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Take A Breath: Why Cooler Heads Prevail

Updated on October 15, 2017
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My one and only goal in writing is to increase the likelihood of intellectual thought coupled with critical examinations of societal trends.

Old Man In Sorrow by Vincent Van Gogh
Old Man In Sorrow by Vincent Van Gogh

Wait and Breath

Much like a human body under any negative stimulus, society has the tendency to react quickly to negative events. Also like a human body, these reactions can sometimes be miscalculated and maybe in affective. Our instant reactions can lead to poor responses that can cripple us further. With discussions on gun reform becoming more intense, an evaluation of what a quick response to tragic events can lead to and why careful examination of the events and what lead to them needs to occur prior to the induction of any policy.

In a moment of anger or fear, irrational decisions may appear to be quite sound. While we all react differently to tragedy it is true across the board that our best responses are given when time to deliberate such situations has been allotted. Especially in events that make history or devastate individuals across the country, an accurate understanding must be achieved by way of patient and careful investigation. Emotions cloud judgment which is a fact anyone in law enforcement, emergency services, or military service will explain. I would like to also include parents, politicians, judgess and a anyone else that has had to make decisions affecting anyone outside of themselves.

Though there are out cries for immediate policy reform, we must recognize that informed policy has historically proven to be more positive to society than reactionary policies. To be clear, this article does not seek to make either a case for or against guns. Instead it advocates the continued protection of the American people through the careful examination of a the facts regarding an event before deciding on a course of Acton. This is why we must come together and allow for open discussion with out political agenda to occur. While this may be impossible for those in politics to avoid, we can do it amongst ourselves. In so doing we can influence those within media, politics and Hollywood to adhere to a more reasonable fact based discussion. By doing this perhaps we can begin to understand and prevent such large scale events from happening in our nation again.

Claiming that stricter gun policies will help or insisting immediate reform be implemented is no more helpful at this point than attempting to claim that everyone needs to carry a firearm in order to prevent large scale shootings from happening again. Not because either point of view’s claims are to be considered false or wrong. Rather, both at this time are not informed by the facts behind the events. There is nothing wrong with desiring an immediate response to horrendous events, but in order to create policies that prevent such events in the future, objective review and deliberation is required. It is the only true way in which we will know if this was the first in a terrible trend that must be prevented, or one case of humanity at its worst.

When we are faced with such terrible happenings it not irrational to search for a party to blame. Even worse that this is when someone commits such crime against humanity that effects so many without a clear or definable cause. We are left hurt, frightened, and confused. What is not rational is channeling those emotions into making decisions that we may later regret. We have advanced in society by reviewing analyzing events and choosing the most well supported option that provided a long term answer rather than a short term fix resulting from reactional emotion. Take a moment to separate from the narratives and use uninfluenced reasoning to decide how we can make a better world together.
“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.” ― Elbert Hubbard 1856-1915


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