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Updated on July 19, 2012

That should be the question.

Throughout, or so far, Mitt Romney's character and his tenure at Bain Capital have been focused on and examined by members of the media and the general public, and for most part, his own explanations to vital questions have not been as plain as they should be.

For example, when he left Bain, either in 1999 or 2002, has been shrouded with masked responses, mostly from his campaign aides rather than from the candidate himself; and that made it difficult to know the actual facts concerning his "whereabouts" in regard to the company's activities during that time period.

At that time, Bain has bought two companies that needed to be stripped and cleaned up for investment purposes; and the fillings by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission has borne Romney's signature as CEO.

That was on one hand; but on the other hand, he was supposed to be running the Salt Lake City Olympics as a full-time manager and consultant; and he, Romney, was being facetious about that situation, as to whether he was in two places simultaneously.

There alone, his responses were rather suspicious as someone, who was not being candid with the American people. All he could say was that he had gone off from Bain Capital in 1999, and whatever transpired after that with the company was none of his business. Yet, the filling with SEC did not substantiate that claim.

Many people knew the nature of the securities equity industry, that capital investment funds were no object to some companies, and so they funded other struggling companies mostly; but then, some of those same companies have to be "snowed under" for others to become solvent, according to the investment companies' criteria.

That might sound very simple, but at the tail end of a complicated negotiations, the capital venture company has made huge profits in the form of fees and the trimming or stripping of assets of the original company that was in trouble; and that tend to be the issue.

That has prompted Ms. Donna Brazile, the campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000, to comment thus,

"The more the American people learn about Romney, the less they are comfortable with an economic philosophy seemingly predicated on dismantling weaker companies for personal benefit." (CNN, 7/19/12).

Another writer verified that Bain even did some philanthropic work to benefit several sections of American communities; however, the question of outsourcing of jobs to far away countries could not be ruled out, as being part of what the company did, by way of conducting business; and that President Barack Obama's abrasive charge of Mitt Romney sending jobs to foreign countries was accurate.

Romney has made counter charges, and calling Obama the "Outsourcer-in-chief"; but that was for the public to decipher the truth from fiction, whether that was factual or not.

At the present stage of the political campaign toward the 2012 presidential election, voters were keen on learning the truth about the nature and character of the candidates involved.

They have heard too much about job creation and putting the economy back on track; and all that were important and relevant; and they seemed to resonate with them; yet, promises alone could not "cut the mustard," as character and attitude must be checked for them to know and make the right decision, come November 6th, 2012 election day.


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