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Updated on January 25, 2012

May America's past be gone.

President Barack Obama covered all the bases that he needed to, in his State of the Union address last night, leaving nothing that was important out.

The strength of the United States Armed Forces, doing excellent work to maintain tranquility around the world. Also, their assignment was to make sure that America was protected from its enemies, and they did it, especially, with distinction. Bravo! Soldiers of Peace.

The working men and women in the country were also mentioned, calling them the "middle class", who must be rewarded for defending the American way of life. "Equal work, for equal pay," he had said. He also had equal rights for all in the workplace in mind.

He did not hinge on what he had inherited, a vanquished economy and high unemployment, that have made things difficult for both the U.S. government and citizens alike. They, (economy and high unemployment rate) had put his administration and the American people through hard times, but in fighting such issues together, America would always survive.

What he did was to move the country forward, as there was no point in looking back. In fact to put things behind us and moved on would be far more better than to dwell in the past; as he has emphasized that many times in his speech.

America's investment, inventiveness and ingenuity must not be outsourced. They must be brought back home to rebuild and strengthen the economy, and to put people back to work.

People knew how it was like, to inherit an Uncle, who left you with a half broken business company. You have to borrow money to ensure that the employees were cared for as usual. So, you would do the best you could to save the company from going under. However, the employees were a lazy bunch, and they would not even undertake to do any overtime to get the business going as it should.

You have borrowed capital on your hands, so that you have to be a good manager to make a bad situation better; hence, whatever amount of money at hand must be used to that effect, and that would make you to start spending, spending, spending, to recoup the business.

That was the snapshot of Obama's situation, when he assumed the presidency of the U.S. Now, things were not all that rosy, but his efforts to put the crappy economy back on track, and the measures to reduce the high unemployment rate were beginning to pay off. The employees, by the way, was the erstwhile U.S. Congress; with such an opposition as never before in the history of America, to the efforts of the Obama administration.

Soon and hopefully, 14 million people would find themselves working again; unemployment lines would shorten, and the economy would be up and running as it should.

He was saying in effect that, when there was a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, there was no need for Americans to look back. That was a formidable attitude to take in the face of adversity.

That demonstrated a strong leadership the country required in the economic tempest that it was going through; and as he said, he would always be in the forefront of America's advancement to rebuild. His administration would help any company that deserved helping.

Foreign oil dependency would be taken care of, by opening up America's shores for more energy exploration, alongside clean (green) energy sources of solar, wind and natural gas.

Comprehensive immigration laws would be legislated to curtail illegal entry into the country; with border control being a necessity to keep drug cartels and terrorists out. Those refusing to obey the country's immigration regulations would be deported.

Taxes or taxation must be shared equitably by both job creators and workers; and that should not mean that he was proposing a class warfare, and that the tax burden of the wealthy must be slightly higher than that of the regular worker. That really made a lot of sense.

He could have brought the house down with political rhetoric, but he did not; instead he told it "like it is", that those who would take the opportunity to work hard would have ample reward for their efforts, be they business companies or ordinary individuals working for any kind of livelihood.

There was the hope that, the next session of Congress would have a cooperative spirit to reach a compromise, where a compromise was necessary, so as to avoid gridlocks and roadblocks on issues that the country would be facing. The country did not deserve a dead Uncle's inheritance.

It would be an election year, but it must also be one in which Americans would come together as one people; One Nation......

Mr. President, your speech was meant to unify the country, as the State of the Union address should do.

America should appreciate it.


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