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Tainted Outcast. Why are white women with mulatto children considered damaged goods by white men?

Updated on June 25, 2010

Unfit for a relationship with a white man.

"A little bit of leaven, leaveneth the whole lump." The evil of racism like leaven pollutes many areas of American society in subtle but very caustic ways. Quite often those who are victimized by these evils suffer in silence; day to day bearing an invisible cross if you will and the unseen internal scars of rejection by the men who at one time considered her "one of their own." I am speaking of course of white women who have birthed black children only to find that when their relationship didn't work out with the black father; her own white race and its men would have nothing to do with her and her mulatto children. White men have labeled her an instant pariah and are unrelenting in their snubbing of any white woman who would dare allow a black man to penetrate her much less bear his children. Her would be white sisters whisper behind her back; amongst themselves they ask questions like "what was she thinking, didn't she know that no self respecting white man would ever want her again?" Her would be white sisters pity her the way one pities a mangy dog who has been kicked one too many times and told to "git!" They greet her with a facade of coyness intended to make her feel as though she's accepted by them but not really. They even make civil comments about the beauty of her "mocha babies." Unaware or not caring that their mock comments add more injury to the plight she has found herself in. The white woman with black children is but one of the many collateral damages of the "great white racist elephant" that is often seen but seldom heard.

As a young black man I dated women from other races and I remember clearly a young white woman who I was dating; I remember her relating the story to me of how no white man would give her the time of day because she had birthed black children. She was not a woman who was not attracted to white men. As she told me she just so happened to have fallen in love with a black man and they wanted to have children. When their relationship didn't work out she found that white men were pretty quick to run away from her when they found out she had biracial children from a black man. She would go on to say that she had been really naïve when she considered dating again after her failed relationship; she said she never knew how intensely racist the society she lived in was. She said she had a new found appreciation for blacks who had been suffering from it all along. As I considered what she was telling me a single thought or I should say half thought went through my mind; a cliché..."a mile in another mans shoes..."

I've often wondered to myself why more white women with black children don't voice the prejudice that is leveled against them by white men? 


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    • profile image

      Vectoru Rowel 4 months ago

      Mudsharks get what they deserve. No white man wants to walk down the street holding your biracial kids hands. If he can't even make a pretense that they are his kids, he will move on to a more self respecting white woman.

    • profile image

      Taylor 2 years ago

      I think white women who date,sleep and breed with negros are usually mentally ill. Are you really surprised the buck doesn't want to be there for your kids when they do the same to their women. After the Mandingo fantasy, when reality sets in that's when they realize their mistakes. Even if they get white men it's usually some loser they didn't want to settle with. I am a white woman and I feel disgusted by this type of women

    • profile image

      vusumuzi githendu 2 years ago

      these comments are interesting

    • profile image

      Michael Xavier 2 years ago

      Finding out a white woman your dating has been with a black is like going to a restaurant and ordering a favorite prepared prime rib and then being told by the waiter that they made a mistake and the piece of meat had been sitting in a urinal for 8 hours, but they did their best to clean it off.

    • profile image

      Highnew3251 2 years ago

      Interracial relationships break up at a much higher rate than others. A white woman who has biracial children soon finds that the black father can't support them. The woman is not outcasted by the white men nor is she thought of as damaged goods. It certainly not racism either. It's a matter of economics and finances. A single man who meets a white woman with let's say three or four biracial children is not prepared to take on the expense of immediately having four children. He thus declines to have a relationship with the woman. It would be different if the white woman didn't have any children. In many cases the woman finds herself on public assistance to provide for the children. Many of these public assistance agencies also have programs to make the black father provide support for his children. Usually a black father will be in arrears to the tune of thousands of dollars. Making a black father pay for using the white woman makes sense. In many cases the father has been arrested for a criminal act and is in prison. Saying that a woman with biracial children is considered damaged goods by white men is utterly ridiculous.

    • profile image

      Genghis khan 3 years ago

      It sounds like the white woman wants to have her fun with the black man but reality sets in when they find out many black men can't support a family. The white women runs to the white man in hopes of sticking him with the bill. No thanks!

    • profile image

      jo 3 years ago

      Same reason why a Black woman having a white mans baby is an outcast... racism on both sides

    • profile image

      Jaysun423 3 years ago

      Ryan I agree. But with black men not making a difference. My beef is they got to live of the fruits of my labor where she wouldn't have given me the time of day. Then all of a sudden she wants to settle down with me the responsible man after I worked my whole life. You think I'm going to accept that? It's not a racist thing. It's a why should I have to sacrifice everything I worked for to be with her disappointing ass.

    • profile image

      Ryan 3 years ago

      Why is it the white guys responsibility to raise the black man's child? Could it be that we are more stable, have better jobs, make better father's...all the things that you knew before entering into a relationship with the black man. You made your decision, now you have to live with the consequences.

    • profile image

      truther 3 years ago

      interracial dating and especially having another races child is disgusting. black men need to raise their children and not just play the field and let the mom look after them. i know it happens in all races but is most prevalent of black men to do so.

      why should a white woman have a black child?

      why would anyone want an adulterated woman?

      its more often that white women will have ir children than white

      also it depends on family as most family members would say "what you doing with a whore like that?"

      the whole why wont she date me is bollocks as i find most women do it for coolness factor, sexual thrill of being with black guy. ever increasingly more common with the anti white programmes adverts and etc on tv

    • profile image

      ana 3 years ago

      Am a black girl and to be honest many of the white guys I know would not even want to date a white girl that's been with a black guy let alone have a child with one. That's why some white girls try to hide the fact that they have been with black guys.

    • profile image

      Bill 3 years ago

      Not interested being in a relationship with these women than can go be lonely

    • profile image

      Jeff 3 years ago

      Soren is right I've seen it myself

    • profile image

      soren 3 years ago

      Raising someone else's child is a big enough responsibility already, but a mixed race child raises that substantially. (mixed-race is this comment means half black, it's not quite as big an issue if the child mixed with a non-black ethnicity)

      1. A mixed race child is much less likely to have a father paying good child support.

      2. Out in public there is no pretending that you are the biological father, so that invites stares.

      3. There is likely to be emotional distance between the surrogate father and adopted son. There is the issue of being a masculine role model. (I don't think this is as much an issue with girl children)

      4. You may have to interact with the biological father, so that is an awkward situation that heightened by the racial angle.

      5. It's not PC to say this, but the STD rates among non-Asian minorities is much higher than whites.

      etc, etc, etc there's more that could be said but this is good enough

      I personally would be more open to dating a woman with a mixed race child if she is noticeably articulate, was actually married and divorced or widowed, and if the child is a girl that looks like will be attractive when she's older(i.e., have fewer racial hangups herself)

      White guys with any sort of a job and take care of their bodies have an extreme amount of dating options. There have been multiple online dating surveys that show that white guys have it easier than any other ethnic group. Even a guy that prefers white girls is unlikely to bother choosing a white girl with a mixed child over a latina or asian girl.

