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Updated on November 11, 2016

They Voted For Hate.

Look at their futile lives.

They get up each day hating their lives.

They used to earn more money.

They used to have better jobs.

They used to have better tvs.

They don’t feel the same love for their spouses or children—

not the way they used to,

when everything was better.

They have internalized their hate.

They notice their neighbors suffer the same blight.

They don’t want to blame themselves.

It is easiest to blame “the others”.

What responsible human being would only appeal to their baser instincts?

How can Trump govern, when all he has done is stoked their hatred?

Look at that he has said:

“Build the wall

Mexican are rapists and criminals

Ban all Muslims

Only I can make America great

Bomb the hell out of them

Stop and Frisk

I will release my taxes

Women who have abortions must be punished

Better trade deals

Repeal Obamacare

Lock her up

Cut taxes for corporations

Grab them by the crotch”

He has exposed himself to be a xenophobic, racist, narcissistic, lying, misogynistic

excuse for a human being.

Now those who are not consumed with hate are protesting.

Latino children are asking their principals if they will be deported.

Muslim women and mosques are being attacked.

What does Trump care?

He got what he wanted.

What else matters?

Look at Trump’s futile life.

He is the personification of greed.

If he can make a dime out of it, he’ll shaft you.

He’ll steal the pennies off your eyes,

after he has ground your bones to dust.

You voted for hell.


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    • Bob  Paul Connors profile image

      Bob Connors 17 months ago from Burtonsville Maryland

      thanks for your feedback.

    • profile image

      sassym 17 months ago

      Too overwhelmed to think...will post later.