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Updated on May 28, 2012

Which of them will be the country's choice?

Mitt Romney is in a tight corner with his own party, the Republican Party, because he is not able to make up his mind about whom to choose to run on the party's ticket in the 2012 presidential election.

He wants to win pretty badly, but using only his credentials as a businessman will not bring that about, as there are so many negative stories about how he conducted himself in the acquisition of his wealth.

Bain Capital is not actually for creating jobs, as he has been claiming all along that he has the expertise in job creation. It is a venture (and some people call it "vulture" company) enterprise for making profit by looking for companies that are not doing well and offering advise.

However, that advise can go either way, whether to pull the company out of financial distress and to make profit for its shareholders or to "bust" it and sell the assets of the company, of which Bain Capital collected huge fees for its part in the process.

In fact, he can only boast of just a few companies that he has helped to survive; and comparing that to those (companies) that have failed through the process and needed to be dismantled, the larger portion suffered annihilation.

Factories and offices are closed, layoffs occurred, unemployment tend to become common place and families are forced to disperse from dying neighborhoods to where they can find work.

That can cause so much inconvenience to sometimes thousands of people, and thus for them to curse capitalism, which venture companies are an essential or a big part of. Ordinary workers will suffer, while boardrooms on Wall Street enjoy a wind fall of profits through capital gains.

Now the master of company busters is running for the highest office in the land, and he will do whatever it takes to be the Republican Party candidate and to win the presidential election.

Yet, the main thing left is a running mate; and there are scores of them to choose from; but to him the person that has all the qualifications and the right education is not what he is interested in.

All he wants are the votes, particularly in swing states, for him to become president. As at present, he is not wooing a person likely to bring in the white collar vote, because he thinks that he already has the corner on the market with that sector of the population.

Independent voters are scattered between the two main parties, Democratic and Republican, and so his chances there can be 50/50, therefore he is allowing the chips to fall where they may; so to speak. He also knows where special interest factions are headed, as the super PACs are sure indications.

What is left are ethnic groups, sometimes that will vote "wholesale" for a candidate, because a member of an ethnicity is on the same ticket.

This is the point at which Romney is; but the Republican Party establishment and hierarchy are prodding him here and there, to choose this or to settle for that; and so he finds himself in an enormous quandary; and because of that, to select a running mate will be extremely hard.

Not everybody supports President Barack Obama, who is the unopposed Democratic Party candidate, because of his recent opinion on the issue of the definition of marriage.

He is lucky that his birther question is not a problem, because researchers of all sorts have reached the consensus that he is a native born American, and so his opponents will be wasting their time to revive that story.

So, there is a striking balance between the two candidates; as one campaign will go without the backing of those with cultural and religious beliefs, which is Obama; and one who needs a running mate to get him the electoral votes to be president of the United States, which is Mitt Romney.

For that, political pundits are only saying that the election will be "close"; but what that means is their own business.

As on the whole, the country is poised for a person, who will rejuvenate the economy and be able to put millions of Americans back to work.

On this Memorial Day, all Americans must render a great deal of thanks to the men and women in uniform for their sacrifice to the nation. They and their families are owed so much for the freedom that they are laying their lives on the line to protect. America says "THANK YOU" to all veterans; those living and those, who have passed away.


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