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Tea Party Movement Cliffnotes

Updated on October 2, 2010

TPM flag

Short info on TPM

     The Tea Party Movement is nothing new for those who didn't know. It similarly derived from the Boston Tea Party of 1773 with basically similar issues just with out the technology and mass media. The current TPM also existed before its official naming. As of 2008, the end of Bush's term in office by Libertarian supporters of Ron Paul. It was officially proclaimed to be founded by Dale Robertson, a military man of the Marines then Navy, and he is the current president. There were unofficial "Tea Party" protest by Trevor Leach with Young Americans for Liberty in New York late January 2009. In response to Gov. Paterson taxes. Then in Seattle,WA by Keli Carender  on Presidents Day 2009 when President Obama was going to sign the Stimulus Bill into law. The first official and national Tea Party protest was in February 27, 2009. It was a reply towards the new economic changes from Obama. This was called on by news media and organizers.

     The TPM is Populist and has mostly Libertarian beliefs. It also wants to restore Christian and traditional values of the settlers of this nation. Most of the members and followers are Conservative. There are also absolute doctrines according to the founder Dale Robertson: Illegal aliens are here illegally, keep jobs in the US, pro-2nd Amendment, smaller government, English (standard) as main language, traditional family structures, political offices available for average citizens not just the rich and connected, privacy and stop using the people to help big businesses.

     Some say the TPM is racist and filled with radical fundamentalist. Most Teabaggers are white and middle class but its in its early stages. Of course like most other organizations and groups there will be some bad apples so this isn't a surprise. The main theme for the TPM is to restore America.

All comments (nearly all) will be welcomed, thanks for your time and support.


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    • mkott profile image


      8 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      I have a few friends that are part of the "Tea Party" movement and they are blindly following. They sit around and bash non-Republicans and think that Sarah Palin is wonderful. There is no discussion it's their way or the highway. Sounds like why I left the Republican party 20 years ago. There is a solution but you need to join into the discussion and work together. Discuss, compromise, put into action. Fix what needs to be fixed and leave things alone that work. From my experience this movement is just that, a movement but movement away from the rest of us, kind of like the "popular" group in high school that thinks they are so much better than anyone else and does not engage with others they deem unworthy. I also do not think it is "good" for this country because it alienates those that do not agree with their actions. One has to question the agenda of those that support this movement - not the average person, those that speak at these events, and those behind the scenes.

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image


      8 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      I find a contradiction in the idea that a "Libertarian" idealogy is opposed to ". . . using the people to help big business."

      Of course, I see the Tea Party as a movement of people that are being manipulated by corps and their mouthpieces like Beck and Limabugh.

      Take a look at some of my hubs to see. . .

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well, Torch, I came across you via HubHopping! I was with you, in an objective way, until your last paragraph when you used the word "teabaggers" which I was under the impression is a derogatory term for Tea Party members. Can you clarify that? I guess I'm just not sure how you used it. I happen to think the Tea Party is a great thing for America.

      Very good hub, though, but I hope you will clarify in a comment back here on the "teabagger" topic. I voted you UP!


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