      From what I've seen(from a far distance), most white guys who give white girls with mixed children any attention are those looking for an easy lay or are sentimental sops who aren't all that great with girls(and the girls know it).

    • profile image

      fuckyourbitching 3 years ago

      Nother guyAll i hear i$ whining out of the OP. Few men of.all hues and races possess the true nobility of caring for another guys kids, let alone kids that look nothing like him. Its a natural survival instinct so I see through your soft whining. Take careof your own kids so you dont have to cry when successful white men dont want to.

    • profile image

      realityisquiteharsh 3 years ago

      If she is stupid enough to date a pavement ape, no white men with an ounce of self respect would have anything to do with her. Enjoy being beaten to a pulp you coal burning whores. You are 15 times more likely with a black men.

    • profile image

      Kenneth 3 years ago

      White women who are brainwash by the serpent jewish media that's it cool and trendy to be interacial sellouts need no mercy for their retarted mistakes.They have mixed race babies who will grow up to be more of a burden to the pure white race. Whites knew that intergration was not invented to give black people freedom ,But to take away whites their freedom. Whites knew that some black males wanted intergration to get next to the white women. Black on white rape statitics prove it and The Most High God Jesus Christ Knows it. /Blackonwhite

    • profile image

      Sarah 4 years ago

      Am white and not attracted to black men. Trust me society is not progressive as you think. People still give side eyes to white women with half breed kids, they think she must be a whore , low class etc I am loyal to the white race because I know we are superior race.

    • profile image

      Sarah 4 years ago

      Very few indeed but of course there some men that are very desperate to find love that usually accept these kind of women, like what the half breed was saying about her n##r loving mother had no problem getting white men.

    • profile image

      Jimiko 4 years ago

      No wonder white men are going to Asian women

    • profile image

      Emily 4 years ago

      Blacks are so ugly and trashy women that breed with them are nasty......

    • profile image

      Brian 4 years ago

      This answer simple. Since white women have no racial loyalty to their own people and did not have children with white men. Why would white men waste their time when the women have demonstrated their loyalty is not to them?

    • profile image

      Jacob 4 years ago

      The arrogance of these black males are annoying I would never be with a white woman knowing she went that way go take care of your kid yourself

    • profile image

      so grossss 4 years ago

      I would date a white woman who slept with a dog before I sleep with a white woman who had sex with a pavement ape. Disgusting.

    • profile image

      Redhawk 4 years ago

      Because she was so "open minded that her brains fell out. Black men in general do not have a track record pf beong fathers who stay with a woman and the children. Its not racism, its seeing the reality in the world and realizing she is a fool(from statistics).

    • profile image

      Emma 4 years ago

      Can we all stop throwing the accusations around, please?! Yes, there are white people who are racist. But not all white people are this way. Yes, there are black people who are racist. But not all black people are this way. Yes, slavery was horrible! Apartheid was horrible! Segregation was horrible! Yes, those atrocities were committed by white racists! And they sucked! Nobody's denying that they sucked, alright? But if everyone keeps hating each other and spewing violence and ugliness and anger at each other over something as basic as the color of someone's skin or their sexual orientation or their religion, the hate will only be perpetrated.

      I refuse to identify with any race or sexual preference or any other label because I believe that I, like anyone else, am a child of God. I am, like anyone else, broken and flawed and hurt. I am, like anyone else, part of the greater unity that is Creation and nothing needs to define me if I don't want it to. If I am a white woman and I fall in love with a black man and have a child by him, and then later am drawn romantically to a white man but he condemns me because of my beautiful biracial child, then I would pity him for his prejudice and pity any person unfortunate enough to become involved with him because they don't realize how damaged he is inside. If I am a white person who does not get along well with someone of another race, it's because I don't like who they are as a person, not because of their skin color. If I am a member of one race and am friends with someone of another race, I am not being racist or betraying my own race. I'm friends with them because they're a good person and I admire their character.

      Why do people insist on hating each other? We are all just that: PEOPlE. We are flawed, we are crying, we are in pain. But we are also beautiful, kind, and the creatures that Jesus loves so much that He was willing to die in order to save. We are people. And you know what? No matter what we look like, that is something absolutely fantastic to be.

    • profile image

      Jake 4 years ago

      The author is an idiot. Unfortunately, she's probably another white female who's been brainwashed by the incessant liberal media propaganda pushing white females with blacks. It's still a mystery how that can happen even with the brainwashing - how can they be attracted to black guys who are the garbage of society. They have low IQs, bad manners, dress like clowns, are in many cases stunningly ugly, have prison records, use drugs, can't speak an English sentence, and use naïve women and then dump them on the welfare system. You're damn right no white man is going to hook up with these foolish women who have permanently ruined their lives.

    • profile image

      Setekh 4 years ago

      Please don't try to paint these tainted white women as victims. No one forced them to jump into bed with black men. They did it out of their own lust and ignorance and hence they need to pay the price, sleep in the bed they made and stew in their own juice.

      When will people realize that if interracial relationships cease to happen, there will be no more racism. Racism exists because white men are protective of their own women and not attracted to the women of other races. Thus, if non-white men stop going after white women, racism will disappear.

    • profile image

      son of the south 4 years ago

      you know when you cross that line what your in for and justly so

    • profile image

      realist 4 years ago

      I saw a lot of white responses - and many envision a negative stereotype of a black man who is irresponsible for impregnating a white woman and abandoning her. But many white men did the same thing in the Vietnam War. It wasn't uncommon for white soldiers to have sex with Vietnamese women. A huge white Amerasian population was left behind after the Fall of Saigon. The Amerasian children dealt with racism from both Vietnamese and their American fathers who abandoned them.

      As for the social stigma of white women dating black men and having mixed children, the resentment is clearly strong. But that raises another question - are the same white posters aware that RIGHT NOW they may have a white female relative or neighbor in college dating black men to the point of possibly getting pregnant. If that were to happen, and if often does, would they just seriously disown the female relative? I work out at the gym in a college town and see white women with black men almost daily. In the Deep South there are many liberal Protestant white women who date minorities despite the fact that they are descended from white Confederates and have segregationist grandparents from the 1960s.

      To be real, there still are racist white women - just on subtle levels. They date only white men. Catholic white women tend to be racist but on subtle levels. In the 90s I was at an undergraduate Catholic college with many racist white women. They remind me of that movie "The Craft" with the racist character "Laura." If the racist white men want to raise and preserve racist white women, then an expensive private Catholic parochial school with mostly white students in the suburbs may be the answer - lol. But even there some young whites will not be racist.

      As for me, I am Native American. Most modern Native Americans are part white. For us, it's the other way around. The intermarriage with whites has led to the decline of Native American culture. Heather Locklear is a common example of a white woman with Native American ancestry. So are Johnny Depp, Burt Reynolds, Megan Fox, and Vanessa Hudgens. The Native American ancestry is fading away in the midst of intermarriage with whites which is extremely frequent. I have a blonde white girlfriend in the Deep South. The Confederates intermarried with Creeks and Choctaws for hundreds of years.

