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Updated on September 8, 2014

A priceless commodity.

Time is not on anybody's side.

It just rolls on like a river, non-stop.

It is said that it waits for no man,

showing how independent time really is.

Time moves steadily; and it does

so of its own accord.

It has no "drumbeat" to keep step

with, as it marches on day in and day out.

Year after year it moves on, to count

the ages of both young and old.

Whether it has been wasted or not is decided

by every individual person; man or woman.

To use it wisely is what matters;

as they say, "Make hay, while the Sun shines".

It becomes fruitful,when every bit of it is

accounted for and not trifled away.

Time is not on your side; neither it is on mine;

and it does not favor anyone, as it does not

issue credit to be used for future purposes.

All it does is to pride one for using it well.



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