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Talk not to others condescendingly

Updated on December 10, 2014

Talking to others correctly makes a difference

At all levels within the global community we see examples of people who do not use care in their relations with other people. The Golden Rule states that we "should do unto others as we would have them do unto us." It sounds easy enough to do but people fail to do it.

In Politics we see it all the time. One side hating the other side and using all manners of ugly language to "put down" the other side. Not all politicians do this "ugly talking" however. Some of them are more honorable that others. The more dishonorable, or hateful, the politician is, the more ugly he or she talks. Hateful politicians are the greatest abusers of this rule, "Never talk in a dis-honorable manner." Hateful politicians speak in ways that are condescending. The say all sort of things, even un-true statements, in order to decrease the worthiness of their enemies, the politicians on the other side.

We should converse in a manner that allows the other person to maintain his or her dignity.

I do not think that this is asking too much. Treat other people with respect.

In the world of Business, business leaders tend to be respectful of other people because they need other people in order to survive, financially.

Sometimes, the line that divides politicians from business people become blurred, and we see business people acting politicians. Yet, these politician/business people type individuals tend to be very successful because they do practice great people skills, that is, they communicate well and tend to behave non-condescending toward the voters that they need in order to win elections. "Tea-party" politicians/business people are cases in point. They are able to win "mid-term political elections because of excellent people skills in their political camp."

Therefore, one of the rules that we must live by, at all levels of the societies we live in, is, "We must behave in a manner, and we must talk to people in a way, that enables them to maintain their respect and dignity. We must not talk down to people.

Arrogance has no place in politics, or business, or human services, or in any sector of a high-class, civilized society where "all men and women are created equal."

I have had people speak to me in a dishonorable manner. Growing up, as a child in a Segregated South (USA) people where oftentimes mean and hateful toward me. But my father had taught me to never "get caught up into other people's hate." He said, "If people are hateful toward you, do not be hateful back toward them. Don't allow yourself to get caught up into their hate. Hate will get you killed." "Remember," he said, "they are only trying to bring you down to their own true level." "Hating is a lowly act that lowly people engage in."

Whenever you find yourself talking condescendingly to other people, you are only trying to bring them down, or trying to decrease their self-worth. You will not be able to do this to everybody you use this tactic on. In the long run, you will only hurt yourself. You will decease your own value to society, by and by, when you behave hatefully.


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