    • profile image

      Jacob 4 years ago

      Why is it that these mud sharks always try to get back with white men when their interracial relationship fails and complain when the man doesn't want them, as far as I'm concerned go for another black guy because alot of white men don't want you and and your mix children.

    • Darkproxy profile image

      Darkproxy 4 years ago from Ohio

      Well I am not white so that's just a bad ad homien on your part. I said

      "women how have been abused have baggage" I never once said black men beat women. In fact more black women beat black men if you look at the statistics. Now if you are a step dad to a biracial child that is going to be difficult or baggage mostly because you have to deal with the emasculating position of step father, and having to protect a biracial child from others that's too much me and I advise men and women to really think hard before they have kid of any race.

    • profile image

      Robert359 4 years ago

      Why is it that SOME of you white men that comment on here say that we black men will beat the white woman? You act and sound like in the history of male/female relationships a white man never hit a woman, period. Though you are a moron and an idiot m quite sure you don't believe that, yet that is how it seem. Contrary to your superior thinking white men beat white women, black men beat black women. Men beat women. But that is due to character flaws and have nothing to do with skin color. So stop saying that, "oh if you go with a black man he is going to beat you and then you come running back to the white man with your "spawn" and think we will take you back." Stop it please it just show how the suppose superior man is not so superior after all. You way of thinking is flawed and flawed thinking indicate an inferior mentality and not a superior one. When will people like you BLAH learn that there is good and bad in all races. You know in the annuals of time I am quite sure that there are black men that have taken care of a WHITE child because a WHITE man was acting like a little boy instead of a man and did not do his responsibility. From the time my kids were from the womb til the time they were grown and on their own I took care of them because I didn't like the idea of not doing for my kids what my hard working father did for us, my siblings and I. And contrary to some of your warp thinking I had 9 siblings and we all had the same mother and father. Poor twisted warp sense of reasoning white SUPERIOR man. And do some of you evil men call an innocent child a spawn instead of a child. Since you seem to speak for GOD what do you think He thinks of them? Better yet, what do you think HE thinks of you. Hatred is a negative emotion and anything negative is INFERIOR not SUPERIOR. So since you hate these white women that choose to go to black men for whatever reason, what make you think you are better. You are not.

    • Darkproxy profile image

      Darkproxy 4 years ago from Ohio

      women with kids have to much baggage if she had kids with a man who is abusive then its even more baggage. She has biracial kids then that's even more baggage because well being a step father then just gets even harder.

    • profile image

      Blah 4 years ago

      Has anyone not quite got this yet? No one wants to pick up the slack for your failed culture. If some dumb woman wants to carry your spawn, and is then shocked because you beat her and left her, why am I responsible for being her white knight and saving her dumb ass?

      The problem here is a black culture which devalues women, marriage, and families, and a popular culture which makes stupid white women think black men are of any value when compared to men of any other race.

      So black men, step it up and be decent, or stop breeding. Slap a rubber on it.

    • profile image

      Jacob 4 years ago

      Absolutely not I'd be ashamed to be seen with them in public , white women or she i say mud sharks disgust me so much anyway.

    • profile image

      mike pennington 4 years ago

      In my life I have only known of one white man that married a white women with a black baby. He was proud of the kid and went to all of the boys sports events. That's one. All of the other white men that have dated white women and found out that she had a black baby never came back. Try going to sales conference with all of your competition with a black child and your white wife. Not much of a man if you have to have a black do your bedroom work.

    • profile image

      Checkout 4 years ago

      You are traitors to your kind. By breeding with other races you show your disdain and hatred for us who would have worshipped you.

    • profile image

      Checkout 4 years ago

      You are traitors to your kind. By breeding with other races you show your disdain and hatred for us who would have worshipped you.

    • Darkproxy profile image

      Darkproxy 4 years ago from Ohio

      If a woman has kids period she is damaged goods. Its baby daddy drama no man in his right mind would run the risk of dealing with another man's kids. You as a man can't discipline a stepchild or else society and the man will hammer you down as abusive.

    • profile image

      John Smith 4 years ago

      I won't give a woman the time of day simply because she has been married and produced offpspring and the marriage didn't work. If she has made a mistake in choosing her husband, she will more than likey repeat the same mistake, and I will not be that mistake.

    • profile image

      xvcvv 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Avi Marranazo 4 years ago

      "Racism" is a verbal bludgeon used exclusively against White people for the expressed purpose of breaking us of the natural preference all peoples have for their own kind.

    • profile image

      Hammy 4 years ago

      Nowhere does the Bible say racism is a sin.

    • profile image

      James 4 years ago

      Why should we want to raise some dumb whores kid? Why should I want to waste time dating someone who has no sense of loyalty to her people? No sense of herself or her heritage? Believe it or not, not all White People have lost a sense of themselves. Despising such a foolish and disgusting woman is normal. What is not normal is the attitude in this article.

    • profile image

      Roy 4 years ago

      Amazing how this post does not reference the "other" side of the story.... and then one realises why.... and needs to share it....

      Here in Africa, when a white man takes a "non-white" wife, he automatically removes himself from white society.... knowing full well the brunt of his decisions, and the repercussions. Woman don't, they try to enforce their decisions upon others, as do certain religious groups.

      The white husband then lives his life out being threatened, cajoled, humiliated by his new society, not being truly accepted, and his wife's social behaviour reduced to being just that, his wife. Their children... the same. The husband is seen to have "failed", while he's wife is questioned by "are our men not good enough" / "gold digger".

      The white wife lives her life being rejected in her old society. Invariably her lifestyle becomes one of loneliness. She will be seen by her peers as "failed", and her husband's peers will see him as "porking a honky" / " got him a white bitch" etc.

      Now, when a white woman leaves her man, and returns, yes, what you say up here is true - VERY.... the man goes back to his life, and continues with his peers, and his mates always "polish his badge".

      In the case of the white husband, he will forever be "lower" than standard, to the point of continuing his life, he would have to move cities, change careers and even name to get anywhere. White families do historical data searching to maintain the removal of inbreeding (genetics failure), and of course religious / political compatibility. His ex-wife is taken to the bushes and killed, unless her mother (or sister / aunt) can move her to a new town where she can start afresh.... and THIS person is her only contact to family.


    • profile image

      Abner Snerd 4 years ago

      It is assumed, correctly, that any white woman who allows herself to be penetrated by a black man is mentally ill. Thus we quite naturally shy away from them.

    • profile image

      Genserico 4 years ago

      Single mother and mulatto son. I'm out.

