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Tax Forms Show Soros, Instigator of "Color Revolutions," Supports Antifa Protesters Such as Charlottesville's

Updated on August 18, 2017

Billionaire and international regime-change backer and planner George Soros, who has helped instigate civil wars in Ukraine, Serbia, the former Soviet republic of Georgia, can be linked by major donations to Antifa, the "anti-fascist" group which was protesting in Charlottesville when one of its members was killed by a white supremacist driver plowing into the crowd.

Tax forms posted by the political group Alliance for Global Justice show Antifa, as the anti-fascist group Refuse Fascism has come to be known, show that Soros' Tides Foundation is one of the financiers behind the group. The third largest contributor in that tax period is William Lankford, of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Refuse Fascism promises to oppose the Trump presidency "by any means necessary."

Although Trump has been criticized for saying some blame for the tragedy belongs conton "both sides," Antifa literature and statements clearly condone the use of violence, reasoning that "fascism," which they equate with Trump, cannot be opposed solely by other means. Speaking to AOL News last May, one unidentified Antifa member justified the use of violence by saying:

"a couple punches, some pepper-spray, a broken window, and a flaming barricade is what concerns the liberals and Democrats...Resistance is not always safe and pretty, but it is immaculate compared to our monstrous government."

In one march in Arizona Antifa showed up brandishing semi-automatic rifles.

A protest by Antifa and counter-protests by white supremacists turned deadly last week when a supremacist rammed his car into a crowd. Trump has condemned the white supremacists, including the KKK, by name, and has pronounced that "racism is evil." But critics fault him for saying there is blame on "both sides."

Antifa has been classified as a domestic terrorist group by the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security, and Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, has said that Antifa has "met the criteria" for such a classification. The website The Daily Caller has written a compendium of Antifa assaults since Trump's inauguration.

At the website for Alliance for Global Justice, sources of support are published, including a 2015 - 2016 Form 990 "Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax" which shows a $50,000 donation from Soro's Tides Foundation. The 2015 -2016 filing is the most recent one available.

Soros is known as a financial backer and strategist for what have become known as "color revolutions" around the world, including Ukraine, Serbia, and the former Soviet republic of Georgia. The interventions in other nations' politics by Soros tends to dovetail with the goals of American Neoconservative thinkers, who favor bringing instability to Russia's doorstep.

In 2014 Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, a Hillary Clinton protege, admitted that the US had spent $5 billion on "the development of democratic institutions and skills" in Ukraine, before the coup on the Yanukoyvch government and outbreak of civil war.

In a crowd-funding page on the Internet, Refuse Fascism describes itself as "a project of Alliance for Global Justice."

Most recent 990 tax form, Alliance for Global Justice, Soros contribution through Tides Foundation.
Most recent 990 tax form, Alliance for Global Justice, Soros contribution through Tides Foundation. | Source
Refuse Fascism Crowdrise fundraising page
Refuse Fascism Crowdrise fundraising page | Source

Antifa fashions itself after the communist brigades in Europe who fought rising fascist movements, and often equate Trump with Hitler. But in Ukraine, the elements which overthrew the Ukrainian government were ultra-right fascists themselves, led by the parties Svoboda and Right Sector.

In describing Antifa's philosophy, The Nation writer Natasha Lennard noted last January, on the day before Trump's inauguration:

"The history of anti-fascism in 20th-century Europe is largely one of fighting squads, like the international militant brigades fighting Franco in Spain, the Red Front Fighters’ League in Germany who were fighting Nazis since the party’s formation in the 1920s...In every iteration these mobilizations entailed physical combat."

Atlantic Magazine writer Peter Beinart in his article "The Rise of the Violent Left" observed Antifa activists directly targeted Trump supporters in a Portland march for violent action. Beinart wrote:

"the parade’s organizers received an anonymous email warning that if “Trump supporters” and others who promote “hateful rhetoric” marched, “we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade … and drag and push those people out.”

In August of 2016, the UK Independent reported that a hacker group had hacked into Soro's Open Society Foundation, a organization which bills itself as promoting the spread of democracy. The hackers downloaded a trove of Soros' and staff members emails which showed Soros' involvement in internal Ukrainian affairs, up to and including providing guidance to the plotters of the 2014 coup and, presumably, money. In one leaked email Soros speaks of "providing professional PR assistance to Ukrainian government."

Soros' de facto conduct of what amounts to US foreign policy dovetails with what has come to be known as the Neoconservative agenda, which include encircling Russia with governments hostile to Russia and more friendly to the the US and NATO, and possibly moving anti-ballistic missiles, ABMs, closer to Russian territory.

American ABMs pointed at Russia are presently in Poland and Romania. Former Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has written that the "Neocons" believe they can win a nuclear war.


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