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Taking Off The Masks We Wear

Updated on November 19, 2015

The Masks

Maybe you’re not aware of the fact that you, and everyone around you wear social masks. They are the faces we portray to the world. We hide behind these masks to prevent others from knowing something about us, or to depict the person we wish to be. Sometimes people wear masks so often, they actually grow to think they are a part of them.

Why Do People Wear Masks?

People create these masks to hide the person that lies beneath – the real animal they are often too afraid for others to see, and may be afraid to admit they even have

Masks are perfectly natural on a smaller scale, like the ones we wear on interviews, and at work as not to show any part of us that wouldn’t be considered acceptable, and cost us our jobs, or social standing.

Me, Mara without my masks 2015
Me, Mara without my masks 2015 | Source

But Exactly What Are Masks?

Masks are our socially acceptable faces that we prefer to show to the world. What they hide are those parts of us, we feel that others won’t like, and those that for whatever reasons, we don’t like or accept ourselves.

The Different Types Of Masks

At times we wear these masks for the sake of others, in order to make them feel more comfortable around us. Then there’s the other masks that are worn to fool, to scam, and to con other people on purpose. These masks are not worn to improve our chances to be accepted, but to create a false sense of security with them, and commend our trust.
They are worn by con artists, liars, thieves, and serial killers. These are the masks used to hide their dark sides.

The person who feels that falling in love, and getting hurt are emotions expressed by people who are weak, or afraid they will be rejected wears the mask of the detached person, who doesn’t care about others. When these masks are worn, they make them appear less vulnerable to the hurt, and pain that sometimes occurs in love, and loss. They may be crying inwardly, while their mask smiles outwardly to the world.

The masks that most people wear are the exact opposite of the person’s true personality.

When Meeting Others-Our Social Faces

These masks are the reason that we find ourselves not liking those we liked when we first met them, and liking those who at first we didn’t. Once they relax around us, they remove the masks, and we begin to see the true person behind them. We hide from people until we feel safe to reveal who we are. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to look behind these masks, so it is best to take them off gradually, and not all at once.

We are all hypocrites to a degree, it is innate in us for our survival. But we’ve become so dependent on masks, that we often use them to hide our true selves even when we don’t really need, or even want to. It can be very hard to take the masks off, and we often confuse them for our true self.

Even Comedians wear masks, that is the mask of the lighthearted funny guy. They love to make you laugh, but usually at your or some other person's expense. This is to try to hide their inner insecurities.
Everyone likes a funny guy so he feels as long as he is funny no one will see all his defects, and they reason that if they make everyone laugh, it’ll help cover their inhibitions, and therefore the tension between himself and others.

The particular degree to which we mask ourselves is a continuous sequence: you have the person who starts off as a friend or a “good” person who is up to no good behind the scenes.

For the most part, we don’t even realize we are wearing a mask.

Developing Our Masks

The reasons we develop masks are very complex, but there’s no doubt that character, parenting and culture all take part in the early development.

This is not a bad thing. Socially behaving in a way that is acceptable is necessary. We are pack animals so we need to be able to fit in.

Adult Masks

But what about when we are adults, and the masks begin to interfere? The skills we need to survive in one environment can stop us from being authentic or having real needs met in another place and time.

In my next Article I will talk about the different types of masks

The Masks We Wear

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    • MonkeyShine75 profile image

      Mara Alexander 2 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Wilderness thank you for stopping by, reading my hub, and taking the time to comment. You're very kind.

      You are so right, I believe people have many masks, one that fits every situation. Which is fine as long as we can take them off, when we don't need them any longer

    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 2 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Well thought out, and I very much agree that we all wear masks. Perhaps we all have several sides of us; sides that might not be appropriate HERE, but quite appropriate THERE and thus we switch masks frequently.