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Updated on May 24, 2011

Violent storms.

I do not write about anything else, but about normal events and personalities; however, I am forced by present circumstances to choose to comment on the severe weather changes that the U.S. has been experiencing this year.

Generally speaking, the weather seen everywhere seems to be in revolt, and not just that, but the deaths in the areas most affected happen to be too high, if not abnormal. Like in Alabama, where over 300 hundred people have suddenly died through stormy weather.

The Mid-West has always had tornadoes; but they (tornadoes) have now physically expanded their reach outside the traditional boundaries of what has always been referred to as "Tornado Alley". They are also being more forceful, collecting winds of up to more than 60 m.p.h. in most places, and even wider in length and breadth, in scope and size, in devastation and in loss of lives. Pretty unusual; is that not so?

The storms in the South and the Mississippi River overflowing its banks and causing death to the population and damage to farmlands and other properties that people need to live, are all overly unusual. These tornadoes that do not seem to stop, and are creating havoc to life and limb, are a series of unusual and one ever occurring giant mishappenstance.

The latest case is Joplin, Missouri, where the whole town is completely wiped out within a matter of minutes; and with 1500 hundred people unaccounted for, plus several deaths; and also with the death toll numbering over 115 individuals and still climbing, the town itself is almost dead, empty and lifeless, but for a few survivors.

In physics, there is something called "cause and effect", and usually most people will relate these storms to seasonal atmospheric ups and downs that are natural to allow farmers to grow and harvest crops for food. They (storms) sometimes pass without much notice; yet, the storms that are manifesting themselves presently all over the country cannot go unnoticed. They are unusual, and therefore they must have an entirely different source.

"Source", singular; because these storms are happening so rapidly and more repeatedly, making them to have a rather one or single connection or starting point, if you may.

At this time of the year; and although there will be storms as surmised before; the sun will not be at its peak, but it will be showing here and there, mild and lukewarm; something it has failed to do. Why? That must be for scientists to determine the reason why that is so; and so, let us leave that to them.

Moreover, this year's storms tend to be more catastrophic; and many will agree that the nuclear disaster in Japan recently must have something to do with them. In a nutshell, the winds that are blowing east of that country must be filled with some type of nuclear fallout. America, sitting in its (winds') path, seems to be feeling the effects of that nuclear calamity currently going on in Japan.

That must be causing all this unusual severe and violent weather trend. Therefore, and again, scientists here and around the world must have another round of issue to look into; and it must be done now; even as we speak (or type); as any delay in doing so will be considered intolerable.


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