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Updated on September 14, 2011

A big surprise.

The winning by the Republican candidate Bob Turner in Queens, New York's 9th Congressional district special election could only be considered a setback for President Barack Obama.

It should not have happened at the worst time, when he was pushing his new proposals through the United States Congress, to get the unemployment rate that was suffocating the country to go down, and to bring the slimy economy that he has inherited from the Bush era back on track again.

Besides, many thought the election that came about by the resignation of Rep. Anthony Weiner, a democrat, was, more or less, to do with the protection of the country's entitlement programs that were being attacked by the Republicans.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs have been targeted during the debt ceiling and deficit reduction debates. They were still being targeted by Congressional Republicans, while tax loopholes, which were being taken advantage of by the wealthy, were being left untouched.

The raising of revenue on the most affluent Americans was not permissible, but the cutting of Medicare that catered to the old and the poor should be allowed; according to the Republican manifesto.

However, back to the New York election, the subject has suddenly been turned from social entitlements to Obama's foreign policy; particularly, when he recently repeated the suggestion by two previous U.S. presidents that Israel should return to "the 1967 borders" in its long standing dispute with the Palestinians.

He has therefore thrown the Jewish state "under the bus", as described by some political leaders; hence a large chunk of votes from the Jewish American population in the district went to the Republican candidate to get him elected.

What were voters thinking? America itself was in an economic turmoil, and it was doing all it could to come out of it; and so, why would they vote for someone, who would usurp an unflinching democratic seat to change sides?

Also, knowing fully well that such an act by voters would spoil things for Obama at a time when he had a plan to create jobs to curtail a high unemployment rate, and to get the economy growing again before Congress.

Should it be a time when a democratic Congressional seat fell prey to the Republicans? Many doubted that, but unfortunately it has happened.

Yet, the question that a whole lot of people were asking was, should Americans think about America first, or should they allow outside circumstances to influence or change things in this country?

Again, come to think of it, Turner's win is absurd. It is an upset that benefits just himself and a few selfish people, who are in cahoots with him.


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