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Taking A Closer Look At The GENDER Problem Around The World!

Updated on February 24, 2017

24 Genders!?

In this Telegraph article, Adam Boult reports how kids, from the age of 13 to 18, in a school in Brighton were asked to fill out a survey which asked them to describe their gender. The survey had 24 options to choose from, including 'Rather not say', and 'Not sure.'

This so called 'opportunity to express themselves' is a clear attempt to try to confuse the kids from a very young age. At the age of 13, kids are not concerned about their gender and about identifying as the one which they feel is the most suitable for them. The only reason this whole topic has blown up in the recent years is because of things like these surveys. These are not responses to the multi-gendered society we live in, but are the causes of this outrageous obsession with picking your own gender. Furthermore, one of the teachers at the school defended the survey by saying 'We’re incredibly passionate about ensuring that every student feels safe and welcome at our school. When it comes to gender identity it is a real and valid concern for a number of students.’ This claim is only true because of the continuos nagging of the kids, asking them to identify themselves with a gender. Without any external influences, none of this confusion and depression caused by gender identification would be seen in kids.

The Media's Influence

Caitlyn Jenner, probably the world's most famous and most iconic transgender person, addressed Trump and his withdrawal of transgender bathroom use in public schools on Twitter recently in this video. Caitlyn claimed that 'This is a disaster!', and that Trump can still fix what he did. Despite the fact that the LGBT community is facing some problem at the moment, the emphasis placed on this topic is far too great. What many people don't understand is the amount of complications which come into place with transgender bathroom use in public schools, and in fact, any public toilets.

In this video, Mark Dice addresses the topic, and clearly states why this is an absurdity. The continuation of this insanity is not healthy for the minds and lives of young kids who are being corrupted by this ideology of multiple genders.

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