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Updated on November 23, 2009

social medicine?

The vote on Saturday in the Senate, which was 60 to 39 in favor of the Health Care reform bill, was a breath of fresh air to many people. It will allow the debate to begin in the Senate chamber to hammer out a compromised bill that would be merged with the one passed by the House of Representatives only a few weeks back, to become a law of the land.

Although, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was able to garner support of all Democratic Party members to get it through, and it was just a start; but the staunch opposition by the Republicans was still lurking in the shadows to see its (bill's) demise, as they had vowed to stop it "come hell or high water" (origin unknown).

That, however, would remind Americans, when programs like Medicare and Unemployment benefits were being initiated; and there was the same opposing side that was present, and calling for their termination and saying that they were socialist ideas and therefore destructive to the national, as well as political, interest. There should therefore be no gainsaying that they would do all in their power to sabotage the efforts of those who believed in common sense and equality, and who were endeavoring to prevail, and to correct a situation in which some citizens had health care insurance coverage and some did not.

The "have nots" numbered in millions; but who should really care, was the question the opposing side was asking; and they would add that there was a "step by step" approach to resolve the problem; and that the cost was so astronomical, it would destroy the already frail economy and stop the sluggish recovery that the nation now found itself in. Where were they, when the insurance companies were ignoring to do their duty? Did they say anything then?

The Republicans were "pointing to what they see as its flaws. Even if a bill ultimately passes, Republicans hope to delay that moment until well into 2010 -- when all seats in the House and one-third of those in the Senate will be contested -- then make the case to voters that Democrats took their focus off the economy and an unemployment rate above 10%", (AP sources).

"Our goal is to let the American people know what it does for them and to them" Sen. Lamar Alexander (R., Tenn) said on "FOX News Sunday; and they used "Medicare payroll taxes for the wealthy and cut Medicare payments to HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS, while expanding eligibility for MEDICAID, the federal-state health program for the poor", to make their case. "We think if American people know that, the bill will collapse of its own weight", Mr. Alexander had added.

What he and his collegues failed to tell the world was that Medicare itself was safe, but what was being slashed was the Medicare Advantage which favored the rich and the well to do. In that program, a doctor could write his or her own check by sending "the bill of laden" to the federal government for payment. The government became the payee of enormous sums of money, which was directed to the insurance corporations, those doctors and other accessory medical companies, who nobody, particularly the voters, knew nothing about.

There were others like him, who cried "wolf" on Sunday morning; yet, that did not mean that they were right, or even could be right; for many people were not surprised. They were waiting to be covered by the law, which would finally emerge; and when that should happen, there would be millions of them, who would vote down those who opposed the bill when it was being debated, for them to lose in the 2010 elections. Common sense would tell them to do so; and at that time, many Repulicans would be knocked off their rockers.

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