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Updated on May 30, 2012

What George Will of ABC gave to Trump.

The saying that "common sense is not so common" makes so much sense, when it is associated with Donald Trump arguing about the birth place of President Barack Obama.

He has been crusading about the president being born elsewhere, rather than in Hawaii, which is a United States territory. He has pushed so hard for the long birth certificate of Obama to be officially produced by the White House that he (Obama) was born in that state in 1961.

He also has sent investigators to find out whether the certificate was a forgery or not, and the result has been one that Trump was pursuing an issue that did not make him the hero that he wanted to be, but rather a complete moron.

Trump's insistence on the "birther" controversy conferred on him a "bloviating ignoramus," by ABC News' George Will, who was asking Mitt Romney, the Republican Party candidate in the 2012 presidential election, to disassociate himself from Trump. He was seriously becoming a distraction not only for the candidate, but for the party.

However, going back to the common sense theory, the question of whether Trump was a sensible person kept cropping up, that what would make a woman, who was pregnant in the U.S. to decide to go to Kenya and have her baby there?

The answer to that was quite obvious, that such a scenario was close to being an impossibility and even senseless.

It was well documented that Obama had lived in Indonesia, when he was young, but he was sent there by his stepfather, who was a native of that country. Even that did not make him an Indonesian, unless the stepfather would have applied for a citizenship for him (Obama) in that country. However, that never happened.

He later moved back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents, the father and mother of his own mother, when she passed away.

Other detailed investigations have revolved around Obama's birth place and they have all had the same result that he was born in Hawaii; but people like Trump would want to turn the whole thing into a political issue so as to gain some advantage from it.

Romney has admitted that the president was a native born American, and that should quieten some of his supporters, who were maintaining otherwise; but the fact remained that the president's birth certificate was genuine and therefore his birth place should not be in dispute.

Besides, there were more problems facing the country for both Obama and Romney to deal with, if any of them became the winner of the 2012 general election and subsequently became the president of the U.S.; it was a waste of time to drag the political conversation that Americans were having in the mud, as Trump was determined to do.

His interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN showed that Trump would not let go his assumption that the president was not a true American, but he (Trump) has no proof of any kind to assume such a position.

As everybody knew, Trump has a huge ego; and that he would not even admit a mistake if he made one.

However, to become a distraction for the whole country was unacceptable, and for that Trump should be regarded as an idiot, who would stick to his guns, no matter what. Many people were saying that he should "let sleeping dogs lie."

P.S. Romney's own birthplace has come into question before; and so has that of John McCain.


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