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Targeting Neighborhoods and Profiling People

Updated on October 6, 2011
feeling helpless
feeling helpless
depression  These are all reasons people make bad decisions
depression These are all reasons people make bad decisions

Using entrapment to stop crime

I have been researching and studying entrapment and sweeps and other methods our law enforcement so boldly uses, and is so brazen with these methods now, that they are put on public television for our entertainment. Putting such shows on television for the public to view does a couple of things that also benefit the police and promotes the military type behavior they have been trained with and so eagerly use on Joe Blow and family. As time goes by, the ways that the police use to stop a person have grown more and more violent and remind me more of the way the military handles prisoners of war than our ordinary neighborhood citizen.

When shows such as cops, and the bait car show in our homes all the time, because of the entertainment it supposedly gives us, we become accustomed to seeing the police taking advantage of our communities, we become used to having them call ordinary person bad guys, and we lose the anger we might otherwise feel if we were not watching it happen on a daily basis. We watch as people who certainly are not playing with a full deck, or sometimes even children who have not lived long enough to have the common sense to stay out of trouble, being called bad guys or criminals on national television. We then, because this is what humans do, compare ourselves with others and see what we might do, or what we would do if we had the same things happen in our families or neighborhoods. I believe that it actually is lowering our standards, both of the authorities and what we expect of them given their jobs, and of ourselves for we as I said before, compare and say, what would I have done, or what would my kids have done? It gives people the idea that most people are subject to doing these things, or are indeed bad guys, causing fear of others and confusing as to who is or is not a bad guy.

I find it more than disturbing that it is the mindset of most detectives that it is better to entrap a man into stealing a car, than it is to let the man decide to steal one and then catch him. I was told by a detective that he did not understand my logic when it came to entrapping someone, for it was definately easier and more effective to just trap this guy and get him off the street before he does a crime that might hurt someone or take something from a real citizen. Here is my logic and why I have a problem with this kind of thinking and behavior.

When we allow the police to entrap a man, we are letting a cop first to tempt someone into doing something illegal. It is possible that this man may not have done anything illegal that day if it had not been given the golden opportunity by the police. Also, when we allow the police to use this type of plan, we are giving the cop the power to decide who it is that is going to do the crime. We are giving a man the authority to target a neighborhood, profile people to decide where to do their sting, and are allowing the police say, this man, or these people are criminal types anyway, and need to be put away, even before they have done anything wrong. Isn't it the law that says that we are innocent until proven guilty? These kinds of sweeps and scams are allowing the cops to take away the freedom of the poor and poverty stricken people just because they might take the bait from their trap because it looks like gold to them, and gives them the thought that with a little bit of a chance, we might be able to pull ourselves out of the mire and be more like the other people who have things.

People who live in poverty, especially if they have worked hard to just survive, begin to feel as though the cards are stacked against them. They are mostly those who have not had the opportunity of a good education, and many of them are of broken mental capability. Because of these reasons, it seems to me that this practice should be even more wrong. On top of that, as I have expressed in other articles, the police are actually breaking the law themselves, for they are conspiring or talking about and planning this crime in detail, for someone else to carry out.

I will always feel that entrapment is the lazy mans way of gathering up those who we have labeled criminals, therefore deciding that they need to be cleaned up and put away out of our streets. It seems to me that it would be far better to scoop up these "bad guys" and help them find work, and lead them into a better life, rather than locking them away and saying that we have done a good thing by cleaning up our streets before someone gets hurt or robbed by them. That is like using a fortune cookie to see who should be chosen as the black sheep and called the criminal, so lets get rid of them before something bad happens.

Allowing this kind of policing is allowing our police to play god when they figure out who is going to be the ones who they dangle that golden carrot front of today. We tell doctors that they should first do no harm, and in the same sense of the word and the acts, we should also believe that our cops should first not break the law themselves.


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  • profile image

    bri36 6 years ago

    In 1982 President Reagan signed into Law the exclusionary rule, this is a rule that allows the police to use any means to gather evidence in a felony case. Including allowing deep undercover detectives to use and posses drugs. It also expanded the RICO statutes which also allowed the police to "entice" criminals into committing "crime" in order to clean up the streets. Now all of this has led us to the police treating everyone like a criminal because in their eyes, we all are just a blink away from committing a crime if given half a chance(and they will go out of their way to set it up )on your side

  • ddsurfsca profile image

    ddsurfsca 6 years ago from ventura., california

    Thank you RJ, I will read this hub, and I will continue to have these opinions about the police and their tactics. I have too many male relatives, brothers, sons, cousins, who have been abused by our dear boys in blue. My brother was run over by a patrol car while on his bike, taken to jail and our family could not find him for three days while he lay in jail unconscious, not able to call home. I have seen too many things to feel any other way, and thanks for your support.

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    For me, you are correct and then I would need to look the individual circumstances etc. too. Yes, the officers, should look for a better way.

    I found I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and awesome.” I'm always your fan! RJ

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