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Talking a little about Venezuela.

Updated on July 26, 2016

Hello, My name is Winiffer Flores, currently live in Venezuela to be more specific in the Victory, Aragua State. Considered by me, a people, because it only has few shopping malls and only 2 streets that takes you to all sides. We are little truth and everyone in the city is known. Before when I was younger , was a beautiful city, Christmas were the best and let us not talk about the week of youth. Because if at this humble city was fought the battle of youth that is celebrated on 12 February of each year, where lucho José Félix Ribas next to some young people and won, in commemoration of this victory is feast and celebrate the girlfriend of the youth, there are concerts and parades. This was the maximum when was small, has unfortunately been lost the beautiful custom where all Victorians we saw those dates by the high crime rate that currently exists.

But that is not the issue, I just wanted to know where I came from and to where I go. My goal is to talk about the sad thing that i feel with regard to my country. I love Venezuela and hurting me each time that I agree that the richest country in Latin America is so poor by incompetent people. When I speak of wealth I am speaking not only of the oil, but also of its natural wonders, as it is possible not to invest in tourism if we have the best beaches of the world, as it is possible that I as VENEZOLA can not go to Los Roques, is impossible, the passage is very expensive and the stay? It is not accessible to me. Currently it is not possible to go to Ocumare the Coast (located in the Aragua State) simply because the current salary of Venezuela is about 15,000 thousand BFS 20,000 BSF and the basic basket this in BSF 256.146,79 needed 22 MINIMUM SALIRIOS to buy "comfortable" which obviously cannot be. Do you imagine if i go to the beach? I have 2 options go to have fun and not have food in my house or simply go to "buy the food of the month".

My country Venezuela this so not because the fault of the Government but also by the same Venezuelan, Yeahhhh!!! We have the blame for letting this is out of the hands of all. The reality of Venezuela is so sad that it hurts, that burns, which makes one, people more happy in the world, he put the heart chiquitico, we live in a constant despair, we did not find a solution, at least on my part I feel that I cannot do more. Each day awake wanting to sleep again and to forget, but already took almost a month without sleep well at the anguish of morning, that my mom does not go to steal track to work, that my sister not the hijacking track to the Lyceum, which to my pope does not kill him by bringing the goods to another State, that to my grandmother not the dock when you exit the bank after the pension and that I do not do anything to the exit of university, if tomorrow I will have the full passage…

It is hard to speak of Venezuela when you live in living flesh how painful it is to see the tears of your mother when nothing is done on the shelves to eat. When your grandmother made queue for 2 nights and 3 days to only buy 2 kilos of rice. It is sad and painful and frustrating this whole situation.

I with great faith I hope that my country out of this. But, most regrettably we only have one option and is the International Airport of Maiquetia Simon Bolivar.

Thanks for reading Leave a comment and if you want to continue speaking a little more of my country.

Winiffer Flores

26 July 2016


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