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Tamir Rice: Rookie Cop who shot 12-year-old in Open-Carry Ohio is unfit, Report

Updated on December 9, 2014

Shot in open-carry Ohio for carrying toy guns

Tamir Rice
Tamir Rice | Source
John Crawford, III
John Crawford, III | Source
Ohio is an open carry state.
Ohio is an open carry state. | Source

Cop said to be immature, weepy, and unfit

The police officer who shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice was unfit for duty according to a report from another agency where he worked before he decided to resign. According to the report, Tim Loehmann, was had issues with handling a gun, was ‘weepy’ and ‘distracted’. The 2012 report from the Independence Police Department goes on to say that “"I do not believe time, nor training, will be able to change or correct the deficiencies.”

Loehmann shot rice after reports that a ‘kid’ was holding what was probably a ‘fake’ gun and waving it around at people. According to reports, the dispatcher never relayed the ‘fake’ part of the call to the police. Loehmann shot Rice two seconds after arriving on scene. This report calls into question the hiring practices of the Cleveland Police Department which has said that it did not review Loehmann’s records, but has since changed its policies to include viewing all records of hirees.

The video of the shooting shows Rice in a park waving around a pistol, that was later deemed to be fake. There are several obvious things in the video: The first is that this is a child in a park. He has not hurt anyone and he is not intentionally pointing this pistol at anyone.

Secondly, the video shows the cops arrive, get out of their car and shoot Rice. It takes about two seconds to say “Police, drop your weapon.” and then should you not wait for the suspect to respond, no?

Finally, Ohio is an open-carry state, is it not? How is it that two African-Americans openly carrying toy weapons get shot in an open-carry state? John Crawford, III of Beavercreek, Ohio was shot while carrying a fake gun through Walmart. Crawford apparently picked up the unwrapped weapon in one of the aisles. He never threatened anyone with it, nor did he point it at anyone. Police shot him minutes after arriving on scene. One shot struck Crawford in the elbow and the other struck him in the side. Even open-carry advocates are angry about this one. As you probably guessed, the officers were not indicted.

Authorities have some serious questions to answer. Why was Loehmann hired even though he was deemed unfit by another department? Why were Rice and Crawford shot in an open carry state without warning or questions about the weapons they were carrying? Why did the dispatcher not relay the message that the gun that Rice had was probably fake? How does a 12-year-old in a park look like a dangerous suspect to trained police officers?

Video Shootings: WARNING Graphic


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    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 3 years ago

      I still think the safest thing to be in america is a black male. Not even close in my book. When the white man realizes it then the race change movement will be born. Real talk. Wake up white fools. Black skin would be like a bodyguard for the white man.

    • profile image

      brian 3 years ago

      I think that black skin would make the average person look a lot stronger.