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Updated on June 7, 2015

We breathe violence 24/7 is it ever going to stop?

Yesterday, a verdict cleared a case leaving a murder suspect free, and leaving others with the bitter taste of injustice on their mouth forever. As a police officer I have witnessed many cases like this one, where the parties were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. However, if we leave aside all the “created motives”, and we analyzed this case, erasing the race factor, the truth comes to light, clear and objective.

We are all victims of the violence "brainwash" in this country. Gradually, we have accepted this violence as part of our lives, and we don't even notice it. We let it come into our homes through video games, movies, the news, etc. We breath it like air, and so do our kids.

I don't know but a few kids that still address themselves with respect to adults anymore, for example. They are all defensive and with an attitude. Where did they get that from? Well, for one look at the movies they watch, and the video games they play, where the heroes have no respect for life. The dialogues are aggressive, sarcastic, and always daring.

In the other hand, guns are in the wrong hands in these days, just about every idiot can own a gun on these days, no extensive background checks, no psychological tests, and no “wondering” if the purchaser will know how to react, if prompted by a dangerous situation.

I am an ex-cop, I was a cop for 15 years, and I finished my career with a clean record. I guess I was just lucky, because I never had to upholster my weapon and hurt someone threatening me or others. The truth is that you can go your entire career, without firing a single shot.

I was trained to carry a weapon, and I was trained on how to avoid a fatal confrontation, in order to avoid shooting someone. Using my weapon was the last resource to stop an aggressor. Then, how in the world a “neighborhood watchman” was carrying one? The answer is simple: “Because he could”.

Permits to carry out concealed weapons, should require a very important requirement: A psychological test, to see how this person would react in certain situations. A background check is critical, but it is also crucial for someone who is going to carry a weapon, to know when to pull the trigger, and above all, to know what consequences it will bring to shoot someone.

The laws are very strict in this matter now, but so should be the criteria to let individuals purchase a weapon.

There is more than one “I wannabe a cop” out there, they watch every single cop movie or series, they are brain washed with the thought that being a cop, means glory and power. WRONG! A real cop will tell you, that there is no glory, just devotion to the career, and a real cop will tell you that there is no power, because in the event of a shooting, you are investigated too. The first step Internal Affairs would take, is to search in your file for any trace of motif or any previous disciplinary action. They would immediately removed your badge and your weapon, until the case is cleared.

According to the circumstances, you might even lose your job, and you will be known forever as: the “killer cop”, if they cannot prove that you fired your weapon on the line of duty, and according to your training. Taking all this in consideration, only highly trained individuals should be allowed to carry a gun.

The right procedure for Zimmerman, after Trevor Martin refused to stop, should have been calling 911. Maybe all those cop movies came to his head, and he decided to be one of those faked heroes. A wrong decision which could have cost him his freedom.

In the other hand, Trevor Martin, was probably one of those teenagers filled out with violence from video games, movies and the implied syndrome of being targeted by society. He didn't stop, he dared, and this kid should have never been in a morgue. He should have lived to be a good citizen like his parents. Instead, he made the wrong decision, and attacked someone with a gun.

Both parties, were victims of a brain wash, which takes place everyday in our own homes. Movies where the gang members are the heroes, teens that take “no crap” from nobody, dialogues which lead to violence, and to a false meaning of stand up for yourself. The truth is that the right of one person, should stop when it overlaps the rights of others.

Let's face it: If they both would have been the same race, and the final outcome would have been what it was, the only motif would have been the same: There is no respect for human life anymore. And I don't care if you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever.

If we want to end forever this violent rampage, which is eating America alive, then we need to start at home. Check what you watch on TV, and especially what your kids watch, because as long as we breathe violence everyday around us, we are all potential Zimmerman's and Martin's. Guns are just the instrument, but what we really need to concentrate on, is on who is pulling those triggers.


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    • endenfin profile image

      Lizzie Edenfield 4 years ago from Jacksonville, Fl

      That's exactlyy what I talking about! Agression and violence have to stop, everyone has an attitude one way or another on these days for some reason

    • Patriot Quest profile image

      Wayne Joel Bushong 4 years ago from America

      Had Travon showed respect to his elders this would have NEVER happened, Travon was a gangsta wannabe with an arrest record and marijuana in his system. Zimmerman got his ass beat and had enough, both could have done things different. Travon started it and Zimmerman finished it.