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TOO MANY PEOPLE... by Merwin

Updated on August 20, 2012

THE END OF THIS SYSTEM OF THINGS... "Weighing in" on Roger Crigger's "share.

In the third of the three links above... is a basic rundown of our global dilemma and the necessity for mass carnage that will remove about 95% of the planet's human population. Please at least scan the contents of the link before continuing with this Hub, you might have to copy and paste, thank you.

The reason for including the above Malthusian Catastrophe link is to convey the idea that this has been kicked around for a couple hundred years at least. And there is enough material available to suggest that Malthus simply put together info from many other sources, and made it the work that is now famous among the movers and shakers.

This (hopefully short) Hub will focus on three things. The need for mass death secular - The prophecy of mass death Biblical - The enormous preparations underway for accomplishing these things in the USA.

I recently read a Hub by lone77star, that succinctly touched on this country's avarice for power and it willingness to purchase power through the shed blood of the innocent. The Hub had echoed for me some previous Hubs that I have written, and many other resources that all seem to be chanting the same mantra... "Mass death is on the horizon."

Although lone77star 's Hub ( ), provides a glimmer of hope for change, my hope stems from a similar but different prospect.


The need (secular) for mass death...

Thomas Malthus was clergy, but, provided the non-theist (secular) with motivations for violent population control. I don't think his intentions were to do so, but regardless of his intentions the results have become obvious.

For years we have been inundated with publications that tell us we cannot sustain our growing global population. And the extreme use of energy consuming technology has devastated our resources past their peaks and ruined the environment. Coal is about the only fossil fuel, energy provider that has a sustainable reserve, but its use is extremely dirty and is not a likely source of energy for transportation and foodstuff production.

The need (secular) to drastically reduce use, is imperative. The only option that make sense (secular) is to quickly drop the global population down to 500 million and mandate its "no growth" from there. The thought paradigm is elegant, yet simple. The elite will govern, the military/police will enforce, and the masses will serve happily because of their relative luxury. There would be enough for all. All will be able to see the value of the extreme measures that provided this Utopian civilization, i.e. the mass murdering of 95% of the world populace, after the fact, and be glad for it.

This is the end game for the (secular) psychological push that is underway... "Something must be done to stem the tide of man's gluttony that is consuming our way, into environmental destruction..." The models (paradigms) for mass executions and desensitization for humankind's bloody, violent death are found throughout history... All Wars, Roman Coliseum (murder for entertainment), The Spanish Inquisition, The Protestant Inquisition of Catholics in England, the French Revolution, Nazi Holocaust, Stalin's Purges, the Purges of Chairman Mao, the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the non-use of relief during famines in Africa, etc, etc, etc..! And most importantly, they are (secretly) counting on the Biblical account to be one that is accurate, for it foretells of mass destruction with one small variation... they think they can win at Armageddon. They think they can beat God.

Transition to, Mass Death Biblical... The Bible states regarding this time...
Mat 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

The very elect... these are they (left after the catching away) that refuse to agree with the Final Global Solution if given the option. There would be only one possible reason for an individual's rejection of that Solution, their eternal soul.

They would be offered the hope that they "might" live and be a contributor to the new society, and to reject it would mean their immediate death. The only reason for rejection would be that they did not buy into the secular explanation of events.

Finally... "The enormous preparations underway for accomplishing these things in the USA."

Why do I refer to just the USA..? Part of the reason is the rest of the world is nearly there already, and the last Bastion for the hope for Liberty is the USA. And the clincher and better part of the reason is... if the Globalists can totally remove this last Bastion of hope, people will naturally fall in line with the "remover", out of survival. They will pledge themselves to the miracle workers that felled the Giant.

What are the preparations..?

Propaganda mostly. Television is the medium of choice, and in America, the vehicles within the medium are too numerous to list, so I will probably focus on just one... The History Channel. And from there I will concentrate my comments from that vast arena of propaganda to just one program, and only for the sake of brevity and simplification... Ancient Aliens.

The History Channel's, Ancient Aliens, is too hard to succinctly describe here, so I will cut to the chase. They have attempted through this program to reduce God, to being extra-terrestrials, and to state that (if there is a rapture) that it is probably a mass abduction and enslavement by them, and that they will be back to destroy what is left of mankind through the (The Great Tribulation) warfare they would conduct.

They, the writers of the series have stated that there are alien hybrids among us wanting to act as alien agents of persuasion and influence, and then as traitors to mankind.

I invite all who read this, to watch that History Channel series. When we are reduced to the whys and wherefores and justifications for the mass murders they will impose on this planet they will use all the excuses listed in this Hub and more. I am not done with this subject, I just hope we all have time to get the Word out... Jesus is our only hope..!



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    • Roger Crigger profile image

      Roger Crigger 

      6 years ago from Northern Idaho

      Jesus is indeed the only answer and WILL be the answer no matter what anyone may believe. I always wondered how those who were "left behind" would explain the mass disappearance that WILL take place.... Aliens!...Of course.... I did actually think of that years ago as a possible, "this is where they went....Aliens took em"! Great reference material, great HUB Merwin... As you response is and more than like ever shall be..."It's going by the book!"


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