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Ta-ta Trident

Updated on July 1, 2011

Faslane Nuclear Base

 A blight on the Scottish landscape.
A blight on the Scottish landscape.

Faslane Farewell

As the gathering approaches I've found myself wondering why more people choose to ignore the danger of nuclear weaponry; I can understand why so few are opposed to nuclear energy - probably because we're all so reliant on what it provides, which also means it's harder to glean folks away from it. On top of the 'need' us folk have on electricity, there's also very little to replace it with, although there are plenty of people working with technology to deliver the answers. Empowered individuals on a world-wide scale are doing their utmost to provide us with alternatives; many more could and would shift position if governments gave their full support...

Which brings me back to the situation we find ourselves in regarding nukes; the mother of all deadly weapons with the capability of wiping out mankind, under the guise of being a deterrent. That's the common belief, yet, is it true? Could the case for it have been built up to fit that ideology whilst providing jobs in the nuclear industry and the war machine? Is it just another way to boost those participating countries' economy whilst maintaining a bully status against those who are not deemed 'safe' to hold any kind of nuclear capability? This appears to me to be closer to the truth. Many choose not to see this while they hold onto a skew-wiff patriotic view that we've already 'saved' countless lives because we, the in UK, have a huge arsenal of devastating equipment which deters others from attacking us. This lie is based in fear; since the Cold War stories and the 'Commies are coming' attitude, we've been fed a diet of danger, scare-mongering and terror; thus allowing people to have a false sense of security, feeling 'safe' in the hands of their governments, believing that somehow 'they know best'.

When we look at the extremely high cancer rates in areas where nuclear energy plants are sited or where weapons are built or housed, wouldn't you expect your politicians to protect you? We now see some of the scale of damage from Fukushima, but the legacy the meltdowns leave is out of anyone's ability to conceive at the moment. We have no idea of the long-term damage this has or will cause. Media headlines yesterday and today are full of the British government's play-down 'cover-up' story.

Re-thinking our energy needs and preparing for that is a major task, but not impossible.

Oh, the times they are a-changin'

For what seems like forever, there have been those who oppose the train of thought that nuclear protects but until now it appeared that there weren't enough to reach critical mass - not nearly enough to provide the gateway for real change to occur. Now in 2011 we've had a surge towards revolution on a worldwide scale - from Tahrir Square to Wisconsin's sit in, from London to Barcelona where people gather to denounce austerity cuts due to a global banking collapse - each and every person involved fully recognising the need for regime and current thinking changes. People all around us are joining up the dots and beginning to see through the 'rules for some', whilst governments protect each societies' elites.

For too long people have been held in check; frightened, even terrorised and ultimately dis-empowered into submission by those who govern their states. Most if not all, don't realise they are in control of their own state; their state of mind, that is! Once you recognise your ability to rise above the fear-mongering you can choose how to respond, instead of automatically recoiling and behaving from a fearful place. These people learn to self-empower, not relying on others to tell them what to do. So for too long, disempowered people have relied upon those in government to make the changes which affect the largest part of the population; some realising they'd handed their personal power over to them on a plate, absolving themselves of personal responsibility in the process. Those same people have expected solutions to internal and external issues from people, whose sole intent is to make more money, not resolve the country's poverty problems. Economics has a completely different focus - it has very little to do with people; its concern is profit, another agenda entirely.

Without going off on a tangent, just think for a moment who has more Rights - a person or a corporation?

Some might say I'm just an old cynic but I've been around long enough to know that when I smell crap (shit or shite in Scotland) there usually is some! No longer is there an excuse to stay in the dark; we all need to raise our heads from the sand to take responsibility for creating a future that's as safe as we can make it, for future generations. This may also mean raising our game and perhaps putting our heads above the parapet - only this time we won't be standing alone. Empowered people all over the world are confidently standing up and standing 'with' other groups who share similar ethics and envisage the same outcome; solving problems and attempting to make life safer and better for us all.

So the event at Faslane's nuclear base in Argyll, Scotland is a call-out to all who value their family's lives to show their discontent with the poor management of Scotland for many, many years. Mr Salmond has oft complained of having only a small allowance of power as he was in the minority in government. He no longer has that excuse and we (all 500) who've put our names to the event, want him to be the leader he says he is and show the rest of the world the way forward. We need more empowered people - but only those who have worked through their 'stuff' and have come to a place of balance; otherwise we're back to square one.

So Alex, the future of Scotland depends on you. What will your response be tomorrow? Will you stand up for what's right for the people of Scotland, or will you play another card to detract from the real issues, like most politicians do? Be assured that Scotland's people would love to trust a person who places themselves in a position of power but our experiences tell us that so far, no-one has done the job properly. You and each one of us have the ability to change the face of our country and to lead the rest of the world in abolishing the threat that nuclear weapons pose to us all.

Remember readers, knowledge IS power; to empower yourself, deal with your past, take stock of your present and make changes for your future... or, quite simply, our grand-kids won't have one.

I've written more about understanding empowerment and balance here.



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    • Lesley Rodgers profile image

      Lesley Rodgers 6 years ago from Glasgow, Uk

      Thanks for your contributions so far... I'm with 'veteran campaigner' on this all the way, but I'm sure you got that :)

      I'm not a quitter and those old attitudes are what keep the Capitalist wheels turning - and the slavery that works the system.

    • profile image

      veteran campaigner 6 years ago


      It is really interesting to see you still believe in the propaganda of the Russian threat. Have you read 1984?

      There really is no need to have nuclear weapons to protect our freedom. Nuclear weapons take our freedom away. And if you ask me, if we would ever need them to protect us against other nations, it would be against the only country that ever has used them in anger: the USA. And unfortunately Trident can not be used without their consent and or cooperation.

      If it protects our freedom and prevents war, why then isn't Iran not allowed to have them? Do you really think they would be so stupid to nuke Israel who has enough nukes to completely obliterate Iran?

      And Merlin and Onusonus, isn't it clear that the most warlike nations on the planet are the UK and the US? We are waging active war on 3 places across the globe in one go and a hidden war on many other places. Isn't it clear that if we would stop these wars we would be much safer?

      And we would not need mutual assured annihilation if we were friends with other nations and shared what we had for a better future?

    • Merlin Fraser profile image

      Merlin Fraser 6 years ago from Cotswold Hills

      Neither do I I'm afraid, whatever your political persuasion and your personal feelings about nuclear weapons they exist ! With the best will in the world they cannot be dis-invented no matter how we may wish it so.

      The truth of the matter is that as long as they exist in the hands of other powers then we too must be capable in their eyes of striking back just as hard.

      In the playground as long as the school bully held up a big stick were you dumb enough to be the first to put yours down ?

      The bitter irony of all is that nuclear weapons will continue to exist until man can dream up a more effective weapon to replace it thus assuring our MAD existence!

      The scariest part of all is that here in Bitain with the continued shrinking of our conventional defence forces and weapons the clear message it sends is that the Government would be forced to consider a first strike with nuclear weapons because it may be all they will have left.

    • Onusonus profile image

      Onusonus 6 years ago from washington

      Interesting hub. I myself work on trident subs and am always amazed at the lengths protesters go to to get their point across. The big cliche is of course that it is a deterrent.

      I would think that the people of the world would enjoy their freedom which is maintained by those weapons without which we would have long ago been forced into the despair of communist oppression by our enemies in Russia.

      It would be nice to think that we could just get rid of them, but realistically I don't for-see this happening.