    • profile image

      Michael 4 years ago

      It is not prejudiced to wish for there to be future generation of your own race/ nationality. Only people who HATE WHITES claim that when a white person acts in the interest of white people that it is racism. The same people who scream racism often work very publicly for the interest of their race. The truth of the matter is Whites are the victim of of most interracial crime and approximately 2/3 of all rapes in the good old USA are Black Males raping White women

      America has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, if you subtract African American crime. Right about now all the Haters should be flipping out screaming 'racist', 'how dear he say anything less than flattering about our preferred people.'

      Biology trumps all else. All living creatures strive to survive and race mixing is the antithesis of striving to survive. Those who are fully brain washed will only be able to scream scream RACISM as the truth causes them Cognitive Dissonance for them.

    • profile image

      Boogra 4 years ago

      I think that any white woman who has children by a black man evidences a serious lack of judgement and forethought. Most black men, statistically speaking, have been in jail at one time or another, and therefore, with the albatross of a criminal record hanging around their neck, will likely not be able to find employment. If you look objectively at the facts, persons of African descent tend to have lower IQs across the board (read The Bell Curve for sources and evidence of this). I'm not saying that all blacks suffer this same lower IQ. I know plenty of white people who are dumb as bricks. Low IQ is an issue of our modern age and its polluted food and water. I have nothing personally against anyone who is black, but after having lived in the Deep South, the Atlantic South, and the West, it isn't difficult to tell that there are marked differences culturally speaking. If you go into areas of the country that are predominantly white, those areas are characterized by clean streets, low crime, and a high moral standard. Conversely, if you visit predominantly black areas, you'll find a dirtier appearance to the cities, massive illegitimacy, high crime, and an absent moral standard.

      I just believe that we are created differently. Some races have a higher aptitude than others in certain areas. White people tend to be more inventive and crave freedom, while Asians are excellent at scientific equations and anything concrete. Jews tend to be more creative than most (and statistically have the highest average IQ at 115, while we white folks putter around at 100; Asians score in the average of 105 range). Blacks excel in anything physical. As a race, no one can touch them in sports. Were we a hunter/gatherer culture, blacks would be the dominant race from the perspective of hunting.

      I'll leave you with one more thing: Find me a city, a county, a state, or a nation that is run by black people that is successful. There are dozens and more to choose from, but you won't be able to use them, as they are all abject failures when it comes to budgeting, planning, encouraging local business to relocate there, and keeping crime down.

      I'm sure you took offense at what I had to say, but it sincerely wasn't meant that way. Your original question of "Why can't white women with black babies get white men to date them?" has an obvious answer to you, but upon further inspection, white men may be asking themselves, "What was she thinking?" They may be unwilling to bear children with her and have a multiracial family. Marriage and raising kids is tough enough without that kind of drama. I wouldn't be able to do it. I don't know anyone in my circle who would, and my circle is wide and includes people from many many races - Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern, Jewish.

      Take a look around you and ask yourself, "Why is it that when black people "make it", that they move to white neighborhoods? Why don't they seek out their own kind? Then answer that question.

    • profile image

      markanthony12345 4 years ago

      Easy answer. A civilize white male that has not been brainwashed has no interest in a white women that hes so much as even thought about dating the savages. The cannot figure out running water after thousands of year on the continent of Africa. They are violent, ignorant and sadly young white people and been brainwashed into believing every0one is the same. Sorry, we put a man on the moon and created the entire civilized world. They run around with spears and hack up each other by the millions every year. The USA is done as evidenced by these comments by weak white males. Sheeps to the slaughter.

      A Real Humanitarian Speaks Out

      Albert Schweitzer was a true humanitarian, not a demagogue who simply wanted to ingratiate himself to blacks like so many White politicians nowadays. From 1913 until his death in 1965 Schweitzer practiced as a doctor in the hospital he founded in Africa in the jungle village of Lamarene. His ethic was "reverence for life." In 1952 he received the Nobel Peace prize. Before it disappears down the liberal memory hole, here is what Schweitzer wrote about blacks shortly before his death:

      "I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with White men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let White men from anywhere in the world, who come to Africa remember that you must continually retain that status: you the master and they the inferior like children that you help or teach. Never fraternise with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you."

    • profile image

      Erick 4 years ago

      Who wants to be with a Ni**er lover and raise some half Ni**er baby not me! They rejected white men turning to the Ni**er so what goes around comes around lol

    • profile image

      Fen14 4 years ago

      Why are white men somehow OBLIGATED to raise someone else's child these days? Why are they obligated to raise a child that not only is not theirs, but looks, acts, and thinks nothing like they do? Would we expect a black man to raise a half white child with the child's black mother? This is a ridiculous double standard today where white males are expected to simply buck up and take it, and keep on taking it, and never complain, never object. It's nonsense. White people owe you NOTHING. No one owes anyone anything out there. White men do not owe white women with mulatto children a father figure and an open wallet.

    • profile image

      PainfulTruth 4 years ago

      According to this author black men aren't fit to be parents so just blame whitey.

      Blame the white man for not giving your low IQ, lazy ass a job.

      Blame the white man for not paying your welfare.

      These white women are stupid and deserve a lifetime of suffering. When their hood rats show up I'll just give them the Trayvon Martin treatment and no one will care. Why? Well they're not black enough.

      They're YOUR kids black man. Raise them.

    • profile image

      Cindy Right 4 years ago

      The article is sickening.....a black male blaming the white male for not banging his sloppy ass seconds and raising and paying for the spawn of that union! The nerve! I can see the poor white dude trying to raise up a black male children with the anger, hatred, and race baiting from their communities and the entitlement that comes from all the supposed "racism." Here's a novel idea, how about black males actually raising their spawn instead of abandoning and blaming!

    • Alfonso Dupont profile image

      Alfonso Dupont 4 years ago

      lol cuckold

    • profile image

      J1mmyZeta 4 years ago

      I hope White people are sick of being demonized by the media.

      We're "racist" if we don't have friends of other races, we're "racist" if we have friends of other races (it gets called a "token" friend, etc.), but most of all we're "racist" if we want children that look like us.

      It's no wonder that White men (and women) give anti-Whites the finger after all the anti-White hate they heap onto us.

      You spend your life attacking White men as "privileged, racist bigots", but then expect them to welcome you with open arms when your life eventually turns out f**ked up?

      Check your anti-White privilege.

    • profile image

      Bob Fairlane 4 years ago

      Are you kidding? If a white woman soils herself with a negro, and even has its offspring, she is a worthless and hateful bitch who cannot have relationships with white men. She has already proven herself to be a coal burning prostitute with nothing to live for.

    • profile image

      hey Patricia 4 years ago

      Good for you!! You are a Great Lady.. Set your son straight!

    • Doodlehead profile image

      Doodlehead 4 years ago from Northern California

      There could be more to the story in some cases. For example, at times women have children when they are not married. Traditional thought has it a child needs two parents.

      By not having two parents the child does not get the "balance" in the home.

      Then there is the economic element. If someone is unmarried with a child, often they are dependent upon the state with other workers essentially supporting her and the child.

