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Tamil Nadu lost a caring woman Chief Minister in Jayalalitha!

Updated on December 5, 2016

Help to the handicapped

Is Jayalalitha an enigma?

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J.Jayalalitha is an enigma to one and all. After spending 68 long years witnessing many upheavals in her life, she breathed her last yesterday at Chennai. To tell a truth, she was a courageous woman in all respects. She was self-made and from the younger years, she relied on her own strength to swim against many odds to reach the highest pedestal in the State. She had already handled the CM post thrice and due to various circumstances, she could not complete her term of Office. But she rose again as a ‘phoenix bird’, rising from ash every time. Destiny struck her when she was hardly a two years baby when her father expired. She with the help of her grandparents could continue her initial studies at Bengaluru and later at Chennai, when her mother got a chance to act in films. She missed her mother very much since shooting scheduled demanded her absence from home. Hence she was self-made, took her own care, studied well and in fact excelled in her academic studies.

Destiny steered her ways to acting in films. Earlier she has done one or two film in Kannada and later had a full-fledged opening in Tamil films with the entry in “Vennira Aadai” by the great legend “Sridhar”. From that time, there was no turning back. Somehow the famous MGR noticed her talent and many of her films with MGR was a great hit and success. Out of 90 and odd movies, more than 85 movies were box office hit. She was versatile to done any role in any film. Many mythological films saw her acting in the roles of goddess. As MGR was famous throughout Tamil Nadu at that time, she too gained much popularity. By virtue of her intelligence, she carved a place in the political arena through her mentor MGR. The DMK enjoyed much popularity in Tamil Nadu due to the orating skills of many of its leaders. MGR’s familiarity helped DMK to gain mass following. At one stage, there was some differences erupted between DMK chief M.Karunanidhi and MGR over party affairs and MGR came out of DMK and started his own party in the name of Anna, the ex CM of Tamil Nadu as Anna DMK. Due to his popularity, he succeeded in a first election in a town, barely few month of starting a new party. This success jolted DMK party. Slowly MGR gained popularity and in a General Election, his party won and he became the Chief Minister. Jayalalitha slowly learned the nuances of politics due to the influence of MGR.

Her body lying in state

Her friendship with Sasikala.

In political arena, it is not easy to retain one’s power forever. However, single handedly she fought many stalwarts in politics and able to regain her lost assembly seats. But in spite of all her intelligence and charisma, she was not prudent in selecting a care giver to her life. Loneliness forced her to seek friendship with Sasikala, who was supplying video cassettes at that time. Slowly she gained the confidence of Jayalalitha and become her fast friend and she was accommodated at the residence of Jayalalitha! Thus started, a different phase in the life of both. When moving with powerful politicians none will remain utterly selfless. Hence it is natural that Sasikala took advantage of her closeness with the CM and started building her own retinue there. In later years, only those who were pointed out by her got tickets to fight elections. It is no doubt that the family members of Sasikala gained much during the period. Later, due to public criticism, Jayalalitha distanced herself with Sasikala and family. But at one stage she could not resist Sasikala back. But Sasikala has given moral support to Jayalalitha during testing periods of court cases and imprisonments. She was instrumental in getting bail in cases, thus enabled Jayalalitha back in CM’s post. Hence we cannot set aside their friendship as nonproductive.

Amma mineral water

Fate struck her again!

Baarely four months after becoming Chief Minister once again, Jayalalitha had serious health problems which led to her admission in a famous hospital in Chennai where she started recovering slowly from many of her ailments. Best medical care was provided to her for the past seventy five days. On 4 December, Jayalalitha suffered a ‘cardiac arrest’. In spite of the latest medical care, she could not survive and on 5th December 2016 at around midnight, she was pronounced dead by the Hospital authorities. Her body is kept in lying in state to pay their homages and she will be interred in Marina beach next to the Samadhi of MGR to day after noon!

I will be failing in my narration, if I don’t mention about the various welfare measures she took for the poor during some later years of her tenure! She has ordered free supply of rice to all poor families in the state which benefited most of them. When killing of female fetus or new born babies were prevalent in some districts due to poverty, she started ‘thottil kuzandai thittam’. “New born girl babies were put in a container in public orphanages so that the inmates will take care of the girl child. Poor girls while getting married got four grams of gold for marriage. All the prominent temples of Tamil Nadu offer free meals to the devotees visiting the temples in the noon! This was a great success. Subsidized water bottles were distributed in bus stands, railway stations and hospitals for the benefit of public. The recent addition, “Amma tiffin centers where very subsidized tiffin is offered to the workers and laborers. Newly born babies get one set of materials for use of the new born babies. Amma pharmacies offer subsidized medicines for the poor. She converted a big building complex as a super specialty health care center at Chennai. She earned the love of almost all house wives for her concern to the girls and women in particular. She distributed free goats to the poorest in villages so that they can lead life comfortably. The women self-help groups, mid-day meal scheme for school children are continued with improvements during her tenure. She has a large following of poor villagers in rural back ground. She had very innovative ideas to help the poor and forlorn. In spite of many odds, she became a successful woman politician in the country whom the President and Prime Minister extol now! May her soul rest in peace! She will be in the heart of many people of Tamil Nadu!

Recent photo

Subsidized canteen


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