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Updated on March 1, 2011
The Donald.
The Donald.
Deep, Deep bow to Saudis, whom everyone knows support Hamas and other terrorists.
Deep, Deep bow to Saudis, whom everyone knows support Hamas and other terrorists.
Sauda King "Why are you bowing to me?" Obama " Oh I'm just bending over to pick up something I dropped." . . . . (  It's the Presidential Seal on the floor.)
Sauda King "Why are you bowing to me?" Obama " Oh I'm just bending over to pick up something I dropped." . . . . ( It's the Presidential Seal on the floor.)
The Donald and the Book, "Think Big and Kick Ass"
The Donald and the Book, "Think Big and Kick Ass"

How many presidents in recent history do you remember that espouse this philosophy?

I can think of none.

I’m thinking it’s an aggressive statement by an aggressive man, and might be just what we need to get this country back in a leadership roll. Someone that sees the entire world as his game board and he is ready and able to compete. In fact he is a master at it.

A man’s man you might say.. Not a weakling that runs around the world bowing to Saudi’s and Chinese communists and apologizing for America and definitely not a politician or an ambassador. No, No, we’ve enough of them.

Well, we just may have a chance to elect such a man. He is a man that fires the inefficient and seeks excellence in those that surround him. That’s the standard. Excellence!

Oh, you are concerned because he's never held public office? Since the beginning of time politicians have tried to perpetuate the myth that it takes great experience and ascension through the ranks in order to perform their jobs properly. Well, what happened? The country is a mess led by a bunch of dolts that have driven us practically into bankruptcy, led us into two ridiculous wars and the entire world is erupting in chaos.

I rather take a chance on a man who is a proven winner and doesn't need the job.

Here are some of the things I learned about Donald Trump on a recent TV interview with Piers Morgan.

  1. Never touched a drop of alcohol, nor cigarettes nor drugs
  2. would appoint top businessmen to posts in his cabinet( he knows them all)
  3. Education should be handled at a state level
  4. Would fire “all of them”( meaning those folks in Washington)

In this candid interview he said he disapproves of the billions we send to Pakistan and South Korea because they do not reciprocate with respect and in some cases use the money to arm terrorists that want to kill us. He wants to level the playing ground with China since they engage in unfair tactics such as money manipulation and the idea of giving a state dinner for the Chinese is just not right.

He feels America has lost it’s leadership roll and in fact when he flies into Dubai, their airport facilities make us look like a third world. He, like most of us do not like this slippage that our country is experiencing under the present leadership and the one that preceded it.

He further stated that he has a great respect for all people and that includes women and in fact used a woman in the creation of Trump Tower.

One last tidbit, he disapproves of tattoos.


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