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Teacher Modeling Double Standard Sexist?

Updated on March 27, 2016
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The Supposed Story and Impact

So here we have a Picture I stumbled upon scrolling through facebook. It depicts between two different twitters posting about teachers who were models.

According to the Indepenent, a woman teaching assistant who was fired because of past modeling for underwear and etc. Meanwhile Daily Mail Femail says a male math tutor was deemed as the sexiest teacher and poses for Armani.

So this seems kinda screwed up right?

Well from what ive learned about the two the woman works for an elementary school while the man was a college professor. Well the woman did modeling prior to teaching vs the man quit teaching to become a model.

People are trying to make this a sexist issue and its stupid for multiple reasons.

First off being a underwear model and teaching young kids could expose them to seeing her essentially naked and thats not a good look. Where as if the male was a model his students would be adults so no big deal.

Now do I think it personally matters no, should she have been fired hell no.

But the two situations are not the same and i guarantee switch the twos gender and itd be the same thing. People are trying to use this as regards to male privilege and oppression of women and what not and its just not comparable.

Whether the woman should have been fired or not is not what I care about,

but the fact that people try and start issues and blow them out of proportion to intensify "social issues" to pander to their ridiculous sense of political correctness.

Instead of working and fixing the individuality that causes conflict people instead search for more to be upset about. It doesnt matter how you look at the cup, half empty half full doesnt matter. What matter is what are you gonna do with it? Are you going to fill it or live with half potential? People try so hard to expose the bad they will twist things to irrelevance until it fits their endeavors. Instead we should be looking for the improvement between social "inequality" and try to perceive more issues as non associated with the reasons of "oppression". Bring light and awareness of accomplishments instead of searching for reasons to be oppressed and demand acceptance from the "oppressive" group that people seem to make up.

So basically what my point is,

No one wants to actually fix social issues they just want a reason to play victim and feel like they are fighting for something that matters in the long run, but they will never go fourth in rising above so they will always search and make up the bad instead of focusing on generating the good.

And thats just sad how society has twisted our perceptions to such pettiness.

The "Controversial" Issue

Implies issue of male privilege and double standards for similar scenarios
Implies issue of male privilege and double standards for similar scenarios


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