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Taliban Infiltration in Afghanistan's Security Kills Americans

Updated on April 28, 2011

The Taliban are proving to be a cunning force despite their appearance. Taking a page from WW2 history, when Germans wore American uniforms during the Battle of th Bulge in 1944 to infiltrate into the ranks and then attack, the Taliban are doing this now.

One third of the coalition deaths in just this month have been from Afghans wearing uniforms, either actual American uniforms or those of the new security forces and army. Whether it is errant policemen murdering GI's when their back is turned, or Taliban men wearing them and conducting a suicide bomb, or an Afghan army officer opening his weapon murdering nine US soldiers, the impact is the same: distrust.

In this sense, the Taliban tactic is having a chilling effect on the overall security in that country. American troops now have to be wary of their "friends" (just like in Vietnam) because they be a wolf in sheep clothing. This month alone there have been six attacks within secured military bases by these infiltrators or those secretly recruited by Taliban.

This is what we get for spending $11.6 billion this year to create a viable Afghanistan security force to take our place in 2014. It is a force littered with distrust, bribes, moles, desertions, and drug use. The public does not trust them. American troops have only a little more trust in them. These attacks make it clear that Afghan forces are not nearly able or ready. 

To fight this Taliban infiltration, there are now counterintelligence forces that will look in the Afghan military and police units for spies and those sympathetic to the Taliban. Also, American compounds are now secured and separated from those of the Afghan Army whom they fight along with. This makes for tension between forces that are suppose to be unified.

Another sign that Afghanistan is a waste.


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    • Abdul Muqeet Khan profile image

      Abdul Muqeet Khan 6 years ago from islamabad

      AFGHANISTAN is s waste tell me what can be done to make it fruit full ?