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Tobacco Taxes Burn Me Up

Updated on July 6, 2009

Another blow to us evil smokers

These new tobacco taxes are really burning me up. I know there are those of you that engage in fist pumps and victory dances every time a new tax is slapped on us evil smokers, but enough-is-enough. I wonder if you would feel the same way if taxes, comparable to those levied on smokers, were tacked onto red meat (high in cholesterol), chocolate (diabetes and obesity) and any car that does better than 35 mph (you could always take the bus); all in the name of a national health initiative.

My Perspective

Let me put this in (my) perspective. I have worked, and paid my way in society since the age of 16; about 30 years. I have contributed my share to healthcare, Social Security, and taxes in general. I am not a criminal. I don’t do drugs, abuse children or drive drunk. I have been a teacher most of my career, and I give back to society by sharing my knowledge with those that choose to listen. I try to be the best friend I can, to help those I can, and to be as understanding as I can. I have never (knock-on-wood) broken a bone, had a major surgery, or even spent a night in the hospital. As I see it, I have caused noone’s healthcare to increase. As a matter of fact, I have probably spent more on health insurance than I have recieved in benefits. I am also a smoker. I have chosen to smoke for 25 years on-and-off. So why should I be punished with exhorbitant taxes? Is it because smoking is a choice?

The Cost of Smoking?

Here’s a news flash. Smokers are not the only people that choose to drive up the cost of healthcare. We all pay higher healthcare costs for those people that contract AIDS due to promiscuous behavior. Isn’t unprotected promiscuity a choice? They willingly participate in activities that could result in contracting a fatal disease. They are not victims (except in rare instances). So why aren’t promiscuous people forced to pay higher taxes to continue their behavior? I’ll wager I become very unpopluar by making that statement. I’ll be accused of bigotry and homophobia well before someone will come up with a legitimate argument as to why that isn’t a valid comparison.

I am not about to engage in the statistics surrounding the amount of money it costs to keep someone on an iron lung because they chose to smoke all their life. I am not completely unsympathetic to the idea that taxpayers, in some cases, get stuck with the bill for keeping someone alive with an illness linked to tobacco usage. I would be intelectually dishonest to think otherwise. But why are smokers the only group of consumers that are repeatedly targeted with the chore of lowering healthcare costs for everyone else?

Personal Responsibility

If you ask me, we all need to be responsible for our behavior. That means both sides of an action; forethought and aftermath. If everyone would just take care of their own business, Uncle Sam wouldn’t have to make it his.


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    • mod2vint profile image

      mod2vint 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      look out they are trying to add more tax check it out

      bill s.1403

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 8 years ago

      Not a compelling argument for smokers

    • profile image

      SYOcrackerjack 8 years ago

      Nice one.

    • puppascott profile image

      puppascott 8 years ago from Michigan (As far as you know...)

      Seems to me that those who gripe the most about smokers blow more smoke than we do.

    • Lady Rogue profile image

      Lady Rogue 8 years ago from Cleveland Heights, Ohio

      Here, Here! Although I am attempting to quit, I agree that we smokers have long been treated as criminals and unfairly taxed! I remember when my county (Cuyahoga, Ohio) passed the first "Sin Tax" to pay for the building of Jacobs Field. I was o.k. with that because, hey, we "sinners" are a reliable source of revenue. But then, I took my mom to our first baseball game and we had to watch it on t.v. from some porch! MY SMOKING PAID FOR THE DAMN PLACE AND I CAN'T SMOKE IN IT? At least a NICE porch? If they want to outlaw smoking, stop raising the taxes! It is too unfair!