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Taking it All Off! 18 Famous Streakers.

Updated on March 7, 2011

I recently came across an article on Nerve titled The Ten Most Important Moments in Streaking History. I’ve never wanted to run naked anywhere and honestly hadn’t thought about streaking much before reading the article. However, it does a great job of explaining the socio-political motivations that are often behind acts of streaking. That got me curious about streaking and I started doing my research. What I learned is that there have been quite a few famous streakers over time.

Take a look at 18 people who are known for taking it off:

1.     Brian Kendrick, the wrestling streaker. Kendrick is a professional American wrestler who was convinced by another wrestler, Sean O’Haire, to go streaking in a 2003 episode of SmackDown! Technically this wasn’t real streaking since Kendrick was wearing undies and a scarf but he got famous for the streaking stunt all the same.

2.     Brittney Skye, the marketing streaker. What was the motivation behind Brittney Skye’s streaking when she took off across a golf field in 2003? She attempted to run up to Jim Furyk to give him a flower, which seemed to be the goal of the streaking. However, she was decorated with the website URL of an online casino written on her nude skin so perhaps it was really all about the marketing.

3.     Bruce McCauley, the beaten streaker. In 1977 Bruce McCauley streaked at an Australian cricket event. A test cricketer grabbed his cricket bat and struck McCauley who was subsequently caught and arrested for streaking.

4.     DJ Sander Latinga, streaking for TV. This radio DJ went streaking at Wimbledon in 2006 as a stung for a TV show called Try Before You Die.

5.     Erica Roe, the Twickenham streaker. Many of the streakers that have become famous over time are male streakers but the female streakers are the ones that often get the most attention from their audiences. That’s the case with Erica Roe who is considered the most famous British streaker. She did her streaking at a rugby match at Twickenham between England and Australia in 1982. Like many of the other female streakers that are famous, she was only topless and not bottomless.

6.     George William Crump, the streaking Congressman. This former Congressman and ambassador to Chile did some streaking during his college days. He did a nude run through the streets of Lexington, Virginia. This was way back at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In fact, Crump is widely considered the first ever American streaker.

7.     Helen D’Amico, the stripper streaker. Streaking is an act of taking off your clothes and so is stripping so it’s not all that shocking that a stripper became a streaker. D’Amico streaked across the 1982 Victorian Football League Grand Finals field wearing only a scarf of the team she supported.

8.     Jacqui Salmond, the British Open Streaker. This woman streaked fully need at the British Open in 2000.

9.     Juan Rodriguez, the Obama streaker. One of the most recent streakers to become famous was Juan Rodriguez who did his streaking in front of President Obama. His intended purpose was to win some cash money that was offered as a reward for successfully streaking in front of the president but instead of winning the money all he got was a probation sentence.

10. Lianne Crofts, the snooker streaker. The game of snooker is a close-up game but that didn’t stop Lianne Crofts from streaking at a snooker tournament in 1997.

11. Mark Roberts, the most prolific streaker. It is one thing to be bold enough to take off your clothes and rapidly dash across a field at a single event. It is a whole new level of streaking to actually make a name for yourself by streaking again and again at some of the most public events in the world. That’s exactly what Roberts does and has been for more nearly two decades. The Super Bowl, the Running of the Bulls, the 2006 Winter Olympics and Miss World are some of the major events where he has streaked.

12. Melissa Johnson, the first Wimbledon streaker. This twenty-three-year-old woman has the distinction of being the first successful streaker at Wimbledon. Technically she was wearing an apron when she ran out but since she flashed her genitals as she was streaking she counts as a full on streaker.

13. Michael O’Brien, the real Twickenham streaker. Erica Roe, mentioned above, is often called the Twickenham streaker. However, this title may be more appropriately awarded to Michael O’Brien who did his streaking at Twickenham during a rugby game between France and England in 1974. What makes him special is that he was the first streaker at a major sporting event (and now streaking is known for being relatively common at such events). When a cop captured him, he covered O’Brien’s genitals with his policeman’s hat and a resulting photo of this became widely famous.

