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Updated on October 27, 2012

The advisable thing to do is to choose the right one.

The economy is steady, and there is a recovery going on, as the recession has been over, and it (economy) is not in a free fall again, as it remains in visible strength to grow.

Analysts, economic and financial, agree that he GDP is at its modest growth of 2% in the third quarter of the year; unemployment is at its lowest, since the end of 2009, and presently being at 7.8%.

Gas prices are freezing around the country below $3.55 a gallon on average; and consumer confidence, plus business confidence are on the rise; and as such, more people are looking forward to a better future.

All are salient points that can influence the vote in the coming 2012 presidential election on November 6th.

President Barack Obama has a slight edge in almost all the battleground states over his opponent, former Gov. Mitt Romney, and he has laid out an elaborate agenda that is more convincing.

Convincing, because the stonewalling of Congressional Republicans will abate somehow, as it will not repeat its reactionary attitude that has dubbed it "the do nothing Congress"; and that job creation is the common theme for both parties, Democratic and Republican.

Therefore, his job proposals for rebuilding the infrastructure, putting more police out on American streets, the most progressive education plan and the best teachers in classrooms all across the country, will hopefully see the light of day.

The versatile training of a workforce to meet future technological developments, and to make the United States economy number one again in the world, with its exports rising exponentially, as manufacturing industries will be brought back to resist the outsourcing of good jobs overseas.

Trade Unions are ready to settle their differences with the government; and businesses, big and small, are willing to make conditions in the workplace congenial for their workers.

Obama has insisted that he will take a stand for the middle class to make it stronger, so that prosperity will begin from the middle of society and going up from the bottom, with opportunities open to all citizens, despite their different backgrounds; and that the trickle down theory economy will become a thing of the past.

His challenger to the presidency, Mitt Romney, is proposing that tax cuts for the wealthy will solve the country's financial woes, as the economy will only grow through their investment efforts. Just as their portfolios see increases, so will the economic health of the country advance in a proactive way. (Is that so?).

As job creators, they the wealthy deserve better, and therefore the many government trade and business regulations must be removed for the free market to be as its name implies, "free market".

So, the scenario is, that the hard work is being done from the time when unemployment keeps rising, and the economy in a ramshackle state, to where things are looking up for many people than ever before; and then comes in a millionaire businessman, saying that he possesses a panacea that will cure all ills, politically, economic and socially, for the U.S.

However, look; his only qualification is his wherewithal, and a few years as governor of the New England state of Massachusetts (which, by the way, is a great state in spite of everything) and nothing else.

He has no foreign policy experience of any kind, and he promises to make America strong militarily, to be able to defend itself and it friends and allies from their enemies; but he has never had any relationship with the U.S. military, in the way of contributing to it in several wars that it (military) has been engaged in over the years; such as the Korean, the Vietnam, the Gulf, and even the most recent, the Libyan, wars.

He has been alive through them all, but he cannot be found in any of them; and then, all of a sudden, he is being presented by the Republican Party as the "super-candidate" of all time to the American people.

American voters know all that is at stake; and also more about the life of Mitt Romney; as a clever as a fox entrepreneur, who stashes money in foreign and off-shore banks, and pays less federal tax, by using the loopholes in the nation's tax code. (... and, please, that is public information).

Well, to cut a long story short; will such a person be the leader for the most advanced country in the world's history?

(The writer will leave the answer to that question open, so that the editorial board will not come down on him like a ton of bricks).


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