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Updated on March 8, 2010


An excerpt from the book “Up One Level”

Available thru AuthorHouse at;

One of the biggest problems we have in this country and in most of the world is the availability of guns. Guns that are readily available to criminals, children, and irresponsible adults. The “Guns” chapter in “Up One Level” explains how to control these little killers in depth and it’s not rocket science either, but for now let’s see if we can come up with a way to eliminate truckloads of unwanted and illegal guns in the USA.

I would suggest an immediate, and national, voluntary gun collection program. I've seen some gun collection efforts that worked in the past but unfortunately not well enough and extremely localized. With a little effort, tens of thousands of free incentives could be collected. What corporation would not want to donate something, anything? Here is what I would like to see happen for starters:

Let's do some math…

First we’ll need to get with a national organization like an Elk’s Club, or church that has the national wherewithal and manpower to set the job up and see it through for the one-year, nation-wide, campaign period.

The first three months of this year long effort would be spent organizing and planning the campaign. Designing marketing material and marketing methods from fliers to television as well and enlisting the co-operation of police departments who would be in control of the actual collection sites when the collection time comes.

The next six months would be a continuance of the first three plus any number of organizations and volunteers would be out collecting freebee incentives or “trades” if you will. These trades could amount to billions of dollars-worth of everything this country has to offer from free McDonald’s meals, to free cash, to a free semester’s college tuition.

Tens of thousands of diversified items, pledges, and discounts could be collected from corporations, Institutions, celebrities, government agencies, and individuals that would insure each municipality reached its quota of plenty of good and diversified stuff to trade for guns. There is virtually no end to the trade incentives that could be collected. Even such things as amnesty for people with local warrants for minor offences.

The last three months of the campaign would be the collection time.

Let’s say (and I'm just guessing), there is 5 thousand towns in each of our 50 states. That comes to 5,000 X 50 = 250,000 towns all-together.

If each town collected 1000 guns, that would come to 250,000 X 1000 = 250,000,000 or 250 million guns. Wow! That's a pretty significant number of guns off the street isn’t it? I don’t even think there is that many altogether.

Even if I overestimated everything by 50% we're still going to wind up with 125 million less guns on our streets. Even one less gun could be the difference between life and death for one of our kids, police, or other innocent being. OK, take it down one more step where each town collects only 250 guns in the collection period. That still comes to 250 X 250,000= 62,500,000 or 62 and a half million guns off our streets. That should be a piece a cake collecting 250 guns per town after a year-long marketing effort considering the huge amounts of highly diversified exchange items offered.

Damn, I'm impressed! That's a lot of guns. What the hell would we do with them all? If rifles and pistols averaged out to 3 pounds each and we sold them as good quality scrap steel at five cents a pound, that would come to a cool 62,500,000 X 3= 187,500,000 pounds at ,05 X 187,500,000= 9,375,000 dollars. That could go a long way to pay for things in the program that might have to be purchased. We could even hire a marketing outfit to get the job done professionally.

In the lowest estimate bottom line for one year, we could take 62.5 million illegal and unwanted guns off our streets and wind up with better than 9 million dollars to play with. Split that estimate in half again and you still got a great deal considering the death and destruction many of these weapons will cause. Split the estimate again and you still got 15 or 16 million guns off our streets. It looks like a win-win, can’t lose situation to me. Now all we need is the incentive. Any of you willing and able to get the ball rolling?

Let me remind you in the light of all these huge figures. Just ONE illegal or unsecure gun in the hands of an irresponsible person could very well mean the life of a police officer, a store clerk, an innocent bystander or worse, one or more of our most precious children.

Now for Christ sake just don’t read this article, forget it, and go on to the next, all that would do is waste your time and mine. I’ve shown you the ways and means of ridding our country of this plague of killing machines, now it’s your turn. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

One of you Elks Clubbers, VFW vets, police chiefs, political people, religious organizers, or any influential person or organization with the national clout and the kahonies that can get the ball rolling, DO IT! And RIGHT NOW!

I have no intention of disarming this country. I just want to make it a hell of a lot harder for criminals, children, and irresponsible idiots to arm themselves with deadly weapons. This next year there will be well over ten thousand people killed by guns in this country, many of them innocent children or even yourself for that matter. That’s ten thousand families destroyed and billions of government dollars wasted. You need any help, you call me, I’ll do whatever I can. What the hell are you waiting for? It only takes one of you movers and shakers to get the campaign started and soon, you’ll have thousands of helpers nationwide. Let’s put America back the way it used to be. A safe and great place to live, work, have fun, and raise your family.

If none of you readers are up to this challenge yourselves, then please, give it some thought and pass this hub on to someone you might know that is up to it, you’ll have done your part… big time...


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