. So, the wolf tries to climb down the chimney.

This is where the story has becomes really complicated. In the time I was growing up. The older pig was clever and put a boiling stove on, which again, depending on the book, and for which audience it was written for the wolf either burns to death, or for the younger child it lets out such a yelp, scrambles up the chimney, never to be seen again! ...for many years, at least.

HOWEVER, be it false Christians and the invention of political correctness has reared it's ugly head. So the media being the straw pig, ran off to the public -the democratically held government with news of the invasion, the wooden house nearly had it, but in the end had, it seems to seek help from the stoned pig, the church/religion, now in the process of growing up, the parent pigs died, each leaving a child to carry on the legacy. But the children rewrote their own version. "It wouldn't be right to let the incoming just die" they decided, and so the owner of the house was told "ooh! No, you can't cause pain to any-one!", and was prevented from boiling the stove.

What happened next was the wolf got in, the pigs tried to escape, perhaps a third did, the rest were gobbled up!

More on film: The Invaders

lessons from the film... (see hub link about film below (1st))

Don’t be so sure just because you’ve seen something once that you saw it all.

"When will you be sure, when it’s too late?" – Waiting for conclusive evidence to make a decision usually means making a mistake by default.

Time is valuable always assume it is critical

Be wary of people who tell you what you want to hear:-
"What makes people like you so dangerous is there’s always a grain of truth in what you say." - A common trick to make people believe a lie is to begin by giving some true and easily confirmable information.


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