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Updated on August 31, 2011

America must be proud.

United States foreign policy has always been the same under each and every president, with the underlying factor being one of embracing freedom and justice for all humanity.

In other words, if others are not free, then the rest of us are not free either.

Presidents and governments have pursued it throughout the years, within the bounds of a constitutional democracy; and that has become the foundation for many nations to want and to emulate.

It (foundation) has not changed, because there is no way to change it. It has, and will remain as the founding fathers envisaged it; a policy based on strong tenets, which have prompted governments to manage and follow through with it, over the years, to make America the greatest nation the world had ever known. It will remain solid and evergreen; ahead of time and even into an unfathomable future.

So, when present day candidates, who are vying to become presidents stand up to talk, the idea that they are adding anything to American foreign policy must not cross their minds. It has unique virtues that are unchangeable. Its direction can only be altered to run parallel with America's national interests. That is what all presidents can do.

All the leading candidates have spoken on U.S. foreign policy lately; namely, President Barack Obama, Gov. Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Perry; and all of them have been very eloquent in the interpretation of their messages in that regard; yet, only one of them did not stress on America's military power as being all in all.

That was President Obama; and he was also the only one that actually knew the extent of America's power, because he currently occupied the Oval Office, and so he has seen the magnitude of it at first hand.

The other two were experienced political figures, and they have every right to voice their opinion on anything they thought was important; yet, they were still strangers to the subject matter.

Gov. Romney almost said that the president was weak and incompetent, and that his approach to foreign policy showed that.

"Have you ever seen an American president, who addresses his audience with an apology in his mouth and doubt in his heart,?", he asked, among other things.

To most Americans, that was a mistake. He was fighting for the an esteemed position, being the presidency of the United States, and so he must be respectful to the person who presently held it.

Gov. Perry's remarks to the Veterans of Foreign Wars were not relevant either, when he said that, "We cannot concede the moral authority of our nation to multi-lateral debating societies,", and turned around to say that America respected its allies, almost at the same time.

He was referring to the United Nations Organization, which America formed, after the League of Nations was disbanded. It was a body that all must show reverence to; though many would not agree with how it operated, or the manner in which it conducted its affairs. However, it was there for the use by the whole world to discuss and try to mend its problems. America's allies were part of it.

The comment was also an aspersion directed toward President Obama; and that too was wrong. We all knew that candidates must be wary of what they said; they must be very careful, as they should be.

Of course, America is powerful; it is the only super-power in the world today, but it does not intend to show disrespect to other nations by virtue of its military strength and might.

It also has a profound moral character to display, and to demonstrate its values of freedom and justice for all, for the rest of the world to see.

It does not, and will not, attempt to push other sovereign countries around; and therefore any attitude of selfish emotion bordering on being boastful of its military prowess must not be noticed in the remarks of American leaders. Such boasting will be deemed as deliberate and uncalled for.

Others already know how magnanimous the American spirit is; and there is no need to draw too much attention to it in speeches, just to show off. Equality must guide what our leaders utter in public places; particularly, in international and foreign environments.

After all said and done, the world is comprised of one species; the human kind (not counting animals, of course). People of all shades, cultures and backgrounds inhabit the earth together. We are all the same, with very little or no difference whatsoever in our natural characteristics. Therefore, no one should see himself or herself as being superior to another or the next person.

That should be the proper characteristic to show others, and not to indicate how much fire power America possessed. President Obama always pointed to a nation willing to live peaceably and side by side with its neighbors.

That was the kind of attitude many thought President Obama conveyed in his latest speech at the American Legion convention. He spoke as a leader who did not see the world and its people through a pair of colored glasses.

That is what true leadership is all about.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great Hub. President Obama has returned our foreign policy to one that respects diplomacy and the freedom of other nations. Governor Perry is once again spewing the jingoistic refrains of disrepecting international organizations such as the United Nations. He is attempting to get elected by pandering to the basest of this country's sentiments.


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