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Updated on May 6, 2011


Words almost fail me at this example of the most bare faced of cheek I can imagine We, the long suffering, and due to suffer even more shortly, British public are told to laud the latest miscreant for falling on his sword so promptly, and to welcome him back to Government after a period. Are they mad or am I?

The truth ,of course is that as a body they are closing ranks to protect what is dear to them, and it is not service for the community good. No, it is to protect and preserve the club, we non members know as Parliament. Fools that we all are ,we thought it was there in our interests. If we had any doubts we can shed them now.

The old adage "You mislead me once, shame on you. Mislead me twice shame on me" comes to mind. I do not buy into the spin that the latest to be found wanting is a brilliant brain needed to pilot us through the recovery. Balderdash!There will be plenty capeable of that outside this self preservation society that is Westminster.

What takes the biscuit is that line indicating that when the dust has settled, he, as others before, can be brought back to do the job. It is like me giving the guys who burgled my house notice that after they have done their Community Service, they are welcome to return and complete where they left off.

In the name of all sense, should these people not only lose their Cabinet post but also have to stand down as MP"S.They have demonstrated that we, the public , cannot trust their judgement and thus we cannot be expected to trust them!

Middle England please stand up again. These people must be brought to account.




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