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Taliban "Resolve" Offensive in Kunduz, Afghanistan, Successful

Updated on June 23, 2015

The first summer offensive of the Taliban began in early May, 2015, in the northern province of Kunduz. Coined, Operation Resolve, the Taliban forces number around 2000 men (a large number by their standards) began their attack against 500 Afghan security forces and army. The Taliban launched its offensive in the districts of Imam Sahib, Aliabad, and Qala-i-Zal, and from four directions overwhelmed the local police quickly capturing many US Humvees and other heavy weapons. Within days, the forces were approaching Kunduz City. They seized control of the districts of Chardara and Dasht-i-Archi within three days using numerous foreign suicide bombers. Some claim they are from ISIS or the attack may have had help from ISIS advisers. The Dasht-i-Archi district actually did collapse as the police simply fled to avoid casualties leaving the Taliban eight enemy APCs, 12 pickup trucks, three hatchback vehicles, four tanks, 130 heavy and small arms and a sizable amount of other military equipment was seized.

While the offensive is ongoing at this time, four of the seven districts of Kunduz are likely under Taliban control. Many of the foreign fighters are from neighboring Uzbekistan and together with local Taliban have been a nuisance since 2009. If the Taliban continue to gain momentum, there is a good chance Kunduz might be under full Taliban control depending on how the Afghanistan army reacts. Complicating the problem is that the local population is easily swayed being on the border of Uzbekistan where other Taliban-like groups exist. The local population of 150,000 did not flee from Kunduz City, making the Afghan army's defense plans complicated. Already, the Afghan army is stating that dislodging the Taliban will be difficult without American air support.

Time will tell in this early test for Afghan forces.


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