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Tegdub - 2009,next dose 2010.Watch - Tax Payers March on D C -Video.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

9002 BuDteg

You can put anything here and there which your mind can spell check and tell you what it is.Our Budget may be very good but our mind tells us to see the Bank Balance on the credit side but it is always coming once a month.You find more numbers on the debit side only.Income tax on salaried employees is reduced and you can buy peanuts from the savings if you can not give a false medical bill.Your new shirt or pant will cost more as excise duty on man made fibers is increased.Your Petrol cost in Bangalore is highest in India in all 38 states including the ones ruled by the center under the banner Union Territory.We have 7 union Territory's so 7 politicians can sit there in Raj Bhavans.Yes all states have Raj Bhavans not Rajya Bhavans.Once a politician is in this Raj Bhavan he is the King of the state or Territory with out any powers except, a post master like sending letters to his Godfather or God Mother at the Capitol.

What has this Budget done to us,see the grocery bill after the Budget and see what prices are reduced in which major consumption Dal & Roti is it cheaper,we will know after few weeks.Our daily dose of medicines will be up,the doctor will not reduce his fee,electricity bill,phone bill,water bill will not change and cell phone recharge will have it's own confusing concessions.We have to phone Gas cylinder distributors all well to do from the Army,Navy and Air Force retired people in many areas I presume,since there is one in our area whom I have never seen in 10 years.

Our Life Insurance ,Health Insurance,Car Insurance will remain unchanged.

Buy Plasma T V to see rapists,terrorists,chain snatchers,intrusive compulsory clips of advertisements with plenty of pictures of the particular channel's sweet and hot news add few politicians slapping govt servants,movies who perhaps pay the channels to show films flopped on the screen in theaters.Urban Infrastructure,you must have seen how it's going on in Bangalore.the Metro is a Mess in my place,it has crashed in Delhi and it has collapsed in Mumbai.They made a show in opening a under pass in Bangalore by no less a person that the Chief Minister and closed it even before the Chief Minister reached his home.But the Chief Minister son's has a big Engineering College campus at Shimoga in perhaps 300 or more acres in High Way can be seen spread wide in the area.It must have come up in less than one year.How soon the money Rs.12,887 Crore allotted for this Urban infrastructure devolopment under JNNRM for urban development and Rs.15,800 Crore for High Way has to be spent before the next budget,will it happen,they have taken 10 years to complete the Bandra to Worli sea link.We need a Plan Executed Commission in addition to our Planning Commission,why can't we change our Planning commission Chairman,he is there for a long time with his turban bound brains,We must have a person like Mr.Nandan Nilekani or some one,even Miss.Burka would be welcome,so that we get their reports on Projects going as per PERK technique employed for each project.

There was such a big drama on THE NUKE DEAL nothing is mentions in the Budget.The incentive to textiles is nothing.Urban Housing has no mention,the health sector gets a lip service and renewable energy is forgotten since there will be no power failure or power cut or load shedding affected by these politicians in their spacious bungalows.Why should they not get free homes and food with plenty of perks unknown to us,it's we who have voted them.This budget may be followed by surprises after few amendments if it has any holes or pressure from the corporate big wigs.

Textiles is taxed in each Budget by every Finance Minister every year after year again and again so that that no goods move out since the excise officials have not received what fabric has to be charged at what rate nor the Excise Staff given powers to do it at their end.The Mill owners will find ways to change the construction of the fabric to escape the excise duties in this time gap.

Mr.Nandan Nilkini will give smart cards perhaps soon,what will I do with it,will it fetch me a stamp for one paisa less.This will help police to harass good persons as they may take the card and tell us to visit the station for not wearing the Helmet or caught using cell phones while driving.I fear the traffic police more than a thief.

Make your Grocery list to hear old stock so the prices are not changed and some other story as No Stock.EVERY BUDGET MAKES THE RICH RICHER AND THE POOR POORER.

