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Updated on June 2, 2011

Take a good look, Mr. Paul Ryan.

Many lawmakers, mainly on the Republican side of the aisle, tend to support trickle down economics; yet they fail to realize that the people at the base of that structure are the poor.

In that system, the top class citizens in society are always flourishing, while the middle class "bite off more than it can chew", with the payment of things as mortgages, high cost insurance plans, college tuition for their children that can number from one to three or more.

In some cases, there are toddlers in the family to take care of; as well as other necessities to squeeze into a very tight budget; yet, the parents have to force themselves to accept all the difficult problems that continue to come their way, including emergencies of all kinds, and they still manage to carry on with their lives.

In other words, they try to sustain on "shoe string" budgetary plans; also known as "catch if you can"; otherwise they will have to remain in constant debt to unscrupulous money lenders and shady banks; or declare bankruptcy. When that happens, the families are divided or they scatter.

There are also families that are in single parenthood situations, man or woman, to deal with the heavy burden of being able to provide for their members, as well as for themselves; and almost usually, they have to juggle, and even toggle, between work and home to make ends meet.

The very poor come at the bottom; and they are those who are scrapping the economic barrel at its very end to survive. They struggle from day to day, and are forced to deal with the impossible, when it comes to paying, for example, the rent, buying food, let alone of getting any of life's essentials, such as clothing for themselves and having money for transportation to go out and look for work.

Other such people are the old and the sick, if not the indigent; and they struggle with social battles endlessly; and life itself tends to be a complete hell for them. Some may get on government programs, while others are so helpless to think for, and even of, themselves as human beings

Eventually, they are hushed into institutions, such as shelters, infirmaries and hospitals; and then they die. (Good riddance for dying off; who cares?).

These are the people the Democrats are concerned about; and in many instances, they try their best to save them from literally falling over or off the economic cliff, so to speak; with the knowledge that they are the responsibility of society.

That is one snapshot of what is presently coming out of Washington D.C., in regard to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Those programs versus trickle down economics and their effects. Wait for the second snapshot, soon.


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