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Taliban Open International Office in Qatar

Updated on January 4, 2012

Come on in! Can I get you some tea? Coffee? Are you interested in seeing our brochures and the services we offer? Feel free to either sit in chairs or on our super soft large pillows on the Persian rug imported from Iran.

Sorry, but I could not help being sarcastic. Imagine, the Taliban, the radical extremist fringe group of Islam, the group that took over Afghanistan, slaughtered many men, women and kids for their pro-western ways (like TV, radio, computers, movies, school) now opens it doors for better communication with the world with their office in Qatar.

Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson, indicated it would be a liaison office for real peace talks but NOT with the Karzai government of Afghanistan. While the office was opening, at elast four roadside bombs from the enemy (aka Taliban) went off and killed several people. While Karzai was snubbed, the US welcomed the opportunity to sit down and chat with the enemy face to face in Qatar's capital city of Doha. The Taliban indicated they would like some of their POWs in Guantanamo, Cuba, be released.

Why not? Heck, I guess the US could ask the Taliban to halt all roadside bombs for at least 30 days. Miracles happen, right? We could also ask they cut all ties with al-Qaeda. Miracles happen from Allah. God. We could ask that the Taliban also respect and honor the elected officials of the Afghanistan government. Miracles happen, right? Get their promise not to try to overthrow it, right?

Maybe we could EVEN build a trustworthy relationship with them like the US did with Pakistan, look how well that went....NOT. I mean, Allah and God simply may bless this office in Qatar as a beginning of peace. Maybe, we could even have cease-fire zones to allow for peace to flower, but in what direction? Pro western style or Taliban style? And, who would decide?

I think the office in Doha, Qatar is an excellent idea where the two sides can agree to disagree in a safe neutral setting while they sip their tea. That is about all the business that will come from it.


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