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Updated on September 15, 2011

Not so great.

The Republican Party's winning of the New York's 9th district of Queens Congressional seat, should not discourage residents in anyway.

Democrats should work harder to regain it, as they numbered 3 to 1 in favor of votes in that part of the city. They could snatch the seat back in no time at all, due to the shortness of the session cycle in which the Republican candidate entered Congress.

He himself did not look happy, even after winning the special election; and for some reason he seemed miserable to many viewers, who saw his "victory lap" in most of the interviews he had with the media.

It did not make sense that President Barack Obama presently had a job creation plan before the United States Congress; and unemployment was one of the main issues about which the nation was extremely concerned, besides the bad economy he had inherited from the Bush administration.

With that in view, should not voters have cast their votes for the candidate, who was likely to help in moving the Obama job creation plan forward in Congress?

Instead of that, they voted for the candidate, whose party had nothing to offer the country, but just mere opposition and empty rhetoric. It has even been dubbed "the Party of NO" by the general public.

Besides, the backers of the Republican candidate Bob Turner, were political "trouble makers" and racists. They were dishonest, because they never fought clean in any political race or battle.

They hated Obama; and for what, nobody could tell, except that he was more handsome than any of the Republican Party's presidential candidates.

Labor Unions and workers should give him the support he needed to defeat his detractors. He knew in his heart that this nation was geared for a change, or it would be heading into a bleak future.

America should not be a bully to other sovereign nations. It must be able to show respect where respect was due, and to get it back. Equality should be the norm and not the exception.

That was the glimpse of the future of this planet called earth, if it would continue to be livable; and he has shown it throughout the short time that he has been president of the United States.

His was a good philosophy, and a policy worth emulating. For it was likely to make the U.S. stronger, with friends all over the globe, instead of enemies who would be ready to destroy its way of life out of sheer envy.

Turner's gain was selfish.


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