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Updated on November 22, 2011

For the "Super Committee".

The so called Super Committee should not let the country down, as it was the only hope in modern times, to be considered as the start of the United States forcing itself to face its enormous National Debt.

In every practical sense, reduction was what anyone would use to reduce a debt. If only the committee would see its way clear to observe its responsibility, as reducing the nation's deficit by $1.2 trillion dollars, it would give America a fighting chance to face up to its most pressing need; and that would be dealing with the $15 trillion dollars it owed to China and other countries.

Members of the committee should not be resting on their oars, even at the present hour, and decide to make a decision that would have extremely harsh repercussions on the country's economy, now and in the future, by their giving up.

The state of the economy was more precarious now than ever; and adding to it was an unemployment rate of 9%, which was hurting businesses and industries, as they could not expand or make any progress in their quest to compete in world markets; as well as simple folks, who were bread winners for many American families.

The hands of President Barack Obama were tied, after the breakdown of the erstwhile debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks; however, the U.S. Congress had the obligation to make things better, but it passed that responsibility (some said, it shirked it) to the Super Committee.

Given the dire consequences, as predicted by many economic analysts, the committee would do its best not to throw its hands up in despair, but to arrive at a new decision to grant the nation a little bit of peace and calm.

It was gruesome, when America's credit rating was downgraded; it was disturbing, when the stock market was wobbling all over the place (it was still wobbly); it was despicable to see long lines of able men and women on the dole, and receiving unemployment assistance, which was never enough to take care of even a family of two.

Should that picture be permanent of America? Must crises, as in Europe, come down on the people here?

The answer must be a resounding NO!; both from Congress and the Super Committee. Otherwise, a way must be found to replace them all; which incidentally was called an "election".

The American people would cast them out with their votes, like getting rid of hot potatoes accidentally landing between their legs.

Again, the Super Committee has a chance to handle the issue it was assigned; and only if the members would put political ideology aside, it (committee) could come out with flying colors, to enable the nation to breathe a sigh of relief, for a change.


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