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Target - Bangalore after Boston but Bangalore is in Politicians India.

Updated on April 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.


Police Sitting in the Bus when Terror Strikes.At least five civilians and eight policemen were injured and one is stated to be in a critical state.

Our Country is a soft target to terrorists is well known.The over peaceful City of Bangalore in Karnataka was quite peaceful since past 2 years. However an alert was flashed to Bangalore that a terror strike is likely to the concerned authorities.Where exactly it would likely to be was the job of the authorities in the city of Bangalore.It was perhaps taken as lightly as they had on earlier occasions when nothing had happened.Unfortunately something terrible happened in front of a group of police people sitting in their own Bus watching what was not to be watched even as a man came in front of them parked a 2 wheeler with a bomb and walked in front of them and vanished when after 11 minutes there was a terrible explosion resulting in many police men getting hurt and fortunately there was no causality.

We have 95 million people in Bangalore with 35 million various types of vehicular traffic all day and night but the police is available to do patrolling the streets sitting in a Truck just watching people and hardly they get down from their seats as stopping their vehicle will result in traffic Jam. Parking is a big problem in many areas.Roads are very nice where there is no traffic but where there is traffic the roads are narrow and traffic is going on somehow.

The area of Malleswaram is as it was 50 years back with roads getting used as parking places for cars and SUV's causing vehicular traffic jams or sometimes accidents due to 2 wheeler riders careless and rash riding by young riders going one behind the other.Roads are also used by various types of hackers selling all sorts of things such as flowers,fruits, vegetables and snacks prepared with gas stoves on the road by most of the people who place their things permanently so that no other person will occupy that place.

This place Malleswaram where a political party had their office was busy on the day of explosion with candidates who came to submit their nominations for state assembly election was to be watched by police as candidates would come with many followers may clash and to avoid any unwanted disturbance in the peaceful area police were kept for watching the place.All the police men sitting in a bus to watch just the office of the political party.If few men in Pairs were to stand out side the bus or if they were to stroll the side walks may be the 2 wheeler man on the bike could have been caught or questioned or would have been taken in for more questioning.Nothing like that happened and is not likely to happen in near future.Our men in many full uniforms and black waist coats with English alphabets on their waist coat are good in proving that terrorists are belonging to which group and they all are one group with a label and belonging to another country.

Boston Police have shot a bomber suspect on spot and caught another suspect in 4 days.

Bangalore Police can also do their job as efficiently as Boston Police if there is no interference in their work by politicians.

Any Time Mess A huge blast rocked the residential area of Malleswaram in Bangalore west, when a suspected bomb went off near the BJP office located next to Kada


Also the blast occurring exactly at 10.30 am has led to suspicions that a timing device may have been used to set off the blast.


Incidentally, Wednesday was also the last day to file nominations. The police also suspect that the explosion may have been caused due to a faulty LPG cylinder,


At least five civilians and eight policemen were injured and one is stated to be in a critical state.


The Trees Save Apartments from damage.


The Trees of Malleswaram saves much damage after explosion.


Searching for some clue while suspect flees.


Fire Fighters washing away all clues.Many vehicles were gutted in an explosion near the BJP office in Malleswaram


Bangalore Police Commissioner Raghavendra H. Auradkar (second from left) at the blast site in Malleswaram.



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