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Talk Straight

Updated on March 2, 2010

Can a Politician Answer Yes or No?

Do you ever wonder why politicians do not or cannot give a straight answer?  It is really amazing and downright annoying to watch a politician being interviewed.  There is no “Yes” or “No” answer with politicians.  Why is that?  Yes, someone will say that they must be careful of what they say for that could come back to bite them.  True, but shouldn’t we all be careful?  What about speaking honestly to an issue?

If someone asks, Senator, did you vote for Bill A?  The answer is “Yes” or “No.”  The answer should never be, “I voted for Bill A before I voted against it.”

Let me attempt to paint a picture of what a typical interview with a politician looks.

Hostess:  Senators, welcome.  Thanks for taking the time to join me tonight.

Senator A:  It’s good to be here, Greta.

Senator B:  Thanks for having me, Greta.

Hostess:  Senator A, the President has called a summit to attempt to push healthcare reform forward.  Do you think this shows that the President understands that the American people want both sides to work together to find a compromise and do what’s right for the country?

Senator A:  Well, Greta, the President has always been mindful of what the American people want and that is why he has been working overtime to get Congress to pass a Bill that will benefit all America.

Hostess:  Senator A, can you say that with all the back-room negotiations and special awards to some senators that the President has really been mindful of doing what America demands?

Senator A:  Greta, President Obama was elected by the people because of what he promised them – working everyday to make America and the government work for them.

Hostess:  Senator B, do you think the President’s call for a healthcare summit underlines his understanding of what the American people want.

Senator B:  Greta, President has been pushing a socialist agenda and is leading this country to the far left.  My party has said from the beginning that the health care reform bill in its current form is an expansion of government which will lead to the higher premium taxes and a ballooned deficit.

Hostess:  Is the President hearing the calls of Americans?

Senator B:  The President is an ideologue who is bent on imposing his views on the America people.  Calling the summit is really is a futile effort to give a semblance of bi-partisanship.

Hostess:  Senator A, are you wearing a blue shirt?

Senator A:  Well, Greta, to you it may appear to be blue.  However, what you do not know is that when light hits it, it gives off a silver color.

Hostess:  Senator A, is the shirt blue?

Senator A:  It is whatever color you think it is.

Hostess:  Senator B?

Senator B:  Well, Greta, I cannot argue with what Senator A has said.  Perception is key.  The shirt does appear to be blue, navy blue in fact, but it may not be.

Hostess:  Senator A, I understand that following the occurrence of angry demonstrations in your state demanding that you vote against the Healthcare Bill or be voted out of office, you are now leaning towards a “No” vote.  Senator A, will you be voting “No” on the Healthcare Bill?

Senator A:  Greta, let me set the record straight.  I have long opposed many aspects of the Healthcare Bill that is currently being debated in the Senate.  I have said repeatedly that we must find a way to fix our healthcare mess without adding to the deficit and piling up debts for our children and grandchildren.

Hostess:  But, Senator A, you supported the first vote on the Bill.  Why the change of heart?  Are you fighting to hold your seat in November?

Senator A:  As I said before, I have opposed this Bill from the beginning and believe that we must take time to get it right.

Hostess:  Thank you, Senator A.  Senator B, your party is accused as being the Party of No.  Is there anything that Senator A’s party can do to the current Bill to make it a bi-partisan effort?

Senator B:  Greta, the President is pushing a socialist agenda that will bankrupt this country.  The current Bill needs to be scrapped and re-started.

Hostess:  What must be included to get your party’s support?

Senator B:  My party has offered many great ideas that will make for more meaningful reform and not push the country to the brink of a Chinese take-over.

Hostess:  Senator B, name one of those great ideas.

Senator B:  We have proposed tort reform to control malpractice insurance costs which in turn would lower the number of unnecessary tests conducted.  Consequently, a visit to the doctor would cost less.  Greta, my party believes the current Bill must be stopped before…

Hostess:  Thank you, Senator …

Senator B:  We must stop the other party from leaving a mountain of debt to our…

Senator A:  What about the debt that your party left the current Administration?

Hostess:  Senators, we’re out of time.  Thank you for being here.

Senators:  Thank you, Greta.


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    • tjmatel3 profile image

      Peter Grant 8 years ago from McDonough, GA

      tony0724,I appreciate your kind comment. I really find it annoying that leaders cannot talk straight.

    • tony0724 profile image

      tony0724 8 years ago from san diego calif

      OMG ! I love this ! You did a great job on this I totally concur. These guys regardless of party have made talking in circles an art ! Nice job.