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Taxpayers Complaints: Lawsuits or Financial Assistance Losses?

Updated on July 17, 2013

Curiosity Kills the Cat...

Would you rather pay for welfare or racial based law suits?

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In 2013, we are at a very critical stage in the economy. There are millions of people on Government assistance such as Welfare, TANF, WIC, Food Stamps (Or SNAP in some states), Medicaid/Medicare, and more. There are hundreds of thousands of arguments across the internet such as one in particular on facebook. There is an e-card statement (paraphrasing of course) that says if you can afford an iphone you can afford to not get food stamps on my dime. This author is one who receives food assistance for the time being, and is judged on constantly when that card comes out of her wallet. But, this author is only there because it's hard to get completely on your feet in this economy, and sooner or later, the ability to get out of it will come around. Until then, you do what is necessary to ensure your family's survival. That's not to say there are several people out there who abuse the system. Let's look at statistics:

In the United States as of 2012, there were at least 4.3 million people on welfare, 46 million on food stamps, with a total of $131 billion being used for welfare in the country. That's a lot, we can't deny that at all. That is a huge amount, and people don't like that their taxes pay for other's people's assistance. As of 2012, the highest amount of those receiving welfare were African American, at 39.8%, followed by Caucasians at 38.8%. This comes from, and this author has personally seen these numbers flip-flopped based on the conversation. If the conversation is "pro-african american", the numbers will reflect that caucasians are receiving more. If it is "pro-caucasian", then it's vice-versa. That's just how society is right now. This follows into the next issue.

We are currently watching as Mr. Zimmerman is declared not guilty in murdering Trayvon Martin. All over the news you hear of riots about this, protests, picketing, fires being lit, and more. In Dallas, Texas there have been candlelit vigils and protests since the announcement every night. On facebook you can't get through more than two posts without seeing someone mention it. Alot of it reads "Justice for Trayvon Martin", but immediately after Mr. Zimmerman was declared innocent, people went up in arms over it. Now, there is a new potential law suit and charges going against Mr. Zimmerman. Who is paying for this? He certainly isn't, the family of Trayvon Martin isn't, so who is? That answer is, the taxpayers. The same taxpayers who don't want to help each other financially, but are willing to see that the money is never given to help each other, simply thrown into a law suit which has no real potential in getting through. Fact is, we will never know the truth. You never know in any case like this what the truth is, and yet to "prove it was a race crime", US citizens are willing to lose hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in a lawsuit, criminal charges, a hearing, lawyer fees, plus damages during the protests, and so on. All to prove this was a racial hate crime.

We have slowly become a Nation once again about race. At this time, it is no longer about Trayvon Martin and what was done to him. It's about the "crimes against african americans" and the "Hate towards blacks". Mr. Zimmerman was found innocent, whether or not he is we will never know. We can say he is or isn't but we will never know. The moment that was found out, millions of people were upset. Those truly upset over a young man's life being taken and "justice never being served" had a right to be. But all you hear is the fact this was "race" related and now more money will be spent on this.

Why is it alright to spend money frivolously to prove racism still exists, but it's not okay to spend the money for the same races that are involved in this so they can eat, clothe their children, have a roof over their heads, and so on? Why is it more important for our "fellow man" to suffer at the hands of millions of people? What exactly are we as a Nation going to gain by this new law suit and hearing for Mr. Zimmerman? We aren't going to see Trayvon Martin return from the dead. We aren't going to see his family at peace. We aren't going to see Mr. Zimmerman crack under pressure, break down sobbing, and confess to some horrific amount of guilt. What we will see, are taxpayers dollars going towards a hearing, charges, a jury, a judge, police escorts while Mr. Zimmerman is going too and from the hearing, media coverage, plus potential appeals if he IS charged. It just makes absolutely no sense.

This Nation has become more proud of proving that racism is still around, than taking care of each other. So the Federal Income Tax that comes out of your check is going towards Government Assistance. Think about the children that are right now not homeless from your tax money. Isn't that a better feeling than knowing your money is going to fund a senseless lawsuit that is hate driven? Or are you more proud of burying a man who will already forever be hated and will fear his own safety?

Think about it...

Do you believe Trayvon Martin Protests are about the boy, or about the race?

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