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Tax The Government Not The Rich For A Perfect Utopian Economy

Updated on April 15, 2014

Government creates our money and our viable economy ... We need them for everything as Obama said....

The Government wants us all to believe that they make the money for our economy to run on and with out big government our economy would not run at all.....So taken at face value that means that instead of taxing us we should all tax the government. Every day government bodies have discussions on the economy as if somehow they , being the government, are indispensable to the workings of commerce and the economy. The funny thing is we know our economy can run faster and better with much less government interference. Almost everyone in business agrees. The myth persists that because government prints money as the currency that we could never have money nor an economy with out government doing that for us. Anything is further form the truth.

Just suppose that governments did create all the value behind the money supply then the real question becomes why are we not taxing the government? That makes a lot more sense to tax the people who have and create all the money not to tax the people who just happen to have some of what the government creates? Taken at face value then with the argument that we government involvement at every level of our economy and government taxation to pay for that benefit than it only makes sense that we the people be taxing the government and not letting them tax us. Why should the rich be taxed if they got everything they have from what the government did to create all the money and value we have?

You go back in history to times like the British Royal family and nobles controlling and owning most of the country as the government and it would make perfect sense to tax the monarchy for the sake of the people . Of course the opposite happened where the people were taxed to death by the monarch's and their courts. Let's work to destroy the myth that we need government to make us all well off economically by taxing government instead of taxing the subjects of the government. We can start by taking away pensions and salaries of civil servants. They want to serve well ok. Let them pay a 90 percent tax on everything they make so the poor are no longer poor. The federal government owns more land and water resources than anyone else in the country so it makes perfects sense for the purpose of argument that we tax the entity that is unequally more wealthy than even our richest people first and most. So what if we tax government out of existence? Who will be left to tax? Not the government and not you because without government we could only tax each other and if we were looking for economic equality no one would get to tax anyone else.

Money is the root of all government
Money is the root of all government | Source


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