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Trump and the Heist

Updated on November 6, 2017
Craigjm profile image

Grumpy and Crotechty. My aim is to harass the crooked Republicans and Trump until they shout "Give!"

The gold of this country is in the hands of the rich and richer while the good of this country is swallowed by anger, resentment and nastiness.
The gold of this country is in the hands of the rich and richer while the good of this country is swallowed by anger, resentment and nastiness.

The Greatest Robbery in History is taking place at this very moment

I don't know what to think. The greatest robbery in world history is taking place and nobody is going to stop it!

Last week the crooks a.k.a. 'The Republican Congress' unveiled their 'Tax Reform' package for 2018 and beyond. Not surprisingly, it is not a new proposal. Ronald Reagan did much the same back in his term from 1981 to 1989. George W Bush did it on a smaller scale in his term 2001-2009.

The Middle Class marching down the Road to Economic Oblivion

Not surprisingly, the Middle Class of America has not recovered since those days of Ronald Reagan. The Middle Class income in 1945 was around $45,000 per year. Last week the crooks defined Middle Class as having income in the range of $450,000 to $750.000. This was for the purpose of defining the merely rich from the filthy rich I'm sure. But the point is still made: The Middle Class of America has almost disappeared due primarily to these exorbitant gifts to the already rich.Ronald Reagan may not have invented 'take from the poor and give to the rich' but his party has sharpened its pencils at his pencil sharpener and are excelling at being exceedingly greedy and mean-spirited. Teachers will no longer be able to deduct $250 for the expenses they incur for supplies they purchase for their classrooms. It is really a shame though that the 80% deduction for purchasing college athletic tickets is now laying in the trash heap.

An example of mean-spirited. Lower-middle-income couples ($24,000 income bracket) used to be able to claim personal exemptions for non-child dependents. Now the same couple in the same situation will have get by with the replacement, a $500 flat rate deduction. Or in the case of a baby in the womb. The parents can start taking deductions for college tuition. But who, at the $24,000 income level will be able to take advantage of that deduction? Those in the 'middle class bracket' of $450,000 I assume.

Flim-Flam is still Swindle

In addition to all the flim-flam, the crooks (i.e. Republicans-I didn't want you to forget!) are not allowing this proposal to be vetted. Usually the Tax Foundation or some office, lays out the whole tax code with accompanying table for all to see. This year the House of Hooligans (I just made that up) plan to be done by Thanksgiving. That is in three weeks. Did anyone say 'Duck'!

There seems to be no depth to which these cowards will not sink. They rape the country and rake it over the coals because a Black Man was president for eight years.

They are so twitching to grab every morsel possible out of our coffers because the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives all being Republican that they cannot call it quits. Their plan is to cut hundreds of billions out of the Medicaid and Medicare budgets to fund a tax relief package for the coal industry. Coal industry? Yes indeed. Maybe the resurgence in the use of coal is imminent or was that China? No, China is one of the leaders in developing green energy. I wonder then, who is going to be the beneficiary of the $10 billion earmarked for the coal industry?

The Mushroom Effect

I assumed some of these people have families. No, I guess not. The House voted to replace the Affordable Care Act without blinking an eye. Some representatives were even hard pressed to understand why they received such unruly welcomes from their constituents when they went home for recess.

I have not studied the ins and outs of this abomination because I suspect there may be some changes.Hopefully, their constituents will scream loud enough that most of the changes won't be approved.

It is not just the tax code that is taking a beating these days. Our school systems are being hammered at breakneck speed by the behavior of the students.

The actions displayed by Trump and the other never-do-wells regarding throwing temper tantrums, abusive speech and abusive actions are being played out in our children, in our schools, in our neighborhoods.

Well here is where I may as well dally for a minute of so.

The Sign of the Strong Middle Class
The Sign of the Strong Middle Class

Reform by any other name is still Theft

My point is that all through the swiss cheese of this 'reform' package the crooks (i.e. Republicans led by House Speaker Paul Ryan) take away and then give back-sort of. The end result is not to simplify the tax code, although that is what they keep saying over and over again. Its purpose is to make sure the wealthy donors of the Republican causes get another windfall income boost. They then can continue their lavish donations to Republican candidates, which in reality is the gift from the American taxpayer. An example of the way the larder is stocked, Donald J Trump and all his nepotism appointments stand to increase their income by several billion dollars.