Blue prints for power and Gas are to be made,I guess blue will turn red,by the time the Netta's and Bureaucrats join together to bring it out.

*As reported by Times of India the savings they have given Pre Budget and Post Budget are as under for Working Couple ( Husband & Wife ),

Pre Budget ;-

  1. 600,000 to 1,200,000 - Basic Salary,
  2. HRA =300,000 to 600,000,
  3. Conveyance Allowance = 9,600 to 600,000,
  4. Medical Allowance = 15,000* to 15,000*,[ this is to be checked ]
  5. LTA = 30,000 to 30,000,
  6. Special Allowance = 245,000 to 545,000,
  7. Gross Salary/Pension = 1,200,000 to 2,400,000
  8. Gross Taxable Salary = 1,175,000 to 2,375,400
  9. Other Income = no tax
  10. Royalty Income = no tax
  11. Housing Loan Interest = (150,000) to (150,000)
  12. Interest Income = 50,000 to 75,000
  13. Gross Taxable Income = 1,075,400 to 2,300,400
  14. Less Under u/s 80 c deductions = nil
  15. Investment u/s 80 c = 100,000 to 100,000
  16. Donations u/s 80 g = 5,000 to 10,000
  17. Medclaim u/s 80 d = 12,000
  18. Net Taxable Income = 9,58,400 to 2,190,000
  19. Tax on above income = 1,92,520 to 5,5912
  20. Add Surcharge = Nil to 55,912
  21. Add Education Cess = 3,850 to 12,301
  22. Sec & Higher Edu Cess = 1,925 to 6,150

TOTAL TAX PAYABLE = pre budget = Rs.1,98,296

post budget = Rs.1,97,266

  1. **For couple getting a total Gross Salary of Rs.1,200,000 - the med claim is allowed up to Rs.1,00,000 and 30% of Rs.1,00,000 which is Rs.30,000 is deducted from Taxable income which is Rs,1,67,000,in the pre budget it was Rs.1,98,296 so there is a reduction of Rs.31,296 in the present Budget.This is with regard to working couple, this has not been taken in to consideration by the News Paper mentioned above.
  2. In case of a person getting a income of Rs.2.7 lakh
  3. The Pre-Budget Tax was Rs.1586/-
  4. The post-Budget Tax is Rs.556/-
  5. In case of a Retired Executive with a income of Rs.4.8 lakh
  6. The Pre-Budget Tax was Rs.9,785/-

The Post Budget Tax is Rs.4,635/- for the Retired Executive.*These figures are from the News Paper Times of India,Dated Tuesday.July7,2009.

** These figures only underlined are not reported in the News Paper mentioned above.

It is further interesting to note that as per the above report the Tax paid by the Tax payers in the grey brigade is mentioned as under:

What She saves ( Rs )

Total Income 1,80,000 - Nil-old tax -nil -New tax - nil - Savings.

------ do ---- 1,90,000 - 1,030 -do- nil - - do - 1,030 Savings.

------ do ---- 3,00,000 - 12,360 - do- 11,330 -do - 1,030 Savings

------ do ---- 5,00,000 - 53,560 - do - 52,530 - do - 1,030 Savings.

------ do ---- 10,00,000 -2,08,060 -do- 2,07,030 do - 1,030 Savings.

----- do ----- 100,00,000 - 32,87,966 -do- 29,88,030 - 2,99,936 Savings.

What he Saves is nothing but Rs.309/- only than 'she' for the same income slab.

What Senior Citizen is getting is nothing but Rs.258 only than 'he' for the same income slab. Nothing Golden the News Paper Reports.

' Kambakht budget! We deserve better,Pranab babu.- Shoba De' further say's,that no one could understand what the FM was saying except someone telling her that it was English.

The Builders are happy as the Banks are throwing loans to buy houses,they even give arithmetic equations in their advertisements on how the poor guys who have taken loans can repay in monthly instalments.


Center Court
Center Court

Tax Payer March on DC


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