      What I am getting at is the women may fail to see the other ways she has made herself unavailable to people who would think before getting pregnant when they are unmarried. Skin color may be not the real story here.

    • profile image

      Joseph 5 years ago

      The writers does speak alot of truth and I do not think its just goes for the white man but also other races like Hispanic. If a Latin woman has a child mixed with a black man the majority of Latinos mostly will not date her. But I think one must look why? It is deeper than just claiming racism against blacks. It has to do more, will this child pass as my own? See we have to recognize in the ideal relationship it's 1 man and 1 woman coming together undefiled by another person. It's in our nature to want to start fresh with someone else. But in this broken sinful world people do not wait until marriage to have sexual intercourse or to have children out of wedlock. But if one does raise a child of ones own race the sin of fornication can be more subtle hidden. But if the child is mixed with a race way different of your own, it's not hidden. It points to a broken sinful world. People would look at 2 white raising 1 mixed child and think she was with another man Sexualy very likely outside of marriage, or she was married and divorced which is also bad, or she cheated on her husband with another man. I see it being deeper than just saying a white man does not want to raise a black child. I myself would not date a woman with a child period, does not matter what race the child is. I want to start fresh with my family clean slate. That is my desire.

    • profile image

      ImageBased 5 years ago

      They are rising very fast (educated white male-educated black/Latina couples) but from what I see are still not as high yet as the astronomical numbers of uneducated black/Latino male-uneducated white female). Those numbers are very, very high.

      Just follow the socioeconomic trends always. The educated marry the educated, even when going interracial (white male-Asian female & white male-Latina). The uneducated marry the uneducated especially when going interracial. There are reasons for this. The vast majority of interracial children are born out of low end socioeconomic families with little to no recent heritage structure emphasis. This correlates exactly to socioeconomic class structure. Little to no personal or family investment in the reigning socioeconomic system means little to no need to adhere to racial socioeconomic dictates of the day.

    • profile image

      Orbis 5 years ago

      I see it all the time. I'd not only snub the white women with black kids but I'd probably try to make their lives more difficult, giving preference to smarter people than these stupid stupid people. There mere existence is a joke to me.

    • profile image

      TruthTeller 5 years ago

      Most people don't understand the vast genetic differences between the human sub-species. These white women engaged in bestiality between the human sub-species that resulted in hybrid offspring. Most normal people are against bestiality between the human sub-species and are not okay with knowingly creating hybrid humans.

    • profile image

      b-dawg 5 years ago

      it is much safer to be black in america than to be white. black skin is a shield.

    • profile image

      Patricia 5 years ago

      I am a white woman who's white adult son has been dating a white woman, who I only recently discovered has a mulatto child whom she conceived with a black man. I have told my son that if this association does not end immediately we will consider him dead to the family in everyway. The shameful woman disgraced herself, her family and the entire white race. I will not have my son and by extension the rest of our family tainted with this unforgiveable shame. I would feel exactly the same way about anyone who strays outside of their own race. I am proud of my view on this subject and respect other families of all races who are equally opposed to race mixing.

    • profile image

      Mike S. Smith 5 years ago

      This is so very true. I know white men that have found that the women had a black baby and walked away. Think of him going on a sales meeting with his wife and black baby, all the other white men think that his women as been doing a black. They think of him as weak, so weak that he has to hve a back do his bed work.

    • profile image

      ALittleConfused 5 years ago

      Sometimes I think, when and hopefully if...I do hope the Good Lord will take me back to Heaven...but I wonder if there will be many white men there if this is how they feel about God's children...who we ALL are. If white men feel the way some of these words of posts suggest...if they really come home from out in the world amongst humans where surely they have to keep secret these superiority complexes...log onto their computers and then let it all out--how much higher in status and selection they presume to be when compared to EVERY body else non-white...and let us not forget, especially BLACK. Oh my, WE shall one day be delivered from this foolishness. Until then let us all go on about our merry ways loving, praying, and eating. Until we die. Then God will tell us why they were so very afflicted with this mental dereliction of theirs. They are behind closed doors and anonymous. Not very manly. Not at all.

    • profile image

      slasher11 5 years ago

      They can highlight that prejudice and take it to the media all they like, but it'll never change the way we feel about white women with black children. Nothing will.

      Isn't there a saying...ah yes! Once you go black, you're not welcome back.

      You can't force us to date white women with mixed kids. We are 50% of the white community and it is in our right and our power to reject those who, at one point and time, stumbled upon the black side of america (or anywhere else in the world.)

      That's life. And if you don't like it, then here's a tissue.

      *offers a tissue*

    • profile image

      Donner 5 years ago

      I'm with "Jake" and "a white guy." And majority here like them of rational mind. As for the rest, the politcally correct libtards. LOL those white women with black babies can scream all they want about prejudice. It still isn’t going to make a white man want to date them. In fact it will just make the gap wider because no white man’s going to cave in to social pressure of the ridiculous. Come on. Dating a white woman with black children because now you HAVE TO just to appease society? No Way. Instead likely white men will just rebel all the harder because it’s our nature to fight dictatorship any way we can. So it’s not going to matter how much those women with black babies scream about it, white men still aren’t going to want anything to do with them.

      Now those women got pregnant by black men so why don’t they just keep on dating and getting knocked up by black men. Why all of a sudden do they have to go after a white man anyway? Probably because they can’t get a dime in support from the baby daddy who’s vanished so they’re trying to hook some well to do white guy to provide for them. Well to damn bad. And I quote:

      from Google: 'We are black men. That means we make babies':

      “Sadie, 19, has two children by two men who are friends: "I am stupid. I thought they were the coolest guys, and I was so lucky. They were great dancers and they look at you and you melt. But now I just want to look after my boys. I don't want them to grow up like their dads - all talk and nothing else."

      “Donna, finally decided to throw out Wayne, the father of her child and another by her arch rival in school, Aimee: "I think Aimee and I both had babies as a competition for a man who was never worth it. Then he started beating me up and said he would go off to her if I complained. And just to keep face I said nothing. Now some third woman is expecting his child. I will not let him near my child."

      So those white women made their bed and now they have to lay in it. No one put a gun to their heads and made them do it. And yeah you can call me prejudice or anything you want. I DON’T G. A. F.” I’m not here to please you or anybody else.

      Also it certainly doesn’t seem anyone here understands the severe stigma placed on a white guy seen with a white woman that has black children. Black men alone or in groups walking up to them pretty much anytime they’re in public:. “Hey cuck, you let black men f**K your woman. Well I’ll follow you home and you’ll let me f**k her too so I can put another baby in her for you to raise.’ That’s right most black men are immediately going to take it for granted the white couple with the black children are in a cuckold relationship. Don’t think so? Enter ”Cuckold” in Google. Or even just “Cuckold Place.” Because for reasons I won’t go into Cuckolding is reaching epidemic proportions with thousands of simpering ass white husbands encouraging their white wives to let their black lovers make them pregnant.

