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Updated on April 24, 2012

Not many people thought so.

Mrs. Ann Romney has told an impressive life story of herself, and she has wowed many people with what she has experienced as a wife to a famous businessman, and a mother, who cared for six sons in their family.

Her focus has been on stay-at-home-moms, whose work was never done; and in her case, she had had domestic help after the sixth child was born; and all that narrative had to do was with persuading women and the Republican Party base to support her husband's bid for the party's nomination.

Her husband, Mitt Romney, has been declared the presumptive candidate to win the nomination race and then would go on to challenge President Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States in November of 2012; she has the right to give him the kind of backing that any wife could give a husband under the circumstances.

Her participation on the campaign trail was hard work for anybody, and it was in addition to the home chores that she had mentioned in her speeches alongside her husband; and that alone made her to stand out as a real person, who has the well being of America at heart, considering the position her husband was aspiring for.

The controversy of working women and stay at home moms would not have been part of the 2012 political campaign, but she and Hilary Rosen together have brought it out for people to know how important women were in American society.

In fact, without women, and as mothers and wives, nothing could have happened in the way of living for anyone; thus giving birth, feeding the family, shopping for food, getting the children ready for school, and the many countless things mothers and wives did for the family as a whole, were in themselves great accomplishments.

It was sheer misunderstanding that brought the argument about, as Ms. Rosen never said that Mrs. Romney did nothing in her home as a mother. Of course, she did a whole lot, as it took so much to take care of a busy husband and six sons.

The tug of war started, when she said that "Ann Romney has not worked a day in her life." meaning realistically that she has never stepped out of her house to work as some women did. However, there were those women, who would double up by taking care of the house and going out to work as well.

Yet, as Ann Romney has always said, women had choices; as they could choose to stay at home and at the same time would do a full-time work. (pardon the pun). Those that went out to work as well just continued from home with the same amount of energy to comply with what they did outside the house.

There were differences in what they did, but their hours were the same, as one could not be in two places at once. The differences were what Rosen was referring to; and Ann Romney misconstrued that as an insult to mothers and wives, who chose to stay at home.

However, something, which started out as a diabolical fracas between two women, has shown the spotlight on them (women) for a change. For society would never take stay at home moms for granted again, just as it (society) would never under rate the women, who combined working at home with an outside job. Both deserved society's appreciation.

As for the women's vote, it should be a premium prize for any candidate running for the highest office in the land to have a majority of it, as no one person or candidate could have it all. It (vote) was worth its weight in gold, and so, it was worth fighting for by both Obama, who has already clinched the Democratic Party nomination, and Romney, if he should be the Republican Party nominee.

Come to think of it, there were not two different women that Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen were talking about. The two were only sharing their thoughts, which was the best thing to happen to the country, amid the political bedlam that the 2012 presidential election has brought it (country) into.

There still are no two different women in America, for they are one and the same.

Well done, Ann Romney. Well done, Hilary Rosen.


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    • darknezz111 profile image

      Daniel Durand 5 years ago from Southern Idaho

      It's all a political charade. President's wives (and the wives of candidates) have been a figure used to gain support from sectors of the public since the beginning, and the First Lady has had a media role since Eleanor Roosevelt. It's an appeal to gender.

      Think about it- Joe Schmoe like Candidate A because he's got the chops to run this country, by God. Jane Schmoe doesn't understand politics, but likes Candidate A because his wife is a strong female lead- be it mother and housewife or progressive businesswoman.

      If you're a woman in politics, you play either the "I'm a mom" card, or the "I am woman, hear me roar" card. Actual issues are always on the back burner, because like it or not, the PC media will always see a "Woman candidate" instead of just a candidate.