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Is Today's Television Really Hurting Us?

Updated on January 31, 2011

Is it just me?

Is it just me or is our society getting worse and seem to be based on TV?  Drama television and our education system seem to get worse by the day.  The more shocking has always been the rule and now that drama TV rules the boob tube, it’s getting worse with how not-so-shocking things seem to be.

Information overload.

It seems to be a plan hatched in the movies about conspiracy theories.  Just look at the evidence.  Our children become dumber by the day and there seems to be an out of control congress.  The housing and civil crisis we’re facing daily look to be curved just short of complete bankruptcy of the US while the rich still get richer and poor get more broke down.  The more news on TV, the less we know.  Is there a conspiracy here?

That’s not realistic but if it were, no one would want to watch.

In old TV shows, I remember thinking to myself, no one is like that.  But that wasn’t the idea.  It was showing us how we are ‘supposed’ to be.  Now, we see it completely opposite and think, “That show is so real.”  But really, it’s on-screen performers are provoked by producers behind the camera to get a reaction so they will be outrageous for the camera and get ratings.  Chew ‘em up and spit ‘em out.  Once they are done provoking, they move on the next big thing while the temporary ‘star’ is now forgotten and fighting for the spotlight they became addicted to.  the end of shows is almost the end of life.  You hear of people that take their TV way to far; like the lady that slapped the soap actor for treating the 'actress' character like crap.  Really?!  

Why do we tolerate it?

Every page I’ve read on the internet the last week has had grammatical errors (not spelling errors).  Every one of us depends on spell checker for checking our spelling but not our words.  I can’t help but be upset and wonder why no one does anything about it.  Do they want to do anything about? NO.  If we were smarter, they would be out of business.  We could earn more money and they would have fewer servants.

I want to do something but what can I do?

People just shrug it off and think you’re a moron for speaking conspiracy theory.  I’m not a hatemonger and I’m not trying to push my politics on others.  Having a platform to speak from is a good place to start but how do you get anyone to wake up and help fix the problem?  Is there a problem?  Is it a conspiracy?  Is it just me?


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