      So are you white men here who’re talking dating these white women with black children willing to put up with a constant barrage of this kinda crap. How many times a week are you going to get the sh*t kicked out of you by groups of black men who make open passes at the white woman with black children you’re dating? Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen because I live in a city and see it all the time. Not in this instance but just white couples with gangs of blacks making outright passes at the guy’s girl. Even patting her on the butt and daring her white boyfriend to do anything about it. Yeah real easy for you all to sit here and condemn white men for refusing to date a white woman with black kids. So to all you “politically correct” white men here shooting of your liberal mouths why don’t you put your money where that mouth is and date such a woman. See how f*****g long you survive and are actually able to pull it off.


      And if the handfull of you “kiss the black ass” pansies here don’t like it then again put your money where your mouth is and date a mudshark. Better still marry it and keep us updated. I wanna see how long you last and how many times you end up in the hospital.

    • profile image

      Jake 5 years ago

      Let's see if I got this right - the white girls go out and sport-f__k black guys because they've been brainwashed to do so by the liberal media, and then Mr. Chump White Guy is supposed to marry her and pay for her black kids, while the black guy is out doing another DWB?

      Ain't happening.

    • profile image

      Jake 5 years ago

      Cutting through a lot of the PC BS in this hub, the fact is VERY few white men want a white woman who has black kids. Such a woman is a LOSER who has been used by some black guy. And used is the right word. The liberal media pours forth an endless torrent of propaganda hyping black guys to white women in TV shows, movies, and ads. The result is many naïve inexperienced white women are brainwashed into hooking up with black guys, who as a group are the worst garbage in our society. The women get used and then dumped like yesterday's garbage, and why shouldn't the black guy dump them? The liberal media, acting as their multi-billion dollar unpaid pimp, sends a lot more their way. The white woman is left with the black kids, is probably in poverty, and has basically wrecked her entire life. Then you expect some white guy chump is supposed to come along and clean up the mess? Riiiiight - fat chance.

    • profile image

      A white guy 5 years ago

      Strange that people sit around and talk about how white males are bigots for not wanting to take care of a black mans child. From a white male perspective, if a woman has white kids, no one knows if they are mine or not. It is much less complicated to accept that kind of situation. But deep down I know if I get involved with a white woman who has black kids. Other white people, especially guys would look at me and think, geez he took some black guys sloppy seconds and now he is taking care of his kids while he is in jail or off with another white woman. Intolerable, if your a white woman with black kids, might as well move to the projects and forget you were ever white. There is no such thing as love, you make choices as to who you date, and who you marry. To say that, oh that's just who I fell in love with. Bullshit and everyone knows it. You choose that relationship, you sought it out. How do I know that? Because I seek out relationships, and I am definitely not seeking out you.

    • profile image

      normal male 5 years ago

      I'm a white man dating a woman with a mixed race child and a white child and it is shit. Unfortunately I fell for her big time and then she dropped the bomb and there is really no where to go, it's all down to the way she is perceive by society and I've seen it first hand and it's not pretty. To have someone I'd love to married looked at in this way is very hard to handle, I have broad shoulders but the stigma attached is massive and very apparent and deep down I know we will have to go our separate ways.

    • profile image

      Nadia 5 years ago

      So if I broke up with my son father who is white. Black man wouldn't me why? Who cares who someone else dates and many of the above comments are so wrong and racist. So to the Griffin guy I would be considered white because I am with a white man and have his child? I do not think so but that is my views. I live in a small town in Canada where rednecks are everywhere. Guess what you know how many white man and have came to me and wanted to date me. They have asked why am I with my son father because I am way better looking then him. Yes I am a young black women that lives in a small town and guess what alot of white guys like black women. I think it also depends what a person acts like it shouldn't matter on race. Who said Africa never did anything? Maybe if the Europeans and the Arabs did not try and take credit for what the Nubians created in Africa. Africa was always creat with European rule and it will be our time again to shine.

    • profile image

      Genghis khan 5 years ago

      What exactly do these women have to offer a white man? They have nothing to offer. They only care about what the white man can offer them!!!

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      It's because in most cases the black father just wanted to have some fun with a cheap, white slut, plus get some revenge on the white man in the process, and the white mother had a sexual fetish for black men and wanted to humiliate white men and rebel against her father.

      When the black man impregnates the white woman he conquers her, and wins a small battle against the white race so he leaves her to go find another cheap, white slut to knock up. Now the white slut is past her prime and wants to start looking for some pathetic, white sucker to fund her and her mistakes.

      Screw that.

    • profile image

      Guest 5 years ago

      Honestly, as a white man myself, I find that most white men I talk to about dating, and relationships, are usually opposed to the idea of dating a woman with kids, let alone the fact that these children have a black father. I think the main reason for this, is that when a white man see's a white woman with biracial children (they are just children, to qualify them as such is ridiculous, but we do live in a race labeled culture), they assume she is not interested in them (white men). However, there are some pretty horrible stereotypes about white women who date black men, they are fast, dirty, easy, into drugs, like being with a man who upsets there father, etc. You never really know the why until you ask. I have never seen a white man with a white woman and her biracial child, but that is not to say it doesn't happen, but I can't think of any instance where I've seen this. I feel pretty confident saying this as a white man, it's just not really going to happen that often, and yes, the reason being rooted in racism. I hope this all changes one day, but until then, don't hold your breath looking for the white man, his white girlfriend/wife and her biracial child!

    • profile image

      Genghis khan 5 years ago

      Last time I checked this was a free country and I can date who I please. I have a right to reject dating any woman for whatever reason I choose. If I refuse to date a woman because I don't like the design of her cupholder in her car, that's my right.

    • profile image

      Gabriel 5 years ago

      Ok, Let me make this simple for all of you. I am a white male. I wouldn't date/marry or have kids with a black woman because I wouldn't want the child to be hurt because of my choice. All choices have consequences/rewards; It is too late when you have openned Pandora's box, let hope escape an cry that everyone else is to blame.

    • profile image

      Blah 5 years ago

      Guess she should have made a better choice with her life.

      Look, men tend to run from women with children already if the kids aren't theirs; what difference does it make if it's your ugly kid or someone else's ugly kid, it's not my kid.

      Worse, I can't even pretend it's my kid. If you think that doesn't factor into it, you're an idiot.

      Maybe she should have been sure it was going to work out before having a kid. Then she wouldn't be in that position. Sorry she was dumb, guess she'll suffer the consequences.

      And, to be honest, mixed kids are usually uglier than non-mixed kids.