14. Pieter Van Landeghem, the badminton streaker. It’s not too common for a badminton tournament to be interrupted by a streaker but that’s what happened at the 2007 PBO Championships when Van Landeghem showed off his stuff.

15. Robert Ogilvy, the new Bruce McCauley. In an incident striking similar to the streaking incident of Bruce McCauley (see above), Robert Ogilvy tried to streak at an Australian cricket game but was given a shoulder shove by a cricketer and was subsequently caught by police.

16. Robert Opel, Academy Awards streaker. In 1974 Robert Opel posed as a journalist to sneak backstage at the Academy Awards. (*Note, this point is debatable. Many people believe that this stunt was actually planned and approved by the producer of the awards.) In any case, he did streak across the stage at the famous event.

17. Sheila Nichols, the carthweeling streaker. In 1989 this musician made a name for herself by turning cartwheels named at a cricket game. That is a unique and entertaining take on streaking. It was filmed and aired on TV. Unlike Erica Roe and most other famous female streakers, Nichols was not just topless but totally nude.

18. Yvonne Robb, the Tiger Woods streaker. Back in 1999 a woman streaked across the golf course and ran up to Tiger Woods to plant a named kiss on him.

Be honest – have you ever done any streaking? 


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  • crystolite profile image


    8 years ago from Houston TX

    Good hub that is so so funny,thanks for sharing this piece of work.

  • Jefsaid profile image


    8 years ago from London, UK

    Everyone loves a good streak particularly the normally comical ensuing chase by whichever authority is in place at the event.

    The best streak, or strip one might say, that I saw was some years ago near to where I work in central London. During my lunch break, a colleague and me decided to take a walk outside. In front of was a particularly attractive and shapely young woman who captured our attention by taking off her shoes and placing them in a bin. As we continued to walk in the same direction she then took of her socks and placed them in the next bin.

    As you can imagine, this started to become interesting and we decided to follow her and see how far she was prepared to go. With a growing audience, carefree smile and after several bins, she indeed went all the way to complete nudity. By this time the police were on the scene having the awkward task of arresting her.

    Humorously, she did not make it easy for them by deciding walk into the traffic and spin and dance amongst the cars to the delight of male drivers particularly. Eventually, the police managed to get one of their jackets on her and with a cap covering her nether regions, they whisked her away in front of a disappointed jeering crowd.

  • graceomalley profile image


    8 years ago

    Someone once told me that in colonial America Quakers streaked through Puritan worship services. Puritans were big on lots of repressive rules, and Quakers thought there should be more freedom in life - hence the streaking. I have no idea if this is true. I've never come across it in any history book. But it has resulted in me looking at the Quaker Oats man in a whole new light.

  • phillip goodson profile image

    phillip goodson 

    8 years ago

    Nice hub, streaking is sooooo funny.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Hi Kathryn :0)

    Love it..we came in that way and we are going out that way...It was very common in Ireland when I grew up...yes I did it in my nephew did it at a football match...To Be honest it was the greatest rush I have ever had as the wind flew past me....Of Course today day its looked upon as a crime...

    Oh we used to have a naked guy that lived at the local City Dump..

    all summer long he would walk around naked like a member of those tribes in the "Amazon". We got so used to it, it just became normal. He was the local hero.

    When he died, they erected A 7 foot Bronze statue of him In Douglas the near by village in Cork city..So I guess Ireland has its King David as well!!!!

    Love my cultrure and its sense of humor!!

    Great Hub on the naked truth!!


  • Vernpaulwriter profile image


    8 years ago from backwoods of Nevada

    The things people do for money and attention. I have no further comment. good hub

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 

    8 years ago from Minnesota

    Streaking was "the thing" when I was in grade school. I remember having a slumber party one night where me and the other 5 girls streaked under the moon down at the lake at my house. The next day our next door neighbor knocked at the door and told dad what he had seen. Knowing this neighbor was a big mouth and known as pervy, my dad first asked him why he was watching his daughter and friends and then told him that God didn't bring us into the world with clothes on and what's the big deal. Yae Dad:)


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