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Updated on March 22, 2012

A cold blooded murder.

The shooting death of Trayvon Martin has caused a great deal of uproar in the country, especially in the news and the social media, with tweets on and postings at You-tube by famous and important citizens, to demonstrate their horror, not only of the incident itself, but also of the fact that law enforcement in Florida was conducting a racially biased investigation.

The shooter, a night watchman by the name of Zimmerman has not been even interviewed by police authorities and he was walking free, solely because of a law that protected people like him to use deadly force if threatened.

Trayvon Martin was walking in a strange neighborhood after shopping for some ice tea and skittles, and looking around just for curiosity sake before he went back to his father's house.

The complex of houses was gated and had a watch group in routine surveillance to keep people, who were thought to be mischievous or prone to cause any type of crime out of that place.

A confrontation occurred between the young boy, Trayvon, who was 17 years of age and Zimmerman, a grown man, on watch that day; and according to 911 calls and eyewitness accounts a fight followed from the altercation.

Within minutes, Trayvon was shot dead with a gun wound in his chest by Zimmerman.

Trayvon was unarmed and did not pose a serious threat to his assailant, and therefore using a gun on him was completely unnecessary. He was not a suspect of any kind. That, under any circumstance, was a cold blooded murder.

He, Trayvon, was just walking around and saw a man following him, and when the man, Zimmerman, approached him, he responded as anyone would do with a little bit of apprehension, which could naturally lead to a scuffle of some sorts, if a strange person laid his hands on another person.

That was what happened, and whatever the gunman was, whether a watchman or a futuristic police officer and therefore under training, he should have been arrested forthwith.

Local police did nothing to safeguard the interest of Trayvon Martin in the process of officers being called on a case of that nature. They would immediately put the handcuffs on Trayvon, and he would be arrested, if he was the perpetrator.

Now, the investigation of the case was not going the way it should, and the United States Attorney's office and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division officials have been called in to see whether Trayvon's rights were violated.

The investigation was continuing, but so far the incident seemed to be racially motivated. Too many African American young people were being gunned down by others in the law enforcement community, and that should warrant a grand inquiry by the government into whether some officers were racists.

Rev. Al Sharpton was getting involved, and the NAACP was playing a vital role in the case. Many were hoping that Zimmerman would be placed under arrest as the proceedings to really know what took place unfolded.

In this day and age, anyone should not be restricted in any way from walking freely in any neighborhood, gated or not.

Zimmerman, whatever his reason for gunning down Trayvon Martin, must be dealt with according to the law of the nation.

Others in other countries were watching to see, if America would live up to its creed of freedom for everyone, no matter what their racial background was.


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