The NFL will lose some bucks and on top of the current downturn in viewership may be able to apply for a hardship tax break in the next year or so. (Just kidding, I have to take a smile swipe at this stuff once in a while. The nature of it is so sickening. If only these atrocities were just on paper.)

How can a Few do this to so Many

How do these people justify their existence? Do they boast about their 'hard work' to their friends? Who would be a friend? Oh, that's right! I have read that we are not to presuppose anything. But can't I just ask? Who would have these people for friends? Or even drinking buddies? I would hate to go deer hunting with them for fear that I would get a round in the back that was meant for one of them!

The New Symbol of the Evaporated Middle Class
The New Symbol of the Evaporated Middle Class

The New Normal

Maybe this acrimony is the new normal. Maybe when I cross a person of my Facebook Friends list, I am modeling the new normal. Instead of facing the person and asking what in the heck is wrong, I just surreptitiously hit the 'delete' key. This must be the future. The brick and mortar businesses I grew up with, the JC Penneys, the Sears, the Kmarts are about gone. The new normal calls for Amazon and all the other online stores to rip the guts out of Middle America. Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame cashed in $1.1 billion of Amazon shares the other day. It was in the paper, er, the smartphone.

I think that my Dad was right. At 91 (and even earlier) he didn't see a need to learn how to use a computer, or a smartphone or even a cell phone. He probably was right. I probably won't have a need for one either shortly. If you are not home to hear the phone ring, does it ring? It does if you are carrying it in your pocket!


I believe that we are on the cusp of something. My hair on the back of my neck stands up like a Rhodesian Ridgeback on alert when I get bad vibes. But the vibes are not bad, they are horrific!. What is happening to our country? I do not see a way to the future without taking a cleaver to the present and hosing away the other half with the fish guts. I am teetering toward the precipice with my nerves jangling. Not for me. I will be gone soon. But my children. We were taught to leave the world a better place than we found it. I don't think that is possible anymore. The learning curve to return it to its former place is too steep. The changes just too intractable. I feel sad, no, empty. I feel like I ran in place for over forty years and accomplished nothing. Nothing of value to leave my children. Certainly, the world is not a better place.

"Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat."

Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

© 2017 Craig Martineau


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    • Craigjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Craig Martineau 

      14 months ago from Duluth MN

      Excellent reply. Yes, you filled in the holes I left out. I wasn't sure how to use them. Thanks for the support. Often it has been lonely hammering on toddler especially in the beginning. You keep up your good work.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      14 months ago from > California

      Exceptional Article Craig ~ Even Republican Senator Bob Corker called this "Criminal ACT of Wealth Transfer" to the rich a "HOAX", so we pray that he along with other conscionable republicans like John McCain, Lisa Murkowski & Susan Collins will band together and OBSTRUCT this ABOMINATION from causing a "PANDEMIC of Poverty" ~

      "Deranged" Donald Trump UNLAWFULLY Terminated ObamaCARE ACA Subsidies which provided help to AMERICANs who need Health INSURANCE, an abhorrent act only a Psychopath could possibly carry out, but we miraculously dug Up 2 TRILLION of "Disposable Wealth" to UNLAWFULLY Transfer to GREED Mongers like the Walton Family who are already HOARDING 150 BILLION, the Koch Brothers & Steve Mnuchin then "HOPE n' Pray" they SHARE it with the rest of the USA? We all know how that SCAM turns out right??

      Remember when Mr. Trump LIED through his false teeth when he PROMISED a "Pay Raise" to American Workers? Well it's been a year now & if trumpeteers did just a SURFACE Investigation of this Deranged CON-Man they would have discovered rather quickly that a "RAISE" to Mr. Trump translates to "RAISING the POVERTY Rate" by "GIFTING" Trillions to Wall Street & his Elite Buddies, not actually signing legislation to enact a "REAL Tangible WORKER Pay Raise" ~

      Unprecedented EVIL now permeates our white house, and this MASSIVE "Corporate WELFARE Tax Cut SCAM" now PEDDLED by CON-Man Paul Ryan & CONservatives is just one MANIFESTATION ~ As the "NOOSE of Justice" tightens around "Delusional Donald" & his Accomplices, let's PRAY for an INDICTMENT soon or his Removal via MASSIVE Grass Roots efforts like Tom Steyer's which will FORCE Congress to fullfill their OBLIGATION of Impeaching him for his Allegiance to an ENEMY Entity, HIGH Crimes, Misdemeanors & Severe Psychological Encumbrances before the USA is Completely Decimated ~


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