    • profile image

      jonn 6 years ago

      a white woman with black kids-she is a traitor to her race. what respectable white man would date-or even befriend a white woman with a half breed pourchmonkey children. she gets what she deserves and its funny how she relizes she made a mistake after she gavebirth to the little nigglets

    • profile image

      anon 6 years ago

      maybe it's because often white women who have been in relationships with black men start to act very ghetto. who wants to deal with that bullcrap

    • profile image

      ajonz9 6 years ago

      you should not be having sex with someone outside of marriage. you should not be having sex with someone whom you do not intend to marry and have children for a family environment. God separated the races at the Tower of Babel because humans got very egotistical . you should not be having sex without protection/condoms if you are feeling very invigorated and lustful. especially if you want to marry a white man who is self respecting. A white man has to explain to everyone why a black baby is holding his hand. if a man is going to pay for a babies future, it should be his own baby that he loves and protects. Sorry so many fathers of all races have not been able to meet the demands of women for the nicer things in life. A little experimentation is fun and exciting... however, an unplanned pregnancy due to experimentation is your own responsibility and degradation. to be pure in ones own race is better justified lifestyle and more respectable.

    • profile image

      Demosthenes 6 years ago

      Terced ojos, paranoid male who looks for justification for his point of view in society. However I have seen no statistics, so what is your "enlightened perspective" based off of? Personal experience? Hhhmmm, well luckily there is only one biased perspective per the 6 billion + people on Earth, since objectivity does not exist... Rick you clearly don't know your history......

      ---Random White Male

    • profile image

      Corbin 6 years ago

      I truly wish the saying "once you go black you don't go back" was true. I don't date out of my race and have no interest in a woman who does. Believe it or not, a large number of white males think this way but don't voice it because it's politically uncorrect.

    • profile image

      paloma  6 years ago

      I am a mulatto woman in my 40s, mom's white, dad's black . My mom never had any trouble getting a white man after divorcing my dad. And that was some time ago.

    • profile image

      taylor 6 years ago

      Why is everyone making it seem like once you date or marry or have children with a black man, you can never go back to dating white men? A person can't feel attracted to more than one race?? And just bc you loved a black man previously, you have to stick to black men and can never fall in love with any other kind? And that shows some kind of insecurity in both the white men and black women who you say feel second best to the white woman or black man for choosing someone of a different race

    • profile image

      Gss 6 years ago

      To the white women with biracial children, if you had a baby with a black man, and you are happy, then why are you seeking a white man anyway. Either take back your black ex-bf or find another black man.

    • profile image

      tcep 6 years ago

      These white women with biracial children know that black women almost entirely refuse to have any type of relationship with white males much less birth their children. White guilt offers no excuse with such obvious disproportionate fratenizing. Meanwhile they continue to give the black males the best part of their youth and childbearing years then expect a childless white male to support their biracial children. Men need youthful women, they want women that can give them children, women that respect them, women that respect themselves. You are oppressors, and all the reason we will avoid you like the plague.

    • profile image

      anon 6 years ago

      Notice how it is all naïve, older baby boomer men, who are from a previous generation and do not have to deal with this problem, who are saying it is not a big deal for a white woman to have mixed kids.

      Old baby boomers and white women. White women want to be able to have mixed kids and find a white sucker to support her. It is in race mixers' interest for sucker white guys to support a white woman with mixed kids once her "black man" leaves her, which usually happens.

      It is in white men's interest to NOT support these women, or be used as a bank account for the flotsam of the world.

      The vast majority of white women who date black men hate white men. When their black man leaves them, they may crawl back to white men to support them, and pretend they never loathed white men. Do not fall for this white men reading. These people replying here do NOT want YOUR interests to be served.

    • profile image

      Fred 7 years ago

      I came across this site purely by accident. I'm multi-racial (1/2 Native American, 1/4 Black, and 1/4 Jewish). I'm an artist/free lance write by avocation, married, and a retired teacher/tax professional. As a Catholic-Christian I don't hate nor dislike anybody but I would like to communicate with mixed-race people for friendship.

    • profile image

      Guy 7 years ago

      Because they are reducing the changes of the white race surviving. A white woman breeds with a negro, she removes her superior genes from the world. Whites are a tiny minority in the world and they are disapearing. Beyond that, blacks are inferior to whites in different ways, the most striking being that they are intellectually inferior. This causes many problems in our society. They have a high violent crime rate for one. They, as a whole, are a race of rapists for another. They are more racist than any other group and many of them want to ruin white women because of their hate.

      Don't take the answer from someone who isn't a white man who feels this way, take it from a white man who actually knows. My beliefs are based on fact. I don't want to dislike blacks, but they make it so easy. They are below whites in important ways.

    • profile image

      Johnny 7 years ago

      Is it just me or does the purpose of this site seem to be to bash white men? If you inter - racial mother's are attracted to black guys, why not look for another black guy?

    • profile image

      Smiles8 7 years ago


      Not sure of your age but you are sure full of hatred and seem confident using one description of all in a race and gender which is down right ignorant. I can't imagine waking up with such narrow views of people. One day someone you describe with such hate is going to save a loved ones life, or your off spring will marry of a different race and maybe then your eyes will open.

    • profile image

      Jones 7 years ago

      Yet another post that makes demons of white men. When a white women sleeps and have children with black men she obviously does not want to be with men of her own race or think that we are not good enough for her. Funny enough when she is all used up by her black mates and need a father for her bastard offspring whitey becomes good enough again. Its that mind set and over estimating their importance in society that makes me well and truly hate and despise white women. If she wanted a black man and black children go find another black man to look after them and leave the white men she gave the one finger salute to alone. Trust me no man with self respect will be satisfied with left overs. I am thankfull that I realised that white women only want to destroy our race and drag the white man down with them. I just wish more men would realise this and avoid white women and their poison at all cost. As usuall though all the problems white women face and their hordes of fatherless black children is the fault of white men , it could never be their fault could it.

    • Robert Griffith10 profile image

      Robert Griffith10 7 years ago


      I really do not see how my opinions are all that strange. The last paragragh I wrote was jumbled and backwards. Both my little girls were throwing soccer balls and volley balls at me while I was trying to finish up my comment. LOL!! As I added thoughts, and reordered them I did not read them before hitting enter. I just felt fortunate that I was able to actually get the comment away before the computer took a direct hit from an errant volleyball/soccerball.

      I will elaborate on my opinion in regards to the wife taking on the race of the husband. Now, I obviously do not believe that the heritage of a woman magically transforms when she becomes the spouse/mother of a member of another race. This would be a physiological impossibility. (Even with modern technology LOL!)

      The statement in regards to a non-white women being considered white was more of a comment that I had directed towards other white men. Basically at the root of it is this: Any non-white woman that takes a white man as her husband and bears him children should be treated by other white men as though she is one of their own. No, not as property, but as a fellow kinswoman. Seeing as though these women bear the children of white men, we should treat them as we would treat one of our own people. Like I said, that point was more or less directed to other whitemen that may be trolling through the comments.

