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Taking Your Boss To Bed

Updated on July 11, 2014

Most of us know, you don't play where you work. Your co-workers, from subordinate to boss, have no business in your sex life. Even considering the thought would be stressful to most workers, an uncomfortable invasion into a part of your life so personal that sometimes even best friends aren't allowed to invade.

Until now.

Shackled to Your Boss' Decisions

The Supreme Court has said, despite Hobby Lobby only limited 4 types of birth control, that all forms of birth control available to women are at risk of being banned by your boss.

So let's assume you're a young married couple and you work for and get your insurance through, say Eden Organics or Autocam, both companies who are expecting to have the Supreme Court clarify what "closely held" means so they can be assured their inclusion in the decision and limit all birth control methods. What does this mean for you?

It means your boss is not only making the religious decision for you and entering your doctors office with you, but he is now controlling the decisions you make with your sexual partner, be they your husband or a one night stand. That's an awful lot of control over your sexual life by a person who has no business even recognizing your gender as an employee!

It means that unless you make enough to cover the costs of the examination required for birth control and any costs associated with getting that birth control, that your boss just pretty much said husband and wife either abstain from sex or take risks with methods like the rhythm method where one miscalculation puts you on the road to a lifetime of money struggles.

Under these rules, at virtually any of these companies you've likely been limited access to the most effective methods of birth control, like Marena, with the lowest failure rates due to up front costs that can be pricey and relegated to methods with a higher risk of failure, like condoms.

How Slippery the Slope?

But we open the door to your boss having the potential now to make all kinds of decisions for you even beyond the bedroom. Since our government can make no law respecting one religion over another, we now have no way to step up and say, "No Boss with the Scientology beliefs, you MUST cover anti-depressants for post-partum depression." We've allowed one company to interfere with medical decisions based on religious beliefs, we simply can not constitutionally prevent other companies demanding "relief" under religious claims now.

What happens if the Mormons demand the right to tell their employees they can not drink -- on or off the job -- that they are not allowed to spend their salary benefit on things that might religiously offend their employer, much like you are not allowed to spend your insurance benefit on birth control that offends your employers religion? How far do we dare go with this?

At one time, I would have never thought this would even be a question. The idea that we could even consider an employer climbing in bed with us was ridiculous. And you really want to say that an employer walking in the grocery store with us to prevent us from being a 5% ABV beer is beyond ludicrous just like you would have said about the birth control issue a year ago. But now you have to pause and wonder -- would our right wing Supreme Court view it as ludicrous?

I really hope no one decides they need to ask.


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