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Technologies effect on the world and the people in it

Updated on May 30, 2017
Kids love their video games
Kids love their video games

Technologies effect on the world and the people in it

Technology feels limitless because it feels as though it has been around forever. It is always changing so no matter when it first evolved, it is not the same now as it was then. Technology is limitless or feels that way because the world evolves on a daily basis. Which means so does technology, for example, cars in the old days were horse and buggy, then, stick shift, then, automatic and now you can get a car that almost knows how to park itself. Isn’t that insane? Pretty soon nobody is going to need a license because the cars are going to be able to drive themselves. But enough about cars, how does technology affect us is the real question. With technology always changing, so do our lives. So for example, in the year 1996 when Nintendo was all the rage, kids decided hey I am not going to play outside I am going to be on my Nintendo in the house, it’s more fun than running around right? Well to them it was when kids that are now in their twenties were growing up they played outside until their parents called them in for supper rather than playing in the house with the electronics that they were given.

Technologies effect on us, makes us feel lost when we don't have it, around. If the power is out if our laptops die, or cell phones. We rely on it so much that it feels limitless, If it isn't working the way we want it too, we panic and start yelling at it, even though it can't hear us. That is how much we rely on it if it wasn't there we wouldn't know what to do at all. This is because we rely on technology in a limitless capacity.

Ever since the year 1996 or maybe even sooner, kids had Nintendo and then they had game boys of all kinds as the years progressed. Then there were mini cd players, and then the mp3 players, then the first generation iPod, the iPod touch, the iPod mini and let’s not forget the generations of cell phones now everyone has a phone whether it be the latest iPhone, or Android phone, or galaxy phone. These things can all hold games, music and you can get in touch with your friends.

Can anyone remember when you picked up the phone in your house the one that was attached to the wall, called up a friend and talked to them for hours? Or even just invited them over for a play date. People don’t even do that anymore, well we have all the technology in the world right, so our friends have to do, is go onto the same game as us and we can talk to them there or we can just text them.

Iphone 6 sapphire not my model but close
Iphone 6 sapphire not my model but close

Why are we so dependent on technology

Oh, I almost forgot computers, computers have been out for years since probably 1994 or so. How many people had a first generation computer in their house, I know I did. I remember being in school and I wasn’t allowed to write because my writing was so messy, and this was when we were learning cursive writing which they don’t even teach in school today. Instead of having me learn that, or even write notes with a pen from the board I was given a computer to type them out on. Mind you I know how to cursive write and sign my name, what about the kids now. Teachers are not teaching cursive writing anymore which means how are kids from the younger generation going to learn how to sign their name when they need to write out a cheque? They aren’t going to be able to do that, how many people can do math without a calculator, I know I can’t. That is because it was always easier on the teacher to just give me a calculator rather than teach me, and now they don’t even teach the long multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.

Everything is so technology-based if you don’t have spell check on your computer you are lost. Nobody teaches spelling anymore because the computer will just do it for you, but what good is that if you don’t have a computer in front of you? Well, it is no good but that’s how things are now. We are so reliant on technology that if it were to ever go away, we would all be lost. Everyone has cell phones, now hardly anyone has landlines at their houses, anymore. So what are kids and parents doing these days, they are not having a normal face to face conversation with anyone they are texting them instead, you could even pick up the phone and call the person but texting is easier so that is what we do.

What is going to happen if texting, cell phones, and computers become obsolete, and we go back to the way things used to be? What are people going to do then? I will tell you what they are going to do they are going to be so lost, that nothing will be able to get done. Since technology is so advanced we rely on it so much that things that we should be relying on like using a recipe book or calling people on the telephone are looked at as taboo rather than oh that was normal back in the day. Technology is so advanced that people don’t know how to communicate without it, what good is that if technology goes under? We are lost. So sure use your technology, cell phones internet computer but why not switch it up a bit and call someone on the phone send them a letter that you mail, meet them somewhere and just talk to them rather than use devices. Technology is great and all, but so is the way things used to be don’t forget that.

We are glued to technology it is the only thing that we think of now. How does that affect us, we don’t know how to socialize without it, we have lost out in that aspect.

Almost everyone has a laptop now that  they use instead of a big computer
Almost everyone has a laptop now that they use instead of a big computer

Technology is everywhere now

Technology is limitless, and it just keeps getting more and more technical. Kids these days don't know what playing outside without technology is all about, they don't know what hiking is. That type of thing, because everyone is glued to their phones and computers or game consoles. We don't know how to converse or play without using some sort of device. It seems as though the limitless technology that we have is life now.

How do you think technology effects us let's discuss

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