      I have heard whitemen numerous times make derogatory comments about this or that asian woman, or this or that South American woman in regards to her marrying a whiteman. I think this is wrong and discriminatory. And as a result, I would encourage these white men to accept these women just as they would accept a blonde haired swedish female into our circle and into our lifes. In the last few years or so, (in Australia anyway) Asian White interacial marriages have zoomed off the charts. As a result I think many more white men are heeding the aforementioned advice. Anyway, enough of that. LOL!!

      Now, you mention that you do not prefer black men. That is fine. I do not think any less of those women that do. I have always treated everyone with common human decency. However, because of their preferance in dating I would consider them to be non-marriage material. I want to know that my woman loves everything about me. As I alluded to, my wife is Iranian-Lebanese Christian. She loves green eyes (I have green eyes) she is attracted to light brown/blonde hair. (I have light brown hair) It is very important for a man to know that his love LOVES his features and his style above and beond all others.

      Ultimately, you have "get in where you fit in". Realistically, in my personal opinion I think it is wrong for a whiteman to try and raise a black child. I think it does a disservice to not only the whiteman who is going into a position in which he will more than likely not succeed. It is a disservice to the black child of a white mother as well. That child is going to see a whiteman in the house trying to tell him what to do. Resentment is bound to build over these issues. The whole scenario has "failure" written all over it.

      Being a former U.S. Marine myself, it is safe to say that I have done alot of travelling. I have dated woman of all stripes from Indian, Japanese, and Morrocan, to Argentines, Mexicana's and Brazillians. I say this not to brag or boast. But to illutrate that I myself have travelled down the road of the exotic. That being said, If I was not married, I would not hold it against a white woman,(nor would I call them racist) if they chose not to date me because of my past. That is their choice and they have every right to it. I prefer a darker set of features on females. Could I appreciate the beauty of a Blonde haired blue eyed nord?? I don't know. I have never really been in that position.

      WOW!!! What a rant that was. I suppose being half Irish and Half Italian, rants come naturally to me. LOL!!!!

    • profile image

      Smiles8 7 years ago


      I agree with you that most white men would not date women like me. I also agree that people do not find blindly into love and preference is not racism.

      But you have stated some strange opinions. You know 3 women like me that prefer black men. I don't I prefer white men and they are not second choice. My ex is probably more white than most white men. So your self reported statistic holds little weight. Also, no one views Asian wives of white men as white. They might travel in that circle socially but they still have a culture and identity of their own. I spent 10 years in the US Air Force and watch many men (not us women:) marry the locals and no one (regardless of the color of the wife) thought the wife morphed into her husbands nationality. That is a silly comment even if you are head of household your wife has a great culture that should be respected, not ignored.

      Respectfully, Smiles

    • profile image

      Robert Griffith 7 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your hub. You my friend are 100% spot on. I think many of the posters here are in denial in regards to the subject of white men dating white women with Bi-racial children. You, as a Blackman have a pretty good insight in regards to the way Whitemen view such things. I can tell you right now that I know very few white men (me included) who would enter into such a union. This is coming from a guy that has open minded white male friends for the most part. Some of which even have Asian wifes and what not. Definitely not Aryan Brotherhood racist, that's for sure.

      A bit about myself. I currently live in Australia. However, I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and have a life time full of experiences in observing the dynamics of race relations.

      Let me say that I married interacially with an Australian women of Iranian blood and have two wonderful children with her. She is dark and has all the typical features of a person from that region of the world. My children look Greek or Italian. LOL!!!

      Anyway, wwhere I disagree with you is in regards to whether or not I would not identify a whiteman who is not open to dating white women with bi-racial children racist. I believe you are confusing preferance for racism. Becoming part of a family is the most personal of ALL decisions one can make in his/her life. Choosing your own path in such an endeavor cannot be called racist either way in my opinion.

      Example: If my wife worked at a restaurant that I was having lunch at and refused to serve me because I was a white man than yes, I would say she is a racist. However, if my wife did not want to marry me and bear my children because I was a whiteman, then I believe it would be quite selfish and unfair of me if I labelled her a racist.

      Now, I think a major issue (not the only issue) that the vast majority of whitemen avoid white women who have bi-racial children is because they feel they are the 2nd choice of that women. They feel they are being chosen for stability and safety (I am not talking just financially) by a women that plainly views them as being 2nd best.

      I agree with that assessment (for the most part) by white men. Reason being, I have known 3 white women who dated black guys in my life. ALL 3 openly admitted to favoring black guys. That means three out of three that I have known preferred black guys. That means (by their own admission) that any whiteman they may date in the future is clearly NOT their 1st choice) Now some might say "well you have only known three woman that did that and that is a tiny tiny sample so therfor it cannot be taken as an accurate depiction". While that may be true, in my OWN experience that makes THREE out of THREE.

      In fact, while people sometimes of just happen to blindly fall in love regardless of race, I believe that this is rarely the case. Usually, one will find what one searches for. I need look no further than myself to see that. I have always preferred Middle Eastern/Persian/Arabic features in females above that typically found in white women. As a result, I sought to meet, Date, and one day possibly marry a woman of sjust such a backround and raise a family. 10 years after marrying, we are doing just that.

      Myself personally, I would never date a women who had bi-racial children from a man of a different race than myself. Believe me it has ZERO to do with hatred or anything even remotely close to that.

      To add to that, I would also say that I often consider the wife to be the same race as the husband in many interacial relationaships. For example, out here in Australia the most common interacial pairing will be undoubtably Asian woman and White Euro males. I consider these Asian women to be white. No different to me than a blonde haired Australian woman married to a blonde haired Auzzie guy. I know that may sound silly to some. But I do that almost reflexively as I conside the Male to be the head of the household, and a representative of sorts of his family. My wife, being a Christian Lebanese is in the same category. She is viewed as being white when we go out and whatnot. In fact I would say 3 out of 4 interacial pairings out here are just that combo. That being said, when I speak of "we" (when politics are being discussed) at get together's and other such venues, I include the Asian wifes (as well as most non-white woman white white husbands) of my countrymen as one of my own people.

    • profile image

      Smiles8 7 years ago


      I'm not sure of the age of the girls you speak of who have "cool" boyfriends but that makes me laugh. Hopefully no intelligent man should waste his time seeking one of them. We all know nerds rule the world! And nerds come in all shapes sizes and colors. I'll be honest with everyone on this post because you don't know who I am..I have found white men better in bed. So those girls that think the sex is better with different nationalities are fooling themselves.

      I don't see many white men or women with middle eastern people here in the US. Even prior to 911 it was not common here on the east coast. I will sound like my sister on this one..I don't find them attractive.

      My sister lives in Los Angeles and has many friends of different cultures so when she states she is not attracted to black men, no one labels her. She is a big time salsa dancer and loves the latin race but is married to an Irish man who adores her. Plus everyone knows how much she adores my daughters and they are mixed so calling her a racist is laughable in LA.

      I concur about the politics in most countries being an issue with dividing the races. Hopefully in our lifetime we see more honest peace among all.


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