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Updated on September 7, 2012

... and somehow, it is easy to choose.

Some of the headlines in the media this morning are, "Obama clears the hurdle" and "Obama presents himself as a 'Tested' leader, says 2008 'Hope' still alive" and "Obama says his plan 'Leads to a better place'"; however, Obama is always brilliant in making a case for himself, not only because he is an esoteric politician, but also a consummated lawyer.

One cannot say the same for his rival Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate in the 2012 presidential election against President Barack Obama; yet, there is another way to portray the two men.

Obama is pragmatic in presenting his vision, while Romney is rather secretive about his dream, and that shows in the two presentations, one to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL., and the other to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC., respectively.

The feelers that Mitt Romney is putting out there, as the candidate for the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential election, are not realistic, because they involve the notion that the voting public will believe that he is wealthy, and so he can make everybody else in the country rich. His "bait" of 4 million private sector jobs in his first term is a good example.

That ideology does not exist; it does not hold water by any means, or have a true meaning; but some people, and mainly the ones that are in his party will be tricked to take the "bait", and they are likely to vote for him and Paul Ryan, because of that ridiculous ideology.

His supporters have to know that his philosophy is not possible by just looking back into history. No government has the power to make the people rich; it is the people themselves, who use the opportunities that are, to a large extent, made available by the government, to become prosperous.

Politicians make promises in their campaigns for office, but not all of them are kept; and they do make them because the know that people have short memory and they tend to forget about everything until the following four years in another election cycle.

By then, circumstances are bound to change so much, and those promises have become old material and stale, and their appeal has dissipated. The media have dropped them from sight; as they usually do.

That brings to mind the presidential election on November 6th, 2012, not only because of its overflow of promises; but also the wealthy have Romney as their front man and they are literally using him to rip the little authority the people have left out of their hands; and that is the vote. "Only if we can have them vote for our man, everything else will be ours." they are murmuring to themselves.

The main grudge of the Republicans is that America cannot spend money that it does not have, that is why the country is in so much debt, $16 trillion dollars and still counting.

President Barack Obama and the Democrats maintain that, if all citizens will pay their fair share in taxes, there will be enough money left over to defray the National debt and reduce the deficit.

They are the two bones of contention between the two main political parties, with one side wanting the "free market" to operate without regulations, so that people can make as much money as they can, while the other side is saying that the rich have been the main beneficiaries of the free market system; and therefore, they will have to pay more taxes to support public policy and programs that provide services to all the people.

As it is, for example, the wealthy "pride" themselves of the military strength of the United States, but military spending becomes an anathema to them, because it (military spending) is derived from the taxes that they are so reluctant to contribute to.

People cannot just continue to make money, when problems in society are overlooked or neglected. There are a myriad of problems facing society that have to be dealt with by the elected body that is known as the U.S. Congress, and the government, headed by the president.

Members of society become the men and women in uniform, who lay down their lives, and leave their families behind to protect and defend the country for its people to live in freedom, and be able to indulge in the free market system. Without the people responsible for the nation's security, there will be no U.S.A.

The government of Barack Obama knows that the solution to the country's problems lies within the capability of its people, and the debt that is owed, the huge National debt, can be cleared up, if all citizens will pay their fair share in taxes.

Right now, it seems that the Republicans are insisting that making money is more important than citizens living in peace and harmony, and they are refusing to help the country by bringing in "deregulation" to counter the regulations that are put in place by the government to increase the revenues that will fund the needs of the people, and to build the infrastructure that they must have to live civilized lives.

Bridges and roads must be built and maintained, law enforcement is a necessity for society to function in a normal environment, hospitals and health care facilities will be required to take care of the people, schools, colleges and high learning institutions will be there to educate the young and future leaders, and programs of all kinds are also necessary for society to thrive and grow.

All that and more have to be funded and paid for through the revenues that are collected by taxation; however, some people will want to get rid of the IRS, and live in comfort without the responsibility of paying for anything that involves the general public.

They are living in society, but they have a different mindset, and they care more for themselves than they do for other members of the communities that form society. They believe in big banks, high profile companies and corporations dominating the economy; and they also have so much influence in the political system and that gives them power beyond proportion, enabling them to control other people's lives.

Now, whenever anybody that is not part of their group raises any objection of their attitude toward society, they accuse that person of starting a class warfare. They use names like "Socialist" and "Anarchist" to describe their fellow Americans.

So, these are the two views of the future Americans must choose from; one that is concerned with just making money and becoming wealthy billionaires and millionaires, and another that will want society to take care of itself by helping its members to have equal opportunity in building strong and vibrant communities and be conversant with society's upkeep.

One, a selfish entity; and the other, a community oriented group.

Now, the question is, which one will America choose? The answer lies in how the people will vote in the forthcoming presidential election; either for Obama and the Democrats or for Romney and the Republicans.

All Americans must decide on which "side of the aisle" or the section they will want to be part of.


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